We must talk about Palestine

The Labour Party last year voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion of support for Palestine.

It was an important to keep Palestine on the agenda and this new film on Gaza helps do just that.

So too will our meeting at Conference this year. If you are in Brighton be sure to come along.

‘Gaza’, a Canadian-Irish documentary

By Andrew McConnell & Garry Keane

“It gives an insight into how people try to live their lives in this very difficult environment, whether a taxi-driver and his customers, a cello-playing girl or fishermen restricted by gunships to within 3 miles of the shore.”

It is showing in Belfast, Bristol, Dublin & Newcastle as well as in London  – see https://www.gazadocumentary.com/

A JVL member says this is “a must-see film for anyone who wants to understand the imprisonment of the people of Gaza from their own point of view, but especially from the point of view of an ambulance driver and even more so from the perspective of the children, who have lived all their lives confronted with a seemingly unceasing war against them and their families”

Click below to view the official trailer:

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And a reminder:


Jewish Voice for Labour at the Brighton Conference

Sunday 22nd September

6.30 pm

Renaissance Suite, Jurys Inn, Brighton Waterfront, King’s Road. BN1 2GS    

Beyond the stifling smokescreen of antisemitism allegations hurled at supporters of justice for Palestine, JVL’s fringe meeting will go to the heart of the issue – the layers of the Occupation within Israel and the Occupied Territories, the role of the Israeli Labour Party, and the UK Labour Party’s relationship to these issues.

‏Haneen Zoabi, ten years a Palestinian member of the Knesset, will describe life for Palestinians in Israel, the structures of oppression and the roles of political parties under the Israeli state.

‏Ilan Pappe, Director of the European Centre for Palestinian Studies and Professor at Exeter University, will describe the processes of ethnic cleansing and the roles of the UK, its institutions and political parties.

‏JVL speaker to be announced

‏Chair: Jenny Manson

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  • different frank says:

    Please visit B’Tselem.
    A very good resource of information about the occupation.

  • John says:

    How long is the film’s run time?

    [weirdly, nowhere can we find it specified. The best we can come up with is that it is a “feature length documentary”. – web ed]

  • Joseph O' Neill says:

    I hope the world renowned journalist Asa Winstanley will be invited to speak and perhaps given an award.

  • Jenny Secretan says:

    The film is 90 minutes long. Very moving insight into everyday life in Gaza …. people’s hopes and aspirations in spite of everything and simple longing for peace

  • I’ve seen virtually no coverage of the Palestinian conflict. So this is a great opportunity

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