A victory for Moshé Machover

Moshé Machover has been reinstated!

Below we reproduce the recent exchanges between Moshé Machover and the Labour Party about his reinstatement.




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  • Pam Blakelock says:

    terrific campaign!

  • Rachel Lever says:

    Delightful to see Moshe running rings round Matthews and taking the fight to the corridors of illegitimate and unelected power

  • Cyril Chilson says:

    Glad to hear about the LP’s long overdue decision to get off the tree (albeit kicking and screaming) and reinstate Moshe Machover. Prof. Machover’s demand of a well deserved apology should enjoy the support of any Labour member who cherishes freedom of speech in the Party, rejects the fashionable and false identification of any criticism of the State of Israel with Antisemitism and is committed to the Socialist character of the Party.

  • David Cannon says:

    I have Jewish heritage. Anti-semitism is being used to stifle criticism of Israeli land-theft & apartheid and smear the growing demands for Palestinian rights mentioned by Corbyn in his close of conference speech and which was cheered to the rafters.
    I’m pleased to say there are many Jewish people & organisations critical of Israeli policies and supportive of Palestinian rights. I’m a member of US based Jewish Voice for Peace as well as Jewish Voice for Labour.
    Thursday is the exact centenary of the Balfour declaration which supported a Jewish homeland in Palestine but also asserted “…it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine…” This phrase was recently quoted by Ambassador Jonathan Allen (UK’s UN representative) to tell the UN Security Council that the Balfour Declaration has “unfinished business” in light of the ongoing Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory. The “existing non-Jewish communities” were of course the 90% plus indigenous Arabs living in Palestine who were not considered even worthy of the slightest consultation on the matter.
    Religious fanatics on both sides will disagree but a single SECULAR state is the sole sustainable solution! Equal human rights for all!!!

  • Colm Doherty says:

    Very well done Moshe!

    I hope they have the decency to apologise.

    I also hope now that this nonsense and trouble making within the Party will stop and we can all join together in fighting for the next Labour government, instead of causing mischief that is really nasty and distracts people from the task in hand, a Labour government.

  • John Hodkinson says:

    Dear Moshe, while you’re at it could you please confirm that you do not support the Tories, Lib Dems, Greens, DUP, SNP, RSPCA, BBC, CBI, CAMRA, etc. In fact, it would make it much easier if you would just provide a full list of the organisations you do not support.

  • Tony Booth says:

    Sam Matthews and any supporters of his within the Labour Party head office need to be replaced as soon as possible.

  • Antoine says:

    Hi, do someone knows more on the dispute comity and his members, and how, including their head are elected/put in place? thank you

  • Victor Jenkins says:

    We should all be proud of Moshe Machover. It was a seriously dumb idea to go after him. Now we need to abolish the Compliance Unit that dragged the party into disrepute.

  • Robyn Dasey says:

    Congrats to Moshe & JVL. I wrote to Party HQ opposing his expulsion. No answer to date . I would like to see
    The answer to Moshe’s last letter of 30 October, &
    LP NEC actions to prevent such peremptory expulsions by Matthews or any LP official without due process. Any way branches should press this (after we win current NEC nominations)

  • Neil Cameron says:

    Antoine… as I understand it, these officials are appointed by Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour Party.
    Neither McNicol or his appointees have been elected and none of them are accountable to the membership…. or the Party Leader!
    I can see no reason why the position of General Secretary can not be an appointment made by balloting the full membership, perhaps once every 3 years (the rules should be changed to allow this) If this was the case, it would be in their best interests to act with impartiality in the administration of Party affairs.

  • christopher rogers says:

    Do we know who made these outrageous accusations of anti-semitism against Dr Machover & for what actual purpose, apart from discrediting the Left of the Labour Party, discrediting Jeremy Corbyn & the Party’s leadership, not withstanding closing down any, and all dialogue pertaining to Israel, unless said dialogue shines a positive light on that country?

    Whilst I welcome the reinstatement of Dr Machover back into the Labour Party, no justice can been seen to have been served until a full & independent inquiry has been conducted, the findings of which which should be delivered to Conference & the Leaders office.

    May I also congratulate JVL for its valiant stance in supporting the good Professor and offering a safe space for those wishing to bring peace & harmony back to the Holy Lands.

  • Monash Kessler says:

    Please note that the emails circulated through WordPress contain letters in this dispute that are unreadable. i would be grateful if you could use another format?

    Webperson response: We understand the problem. The leters were received by us in this form. If you drag hem on to your desktop they should appear as .JPG files which you can then open and read more easily.

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