UPDATE: Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt and South Thanet parliamentary candidacy



On Tuesday 22 January, the Organisation Committee of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee refused to review – or even discuss – the decision by a three-person panel not to endorse Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt.

South Thanet Labour Party has overwhelmingly rejected the NEC’s decision, and hundreds of emails have been sent to the NEC by Labour Party members from across East Kent asking them to review Rebecca’s case.

This phenomenal support – combined with her conviction that the allegations against her are unfounded – has convinced Rebecca to consider an action in the High Court. This case is vital to Labour Party democracy, representing justice for the many not the few.

Please support Rebecca’s campaign to raise funds for legal costs: https://tinyurl.com/yc48o4cy

Here is our original statement on the matter, published on 22nd December 2018

JVL statement in support of Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt

A three-person panel of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee has decided not to endorse Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt as the parliamentary candidate for South Thanet eight months after she was democratically selected. She has no right of appeal.

The panel’s decision was taken on the basis of three tweets that were posted from the Centre for Cultural Change Twitter account, run by a group of academics, to which she occasionally contributed well before she decided to stand as a PPC.

The tweets were as follows:

“Accusations levelled at Jackie Walker are politically motivated.”

“Antisemitism has been weaponised by those who seek to silence anti-Zionist voices. See The Lynching, endorsed by Ken Loach, for elucidation.”

“Accusations of AS levelled in an attempt to discredit the left.”

Rebecca is a dedicated campaigner for the Labour Party and for the politics of Jeremy Corbyn. Herself a BAME comrade – her father is Iranian – she has spent the last eight months campaigning as the candidate to rid South Thanet of its right wing Tory MP, Craig Mackinlay.

The witch-hunt of socialists in the Labour Party must be stopped. Please sign the petition below.

Endorse Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for South Thanet

We, the undersigned, call upon the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to endorse Dr Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt as parliamentary candidate for South Thanet.

Rebecca was democratically selected by a majority of members of South Thanet Labour Party in April. Since then, the Party has introduced her to the public as the candidate and she has worked tirelessly in the community to build a thriving Thanet. That the NEC has refused to endorse her, on highly questionable grounds and with no possibility of appeal, is absolutely appalling and a breach of the tenets of natural justice.

We call upon the NEC to reconsider its decision immediately and to endorse her forthwith.


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  • Ed Fredenburgh says:

    Apologies for repeating. I spoke to Claudia Webb after our last GM, as she said she had chaired the 3-person sub-committee of the NEC that ratified Rebecca’s deselection. She insisted the decision had been nothing to do with accusations of antisemetism but was because this body decided that someone who had been nominated by every branch of her CLP, and who had been an active campaigner and popular candidate since her election early in the year, would not be a safe pair of hands in the (then) coming bye-election. What would work better, the panel decided, was the NEC parachuting in its preferred alternative, demoralising the party’s activists, and sticking up two fingers to local democracy. But of course, Claudia assured us, Rebecca would be free to apply to the NEC at a later date for its agreement to her standing again.

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