Funds are flowing in to the LA4J Crowdfunding appeal, which JVL is supporting. The first target has nearly been reached.

But more – much more – will be needed. Please give as generously as you can!


Dear Friend

Thank you so much for contributing to this really important cause. We have nearly reached the first target, before we move on to our next, stretch, target, so there is a way to go yet. And we can’t do it without your help!

The best source of funding is by recommendation and sharing. Please forward the link below to anyone you think might be interested, particularly Labour party members.

If you are a member, would you bring it to the attention of your CLP? If you are a member of a trade union, could you draw it to their attention?

Otherwise please share by email or any social media that you use.

It would be amazing if you could:

  • Send this email to anyone you think might support our case, and
  • Share our link on Facebook: https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/justice-4-labour-party-members/.
  • Tweet the link to your followers
  • Share the link in your WhatsApp groups or other platforms

    Thank you – this case aims to benefit all Labour Party members.

    Best wishes

    LA4J – Labour Activists 4 Justice

Comments (2)

  • Doug says:

    This is the only case that has a chance of giving members and supporters of the Labour Party our day in court
    I cannot see any other cases reaching court, they are vexatious claims
    Heneghans admissions make the class action even more important, its democracy at stake
    You all have my full support, keep on keeping on

  • Margaret Corley says:

    It is good to have facts presented, I do not trust the gutter press or the populat media to tell me the truth. It would be good for an expert to consider the UK as a country with potential space for providing homes for all homeless, including present and potential refugees. This could stop us worrying about the horror stories of overcrowding and focus our thinking on a plan to provide for the needs of all, instead of constantly hearing the cries of horror and despair from people who are truly scared of the present situation. There is an issue about the infrastructure of this country collapsing under the pressure of our own needs which is then magnified by the refugee situation. I could not refuse access to anyone who had travelled here risking life and limb but I often think about the people who are not strong enough to get out of the country they are being suppressed in…We need to try to stop the hysteria and give some serious consideration to providing a realistic plan and inclusive legislation for the future…Mean while we have this hysteria to deal with.
    Sorry for the gabble but I struggle with writing about these things. The reality of people dying in a bid to get here is forever in the forefront of my mind while the practicalities of housing and providing for everyone remains an unsolvable problem in this conservative political climate…

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