Two emails to Sir Keir Starmer MP

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Two emails to Sir Keir Starmer, from local residents in his Holborn & St Pancras constituency, taking issue with his opposition to Chris Williamson’s reinstatement into the Labour Party. The first was published by Camden New Journal, the second sent to JVL with permission to publish. Both writers prefer not to be identified publicly.

Copy of an email to Sir Keir Starmer MP

Source: Camden New Journal

AS the Jewish first generation of a Holocaust survivor father and East End Jewish mother, whose parents escaped the pogroms in Russia, I take offence at the tweet you sent regarding the reinstatement of Chris Williamson to the Labour Party.

On what grounds do you accuse him of anti-Semitism? From what I have read, I can only agree with what he said about apologising, rather than celebrating, how much the LP has done to tackle anti-Semitism in the party since Jeremy Corbyn became the leader.

By tweeting these comments about Williamson and anti-Semitism, it seems to me you are putting the nail in the coffin of a real chance of winning the election for one thing, but also you are reinforcing one viewpoint that is expressed by some Jewish people who have the loudest voices and access to mainstream institutions.

Is my viewpoint, as a Jew, less important because I don’t support the view of the Jewish Labour Movement who, I understand, by the way have lost a lot of members and who are in my opinion, as a Jew, more concerned about Jeremy’s politics of ending neo-liberalism than really getting to the root of anti-Semitism in our society.

I have seen the figures of actual people in the LP who have been expelled for real incidents of anti-Semitism, and while one person is one too many, it is a tiny minority.

I would ask therefore, why are you reinforcing mainstream media bias about this issue, rather than calling on the Tories to examine their record on this as well as anti-Islamist comments by the likes of Boris Johnson and others?

Perhaps your tweet may win favour with some Jewish people but I joined the LP because of Jeremy Corbyn and I am very annoyed that you would support a viewpoint that is clearly manufactured against a man who has fought all his life for the many, not the few.

Comments like the ones in the tweet, lead me to regret joining a party that is totally at war with itself and more intent on getting rid of the democratically elected leader than getting behind him and taking a stand against those clearly trying to unseat him.


Another email to Sir Keir

Source: email copied to JVL

Please stop this stuff.  I’m Jewish from a Sephardi/Spanish family stretching back to the 1492 Expulsion etc and I’m sure Corbyn is not an anti-semite.  Clumsiness is widespread as is incomprehension.  I don’t think you are either, except in the apparent coupling of Zionism and Judaism which I find a bit insulting.  Historically erroneous and, in this time, partisan. And internationally and, in terms of the middle east, disastrous.
I’d be grateful if you listened to different kinds of jews, of which there are many, some in conflict with each other, and drop the race/religion trope. It’s destructive and wrong. And unethical.

Best from your constituent,

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  • Michael John Miller says:

    I am appalled at Keir Starmer’s comments against the reinstatement of Chris Williamson. He has proved himself untrustworthy of the position he currently holds. I hope he his deselected soon.

  • Mary Davies says:

    Excellent emails spoken from the heart and mind, rightly in support of two decent, honourable, men of integrity. Keir Starmer should be ashamed of himself for jumping on this disreputable bandwagon.

  • Terry Clarke says:

    I’d be interested to know if there we’re replies to these emails and if so, what the replies contained…but I’ll bet they were the same.

  • Joyce Davidson says:

    I was very upset to see Kier siding with Tom Watson, someone in the pay of Israel. I am extremely disappointed in the stance he has taken. I was an admirer but he will have a lot of making up to do to get his admirers on side again.

  • john tymon says:

    It seems to me that the noble Knight has jumped onto a bandwagan, to damage the best leader of the Labour Party has ever had. The only one ever that has doubled the party membership, fought racism and its worst manifestation -Apartheid, anti-Semitism, anti-Irish discrimination – no dogs or Irish allowed, Bashing of Pakistani people, and far more. But where was the white Knight? Kier has no knowledge of the origins of Zionism, & why it was, and still is in conflict with growing Social Democracy from the outset, and why Zionism tried to do deals with the Tsars who were responsible for the pograms. I used to respect him, but now I see he lacks courage to stand against oppression and if I were a member of his local constituency I would certainly, be calling for good night, for this Knight.

  • Jessica Leschnikoff says:

    @Joyce Davidson (comment above)

    From a concerned Labour & JVL Jew…

    Your phrase “in the pay of Israel” is precisely the clumsy and poorly thought out speech that is getting people suspended.

    Can you please be more specific, because when you say “Israel” you inadvertently conflate everyone living in Israel (mainly Jews) with what the Israeli Government are doing. For some, (not me!) Israel means Jews.

    Please be careful!

  • hilary klonin says:

    please can we get these out on twitter
    the narrative is that all Jewish people think the same, not true
    I believe like Williamson we must fight the witch hunt
    in solidarity

  • Rosqlind Light says:

    It is high time people started to think and research before putting their mouths into gear.

  • E Ramsden says:

    My impression of Keir Stammer is that of a career politician. His distancing himself from the group of Brexit negotiations when he saw a photo opportunity also spoke volumes. The Labour party needs to stop being a big tent and stick to being a true socialist party of which Keir Stammer and Watson are clearly not.

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