The Weaponisation of Labour Antisemitism

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In a reflective talk to camera for Double Down News, Jewish anthropologist David Graeber looks at the way antisemitism had been used against the left while the real and growing threat from the right is generally ignored.

This article was originally published by Double Down News on Sun 12 Apr 2020. Read the original here.

The Weaponisation of Labour Antisemitism

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  • Martyn Meacham says:

    I just wish that people did not believe the slanders and defamatory lies, and that Corbyn took at least the news papers to court and prosecuted them for besmirching his good name, and took them for every penny, as a warning to others.

  • Wonnie says:

    Thank you for posting this. I found it really helpful in trying to understand this maelstrom of hysteria that is increasingly impossible to make sense out of.

  • Max Cook says:

    Our movement needs Jeremy Corbyn more than EVER before.

  • George Wilmers says:

    [Thanks George. We have changed the links in the article accordingly – and the date of publication which was earlier on the website than on the DDN Facebook page! – JVL web ed]

    Both “Read the original here” and the “click on the image below” links above lead to the same facebook page. Since not everyone uses FB can I suggest using the DDN link instead?

  • dave says:

    Thanks for putting this up as I suggested. I’ve watched it several times since David Graeber spoke to camera back in April and it remains one of the best, most powerful testimonies, as he relates in an accessible way the Jewish socialist tradition for solidarity with all oppression, puts Zionism into perspective, and firmly exposes lies against the left. All in 10 minutes (there are subtitles BTW).

    We need to see and hear more from David Graeber despite his anarchist position. I’m glad he chose to come to LSE. His well known popular work is on bullish*t jobs and he could hardly be more relevant currently.

  • ian duncan kemp says:

    Brilliant by David Graeber sums up the whole false arguments accusations by right wing press the right wing MPs like Margert Hodge and many others who have been weaponizing Anti Semitism for their own political purposes

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