The Neverending Story (unsurprisingly) continues

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In the video below, one person tries to make sense of Corbyn’s suspension.

His puzzled voiceover, as he struggles with the explanations on offer, is often quite hilarious!


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  • Terence McGinity says:


  • Chris Carrigan says:

    This was an excellent watch – my congratulations to its creator.
    Carefully putting the daily shower of soundbites and headlines in order, this video shows how a ruthlessly dishonest, contrived narrative was implanted into the generally perceived “truth” in a managed, co-ordinated way, by shameless liars. No surprise that the elite-owned mainstream press were in there: deeply depressing (but also unsurprising) that the BBC is so implicated: and utterly sickening that so much of the Labour Party management machine, and the PLP, paid for by the members, were such active contributors.
    Starmer’s carefree betrayal of the promises he made to become leader has, of course, summed him up to be what we feared he might be.
    I have given up my hopes of seeing a decent socialist government in this country, in my lifetime. Those hopes were stolen from me, and from all of us, by liars who knew exactly what they were doing.

  • dave says:

    Does anyone know who made and features in this?

    It’s very good and must have taken a lot of work.

  • John Bowley says:

    Sorry. I tried. a bit, or hardly at all, with this and found the style confusing. Yes, I should have persisted but I bottled out for fear of doing my head in.

    Athough apparently being contradicted through this show, I found the repetition of the self-serving malicious lies about Jeremy Corbyn sickening.

    I am anyway partially deaf and I much prefer written explanations. Sorry.

  • Lynne Edwards says:

    Thank you, I no longer feel as though I’m the idiot paddling up the hill!!

  • I cannot help but feel that we are partly responsible for this situation. I have always categorically refused to enter into discussion on these allegations and have been inflexible on their veracity to the extent that I never give support to any Labour Party member who is ambiguous on the issue of alleged antisemitism in the Party or in Corbyn. I have said this before, I think my comment was disallowed, but I will say it again!
    Those who allege that there is any more antisemitism in the Labour Party than there is in the rest of the British public are either liars or believers of lies. Those who allege that Corbyn has any antisemitism are either liars or believers of lies. I fear that the willingness of some to allow discussion on this subject has given credence to these lies and prolonged the debate. Unless we firmly denounce the “never ending story” and call it out for the fiction it has always been, the unscrupulous “authors” will drag it on and on and in the words of Herr Goebbels, “keep repeating it until it is believed!!”

  • Alan Stanton says:

    I enjoyed watching this. Probably because I agreed with much of it.

    Pointing out contradictions between Starmer’s words and actions was well deserved. As was the attempt to set the record straight on what the EHRC report actually said, and to challenge fantasy versions reported by “journalists” .
    As others have also made this point, maybe Keir Starmer will reflect and learn and even change? Or maybe not if “the New Line” requires agreeing only with the New Line. “After many anxious Zoom meetings we endorse the Leader’s viewpoint.”
    One person who was obviously seen as in the wrong place with the wrong messaging was Barnaby Raine. So applause for his efforts to swerve around Kirsty Wark. And thanks for the video maker’s dissection of her interruptions. Sadly she appeared to lack any curiosity about views Barnaby Raine was trying to develop.
    Maybe he was invited just to tick a box or two; a pretence of “balance”. Or are things getting far worse at the BBC with journalists frightened when someone starts voicing views beyond a narrowing range of what’s approved by the powers-that-be?
    Whatever the reasons, at least Barnaby Raine got a mention and a few minutes. Now I know his name I can turn off the BBC and search for his stuff online.

  • Kuhnberg says:

    The video dramatizes and to some extent replicates the fog of confusion surrounding Corbyn’s suspension and the conclusions of the EHRC report. What must be emphasized is that this confusion was deliberately calculated to discredit Corbyn and force him out of the party. The report itself, despite its many flaws, was not sufficient for this purpose; nor did it damn the party’s handling of antisemitism in the way that was reported. The EHRC was very careful to avoid saying anything that was clearly untrue, as this could easily have been exposed and would have reflected badly on its work and reputation for impartiality. That did not stop them from weaselly implying that the situation was much worse than they were able to say, or from informing the Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland privately that there was a horrific body of evidence they.were (for some reason) unable to cite. Confusion, misdirection, smearing, damning by way of applying impossibly high standards of performance, omitting to contextualize: all these and many more offences against the truth characterized both the report itself and the media’s response to it.

    In this way Corbyn was brought down by people — not least of all Keir Starmer — who were determined to obliterate his influence and his legacy in their entirety. It is a vile, shabby story, easily the most scandalous campaign against an individual that I have witnessed in my lifetime. The sole comfort in all this is the knowledge that an abuse of this nature and scale is bound in time to be uncovered by historians keen to get at the truth. To give only one example, the key source material for what went wrong during the Corbyn years will not be the writings of Nick Cohen or Jonathan Freedland or the unreadably boring memoirs of Lord Starmer but the leaked report commissioned by Jenny Formby now being considered by the Forde enquiry — a report which comprehensively damns Corbyn’s enemies within the party by using their own words against them. Unfortunately the verdict of history will come too late to save the Labour Party from the ignoble fate to which Starmer and his backers are currently determined to consign it.

  • Tim says:

    Brilliantly put together!

  • Jeremy Bond says:

    Indeed the “whY” question is straightened out by the report. It comes from the hard hitting.
    And yes, the truth does emerge in the end.
    And if one thing surely is needed by leaders it is to be truthful – Starmer, as a lawyer will know the experience of struggling to win and being truthful – When in fact he must wield the sword of truth if he is to win.

  • Julie Hope says:

    Thorough and enlightening presentation. Profound exposure of the facts. Well done.

  • Margaret West says:

    Excellent analysis of the presentation of confusing “facts” where so much is uncertain!

    Those of you who have read “The Screwtape Letters” might remember the words of the Senior Devil: “The object is to befuddle the patient” where “the patient” is the person being tempted.

    A more secular interpretation is: Too much “news” has the same effect as no news where people will end up believing much that is not true and disbelieve or discount much that is true.

    What is concerning is that much of the problem is because of shoddy and lazy journalism where the meaning is not clear. Even worse is the fact that this is true of so called reputable sources – e.g. the BBC and “serious” newspapers.

  • Irene Henson says:

    Excellent report which clearly exonerates Corbyn, who should now be given back the whip with a full apology.
    A full scrutiny should now be carried out, leaving no stones unturned as to who, what, why and when, those behind all of this are named, shamed and duly expelled from the party and NEVER be allowed to hold any position or be a member of any political party. Any monetary gain received should be paid back in full

  • Alan Stanton says:

    I’m replying, I hope in a comradely positive tone, to Kuhnberg who wrote:
    “The sole comfort in all this is the knowledge that an abuse of this nature and scale is bound in time to be uncovered by historians keen to get at the truth.”
    How I wish I too had confidence that the truth will out.
    But by “historians … in time”? Really? How many “revisions” and re-visions of revisionist historians will it take?

    Maybe selfishly I don’t want to rely on the academy of the future. Not least because I won’t be around. Also because “the future” seems more likely to look back on us perhaps with pity and scornful laughter. It’s highly UNlikely that as in Chris Marker’s film La Jetée/The Pier, the future will send someone back to warn us or ask for our help.

    Unless democratic Socialists and environmentalist Greens come together to tackle climate change, world hunger, wars, and the drift to authoritarian government, will there be a future with time for papers and conferences about the Labour Party deserting Socialism?

    In any case, right now aren’t we engaged in putting together and writing the history? Isn’t this video part of thay writing? The JVL website and the series of published articles is part of piecing together what is true, partly true, inaccurate, and lies. Writing and sharing and speaking it out. As far as possible in free and joyful resistance to those who wish to gag and “disappear” us. With “the sound of silencing” white noise on all channels.

    Most importantly we have the task of learning from what went wrong and helping make the future.

  • Terry Messenger says:

    President of the Board of Deputies, Marie van der Zyl, says: “It’s like Jeremy Corbyn has declared war on the Jews at home. We’ve never been in this situation. It’s unprecedented.” But what about Mosely? Is Corbyn more anti-semitic than Mosely? Can this be right? I cannot help but think Marie van der Zyl is exaggerating. But Keir Starmer says: “Those that deny or minimise anti-semitism in the Labour Party and say it’s just exaggerated or part of a factional fight are part of the problem.” Oh dear. People, like me, who think that Corbyn is less of a threat to Jewish people in Britain than Mosely are a problem. I’m flummoxed by that.

  • Voirrey Faragher says:

    Very good to see this mass of media information compressed and made visible. Well done to the person who worked hard to do this. I hope the truth will surface sooner rather than later.

  • Kuhnberg says:

    In response to Alan Stanton’s comment earlier: yes, we should be doing all we can here and now to bring the truth to the attention of the public. IIt is also our duty to leave what records we can – essays, videos, demonstrations, poems, novels – so that future generations can look back at these events and learn from them. But societies do change, and lies and abuses do get uncovered in time. Look for example at the original witch hunt, the one in Salem. No-one now believes that the accused were guilty of witchcraft, or that their accusers were anything more than deluded stooges or vicious opportunists. What’s more, this process doesn’t necessarily take more than a generation or two. During his lifetime Mandela went from being locked away as a terrorist to becoming President of South Africa, and an international inspiration. The profoundly pessimistic ending of 1984 depicts the future as a boot stamping on the human face — for ever. We don’t have to believe this is the case. We do what we can, in the optimistic belief that abuses will ultimately be exposed and rectified and good people like Jeremy rescued from vilification to be honoured for their honesty and courage. And thank goodness for the good people of JVL, who have created a site where we can speak our truth with honesty, without fear of the scorn of the traditional media or the current leadership of the Labour Party.

  • Allan Howard says:

    Jay said the following at the end of his post above:

    ‘Unless we firmly denounce the “never ending story” and call it out for the fiction it has always been, the unscrupulous “authors” will drag it on and on….’

    Jay implies that the A/S smear campaign against Jeremy and left-wing members HASN’T been ‘firmly denounced’ or refuted, but it HAS been by left-wing blogs like JVL and Skwawkbox and The Canary etc on numerous occasions AND by numerous people posting on said blogs, but the ‘reach’ of these blogs is miniscule compared to the MSM who have conspired in the A/S smear campaign, and who give a ‘voice’ to the groups and organisations and right-wing Labour MPs who have confected the false narrative. And needless to say, these very blogs are smeared by the ‘protaganists’ and accused of anti-semitism themselves, as John Mann did, for example, on the morning of the day after the general election (in 2019).

    As reported in the JC and elsewhere, Mann tweeted the following:

    “I can this morning announce that as government adviser on antisemitism that I will be instigating an investigation this January into the role of the Canary and other websites in the growth of antisemitism in the United Kingdom.”

    Yes, the fact that one year on absolutely nothing has happened tells you ALL you need to know, but the damage was done by implying that The Canary and other left-wing news websites have facilitated the growth of A/S in the UK.

  • Allan Howard says:

    Just in the past few weeks Lee Harpin has posted a couple of articles citing John Mann’s claim that he was going to investigate The Canary and other blogs:

    ‘Corbyn and McCluskey praise media outlets accused of fuelling Labour antisemitism crisis at new project launch’

    Both The Canary and Skwawkbox have sparked fury among campaigners against antisemitism with a series of articles published on their platforms.

    The JC understands that the government’s antisemitism adviser Lord John Mann is close to publishing a report looking into the role of The Canary and other websites in the growth of antisemitism in the United Kingdom.

    And the following:

    ‘Corbyn gives interview to website under investigation by government antisemitism adviser’

    Jeremy Corbyn has taken part in what he said was a “fantastic” interview with The Canary – a website currently under investigation by the government’s independent adviser on antisemitism, Lord Mann.

    Needless to say, if The Canary or Skwawkbox etc had posted any articles that played ‘a role’ in the growth of anti-semitism – which they HAVEN’T of course – then they should surely have been reported to the police (by the CAA or LAA or CST, or Mann himself of course), but they haven’t been, and for the obvious reason that there has never been anything to report them for. And why would Harpin say that ‘the JC understands’ that Mann is close to publishing a report. There would be absolutely no reason whatsoever for John Mann NOT to tell the JC/Harpin if he WAS shortly going to be publishing a report, so how does Harpin arrive at he ‘understands’ that he is going to! It could of course just be another big fat lie, but then again, just exactly what HAS John Mann been doing since he became the Government’s ‘anti-semitism adviser’?!

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