The Myth of the Kindertransport

JVL Introduction

It’s rare to praise the Jewish Chronicle, but  praise for it and particularly for historian Tony Kushner for this excellent analysis of the Kindertransport.

As Kushner says “Eighty years on, it is time to strip away the mythology of the Kindertransport and to look at both its achievements and its fundamental flaws. It would now be unacceptable to have a scheme without proper safeguarding… Is it justifiable […] to argue that we should allow in only children and not their parents or other adult refugees? This, sadly — with the exception of the 20,000 Jewish women brought in as domestic servants — is the true story of the British government’s involvement in refugee entry during the 1930s.”

The big Kindertransport myth

The Kindertransport was not a British government scheme – the state restricted rather then aided the entry of child refugees, says historian Tony Kushner

Jewish Chronicle, 15 November 2018

For the full story see The big Kindertransport myth.