The media machine at work: a little example of its distortion

Laura Pidcock MP, Shadow Minister for Labour, was asked to appear on television at the Durham Miners’ Gala “to talk about the importance of the Big Meeting and what it means to the people of the North East and beyond”.

Here is Pidcock’s tweet about what happened.

Neither Sky nor the BBC was much interested in the gala or the people there and moved in to talk about their obsession – antisemitism.

The whole of both interviews was captured by Ian McDonald and published on YouTube – below. It is clear that Pidcock gave good answers to the questions posed.


How was it reported? Sky took one snippet of her ‘minder’ saying that it had been unfair to agree to interview Pidcock on the gala and then to focus almost entirely on something else. HuffPost claims that she evaded the question.

And her colleague Wes Streeting, probably not even having seen the full interview, tweets to exactly the same effect.

immediately followed by

Just look at the video of the full interview, reposted above, to see how manipulative and distorting is the media report of this story.

Skwawkbox also carries the story:

3 Labour MPs owe Pidcock apology for false criticism – but wriggle and self-justify instead


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  • Sara says:

    This total distortion and fabrication of the truth is absolutely soul destroying. Those that hate the thought of Jeremy Corbyn getting into power (how we pray that will eventually happen) are so obsessed with slurring and damaging him that they use every opportunity to hurt him, us and the party. No one mentioned there was any anti semitism in the Labour Party before his democratic election and then hey presto it suddenly became ‘institutionally racist’ overnight. What terrible calculating rubbish used to push their real hidden nasty agenda of removing a nice kind modest man who literally wouldn’t hurt a fly. So many powerful outside establishment institutions with the cooperation of the devious Watson, Hodge, Elman, Mann etc appallingly still in the Labour movement are willing to harm the party that they signed up to for their own horrible purposes. I deplored lying Tony Blair and his cronies (they have never got over the fact Jeremy is our leader and we rejected Blairs poisonous legacy) but would never have hurt our party to get rid of him. This is like battling against invisible monsters who launch constant media attacks against us with high powered expensive weapons and then close down every avenue left for us to speak up in defence of Jeremy, Jackie and Chris so all the British people are left with are the blatant lies and smears broadcast daily to the nation.

  • Philip Ward says:

    Laura Pidcock’s answers are OK, but when is a senior labour politician going to ask (and answer) the question about where the false 90% of the allegations of anti-Semitism are coming from and why are they being made?

  • John says:

    What are these un-worthy and un-magnificent three doing in the Labour Party, let alone the Parliamentary Labour Party?
    The sooner dishonest individuals like them are kicked out of the Labour Party, the better!
    I have one criticism of the JVL headline.
    Sky and BBC – predictably – did not give a toss about the Durham Miners Gala and simply used the opportunity to plant more fake concerns about alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party (even though their more intelligent employees know such allegations are sheer nonsense).
    So it is not right to talk about Sky/BBC and ‘media machine’ distortions.
    They are acting in their customary and predictably dishonourable way.
    I am sure Laura Pidcock was fully aware of the possibility of this happening even though she may have been disappointed by their contemptuous attitude towards the Big Meeting.
    Those who really do offend any decent person’s sensibilities are the ex-Tory staffer and the three vile Labour MPs. They are the ones who perpetrated the distortions and lied when they were caught out doing so.
    There really are some scummy individuals remaining as fifth columnists within the Labour Party.
    They must all be rooted out: root, trunk, branch, twigs and leaves too!

  • David Stretton says:

    What a disgrace is Wes Streeting. How dare he criticize anyones anti-racist credentials. Jeremy Corbyn was fighting racism whilst he was still in nappies.

  • Red Angel says:

    As usual, totally warped coverage.

    Between Laura’s response and share that video widely.

  • Dave Green says:

    I am not a Labour Party member & I believe that I’ve only once voted once for a Labour candidate in a local election.
    I have been following the constant media attention upon Corbyn & the Labour Party regarding Anti-Semitism whilst ignoring other parties.
    I’m not Jewish but grew up in a largely Jewish community and was often attacked & abused as a ‘Jew boy’: I have absolutely no time for any form of racism and religious bigotry.
    This constant stream of obvious lying and distortions of truth by the media and supported by right wing groups and involvement of certain international entities has led me to the decision to vote Labour at the next and future elections. (and I’m not the only one)

  • Penny Ballinger says:

    Sadly typical

  • Jay Henderson says:

    Those who allege antisemitism in the Labour Party must be robustly denied! They must not be responded to or given any credence! To do so will give them an excsuse to propagate their lies. This ladies mistake was to even attempt to enter into dialogue with them! She tried to treat their nonsensical diatribe as if there was some sort of rational debate. This is a total waste of time as these “persons ” have zero interest in any debate whatsoever.

  • Mary Davies says:

    Disgusting, offensive remark from Wes Streeting.

  • George Hardy says:

    Our media are well known for their distortions. That’s why so many abandon them for the internet to obtain their news.

  • Mark Francis says:

    Wes Streeting says that the victims of anti-Semitism are Jews.
    Many of those who are falsely accused of anti-Semitism by non-Jews like him, are also Jews. How sick is that?

  • Anne Tanner says:

    We need to learn to respond ONCE to these Antisemitism obsessed traitors and move on! Guys it’s getting BORING!!

    The persecution of Palestinians by the Israeli government is completely unacceptable. That statement is NOT Antisemitic!!! Why? because such persecution, of any group of humans by another group of humans, is always WRONG!!

    There are in fact many Jews, both religious and secular who are against the actions of the state of Israel. Some Jewish sects actually believe it should not exist.

    Like all peoples on earth (including Jews) the Palestinians, who have lived in the region for well over 1000 years, have a right to a homeland. It’s not Antisemitic to say this.

    The Blairite wing of the Labour party are quite simply exploiting the fact that Labour now has a leader who supports the Palestinian cause. What they really don’t like is his left wing views. But his support for Palestine gives them a reason to accuse him of Antisemitism.

    It’s not unreasonable for Socialists to regain control of a Socialist party but it wasn’t supposed to happen was it Tony?

  • S H says:

    Boycott the Bloody BBC, Ghastly Guardian and the rest of the Biased British Brainwashers. #JC4PM#WatsonMustGo
    Dave Green, welcome our new comrade and friend.

  • Terry Kelly says:

    Wes Streeting has spoken on anti semitism and he is wrong.

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