The Jew in You, by Daniel Kahn

JVL Introduction

“The Jew In You” was originally written by Daniel Kahn in 2010 for a theatre production Waiting for Adam Spielman, by playwright and director Hakan Savas Mican.

This eight-minute “Universal Diasporic Testament” is described in an article we have already reposted as “address[ing] people of all faiths and calls upon them to “bring out” the hidden Jew within.”

“Lest there be any doubt, Kahn clarifies that by “Jew” he means not land, blood, or religion, but the possession of a collective, mercurial identity, shaped by centuries of exile and dispersion.”

A new, updated version of this song has also been released as a music video filmed in Berlin during the pandemic. We link to it here.

This article was originally published by YouTube on Fri 6 Nov 2020. Read the original here.

Daniel Kahn - The Jew in You

“The Jew In You (The Last Universal Diasporic Testament of Adam Spielman)”
Text and Music: Daniel Kahn

Filmed as part of the film “Das beste Abendmahl – Aus der Bubble in die Charts” for Tage der Jüdisch-Muslimischen Leitkultur / at Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, October 2020

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