The JC apologises – again!

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It’s nice to see an Apology to Mark Wadsworth, listed as the top “most read” articles on the JC website today.

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving newspaper!

It’s hard to understand the venom that motivates the Jewish Chronicle to go after left-wing socialists in this way.

And sometimes, as on this occasion, simply to make it up.


30 May: We’ve also added a tweet from the JC editor which appeared, coincidentally, at about the same time. He must make his readers so proud!


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Jewish Chronicle again forced to pay damages and apologise – this time to Marc Wadsworth

For a change it’s not Harpin – this time former Mail hack authored untrue article

The Jewish Chronicle has – again – been forced to issue a public apology and pay undisclosed damages for printing false accusations against a left-winger.

The paper has published an apology to black activist Marc Wadsworth for an ‘exclusive’ article published in March that accused him of conspiracy to ‘intimidate, threaten or harass Jewish activists’ – accusations that the right-wing rag has now had to admit were wholly false. The Chronicle’s article has now been deleted, but is still quoted, with screenshots, on right-wing anti-left websites.

The apology reads:

In our issue of 12 March, we reported that Marc Wadsworth had spoken at the launch event for the ‘Labour in Exile Network’ (LIEN), a group that aimed to discover the addresses of Jewish Labour activists to “take care” of them, and that he was thereby complicit in a conspiracy to intimidate, threaten or harass Jewish activists into silence. We also suggested that there were reasonable grounds to suspect that such activities were criminal. Our story was wrong. Mr Wadsworth did not speak or even attend the online event. Mr Wadsworth is not a member of LIEN and we accept that he has not been involved in any of the group’s activities. We apologise to Mr Wadsworth for our error and have agreed to pay damages to him.

Emphases added. Note, the real date of the original ‘exclusive’ appears to be 15 March, not 12 March

This is the latest in a string of untrue claims for which the Chronicle has had to pay damages and/or apologise – including significant compensation for a ‘litany of lies’ against Liverpool pensioner Audrey White, accusations of antisemitism against a Muslim woman councillor and ‘utterly untrue’ allegations of terrorism against a Palestinian aid charity. The paper was also heavily criticised by ‘regulator’ IPSO for its articles about Ms White and for its failure to cooperate with IPSO’s investigation.

In the latest instance, however, the culprit is not repeat offender Lee Harpin but former Mail hack Jake Wallis-Simons. Simons also has form, having penned an article for his old paper claiming that leading Jewish Voice for Labour activists had been disciplined by Labour for racism. The accusations in the article were completely false and that right-wing rag was forced to admit they were untrue, issuing a humiliating apology:

Marc Wadsworth was expelled from the Labour party in 2018 after false accusations of antisemitism – despite the existence of video evidence that showed he had not behaved as accused.

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  • Dave says:

    Note that the ‘apology’ maintains the lie that the Labour in Exile Network is ‘a group that aimed to discover the addresses of Jewish Labour activists to “take care” of them’.

    See the reply from LIEN here, which, needless to say, was ignored.

  • Philip Ward says:

    I have to say that the JC also seems to be libelling the Labour in Exile Network. I find it hard to believe that this whole organisation ‘aimed to discover the addresses of Jewish Labour activists to “take care” of them”‘. Can anyone shed some light on this claim?

  • DJ says:

    The Jewish Chronicle is becoming an embarrassment for the “Jewish community” it claims to represent. Don’t buy it.

  • Doug says:

    It should be 3 strikes and your out of business

  • Jacob Ecclestone says:

    Delighted to learn that Marc Wadsworth – a staunch comrade from my trade union days – has won an apology and damages from the Jewish Chronicle.

  • Sabine Ebert-Forbes says:

    The JC is a chronic reoffender who does not seem to see the need to change. Money will sort it? Editor’s and fu ders do not seem to care that they are damaging blighting people and their lives, livelihoods by their actions. I wonder if it is not time to stop these repeat offenders like JC, the Sun and others from sprouting their poison. The public want facts not fake.

  • Les Hartop says:

    Now, Hack Wallis-Simons and the Jewish Chronicle just need to apologise to the entire Labour In Exile Network (about 1000 people) for false accusations.

    It’s the members of LIEN who have been harrassed falsely accused and expelled. They are the real victims here.

    Great news about Marc though 😀

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