The Establishment is coming for your media

John Mann, Tsar

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For a decade and more, right-wing Labour MP John Mann was witch-hunter in chief of so-called “left antisemitism”.

Now a Tory peer and “antisemitism Tsar” he has just announced an “investigation” of the Canary and other far-left websites as enablers of antisemitism.

We are awaiting his call…


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This article was originally published by Skwawkbox (SW) on Fri 13 Dec 2019. Read the original here.

The Establishment is coming for your media

John Mann, now truly out in the open as a Tory-made peer and wearing his peerage proudly in his Twitter handle, is coming for the left media. Using his role as Boris Johnson’s ‘antisemitism tsar’, he has announced an investigation into the left media. With no trace of irony, he named the Canary in his announcement.

The founders of the Canary are Jewish.

Mann, who resigned as an MP before the election to take up his Tory peerage and job, has a track record of anti-Gypsy discrimination and has been blamed by local Gypsy Travellers for making their lives a misery. He was interviewed by police in a hate-crime investigation, after putting out a leaflet that included them in a list of anti-social nuisances.

Such details will be ignored by the Establishment media, of course – as will the fact that Mann seems to have no intention of investigating racism in the Tory party.

Tribune editor Ronan Burtenshaw has written today:

The socialist movement has been here before and we will get through it stronger — what is genuine will be proven in the fire. But they will come for us.

The new left media threaten the Establishment – and now the Establishment intends to make it payback time. If Labour had won last night and embarked on a programme of removing the media that have smeared it for years, the media would be up in arms. Yet the Establishment’s decision to come for the independent media for telling the truth will raise no more than a murmur, if that.

If you value the genuine voice of the left, it is time to fight for it.

And you can find a predictably nasty article in the Jewish Chronicle, with its standfirst:

Canary editor Kerry-Anne Mendoza has repeatedly defended Labour figures accused of antisemitism

As we all know, querying the truth of any allegation is the equivalent of being an antisemitism denier which is equivalent to being a full-throated antisemite (see Rusere Shoniwa here)…

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Comments (10)

  • David Stretton says:

    Clearly unaware of the relationship of “Tsar” with antisemitism.

  • Celia Harris says:

    Dark days ahead. This situation is not going to remain uncontested! How dare they. How can I help?

  • Allan Howard says:

    I mean given that it’s complete bull, what is it precisely that John Mann is going to do? I suppose his angle will be that these websites and the vast majority of people commenting on them reject the bulk of the accusations and claims of A/S and that the Party under JC is infested with antisemites and that it’s all a smear campaign AND that THAT is anti-semitic.

    It’s funny how he made this announcement on the morning of the day after the general election, and yet he was given the job back in July, so why didn’t he start his ‘investigation’ back then, or shortly afterwards if he was REALLY so concerned about these websites like The Canary!

    The reality is that the last thing the Establishment want is people exposing their lies and falsehoods and smears AND the corporate media and the semi-corporate BBC that have conspired in the whole smear campaign op from the outset.

  • David Stretton says:

    do you think some declaration about the state of Israel will form part of Labour party membership in the future…if you don’t sign…you’re expelled.

  • John C says:

    The first time I ever heard of or saw John Mann was him shouting until he lost his voice at Ken Livingston on a stairway, which was broadcast repeatedly on London and national news bulletins. He looked like and sounded like a complete idiot. I haven’t seen or heard anything since of him to change my first impression.

  • Ruby Foxe says:

    Not surprised by the actions of this Mann. He reminds me of the snivelling little snith to be found in many school classrooms, the one who then can’t understand why nobody wants to be their friend. The one who looks like he’d sell his own grandmother to the highest bidder. Maybe we could crowd fund to pay for his loyalty. Just need to know how much Johnson is paying the little git.

  • Clare Hill says:

    Well, seeing as this is a total witch hunt against anyone who criticises Israel’s actions against Palestinians and I’ve never seen anything vaguely antisemitic in the Canary, and the antisemitic smears against Corbyn were vague and baseless (the way he pronounced Epstein, really?) I just subscribed to the Canary to support them. How dare they try to shut any dissenting voices down? This is a dictatorship in the making

  • Gerry Glyd4 says:

    This is a concerning development if they have managed to con the judiciary into adopting the flawed definition of antisemitism

  • Nev Clay says:

    I note that the Community Security Trust’s publication, “ENGINE OF HATE: THE ONLINE NETWORKS BEHIND THE LABOUR PARTY’S ANTISEMITISM CRISIS”, mentions the Canary thirteen times, though Electronic Intifada gets 22 mentions and its own section. It’s a remarkable document, not least for its demonstration of in-depth online forensics. Worth looking at CST’s annual report for 2018 too: it details a total of 148 confirmed antisemitic incidents linked to the LP in the whole of the UK last year, 9% of the annual total, and representing, at most, 0.03% of LP membership. Would have been nice to see this stat used by the media at least once in run up to GE, sigh.

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