The Enemy of the Working Class Travels by Private Jet not Migrant Dinghy

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Good news is always welcome and the election of Zarah Sultana as Member of Parliament for Coventry South is up there with the best of the news.

In this Double Down News video, she talks sense about migrants.

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This article was originally published by Double Down News on Mon 17 Aug 2020. Read the original here.

The Enemy of the Working Class Travels by Private Jet not Migrant Dinghy

“Migrants don’t buy influence and subvert democracy, that’s billionaires”

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  • Mary Davies says:

    Excellent. What a shining star of socialism Zarah is. She is inspiring.

  • Dr Rodney Watts says:

    Absolutely on the nail! A moving commentry on our times. Reminds me of the four years I lived in an old Durham mining village, where otherwise great people believed the myths around migrants & the lies of Farage, resulting in Brexit.

  • Susan Greaves says:

    For once, I am impressed by an MP telling the truth. It makes the contrast with Kamala Harris even more stark. Having read your two articles this morning, one about Kamala Harris and this one about Zarah Sultana, I am afraid that my initial impressions, that Harris will change nothing, are confirmed. Sultana is truthful and bold. Harris, like most American politicians is ignorant and corrupted by the system she serves. Sorry, I hold out no optimism for the Biden administration.

  • TM says:

    Zarah, I so wish you were my MP.

  • Roger Jones says:

    Brilliant – spot on!

  • Teresa says:

    Why isn’t this exceptional woman, with conviction & conscience, in number 10? Oh I know, Gavin Williamson said, we don’t want to promote people into positions above their ability. Well Westminster us full of the aforementioned, thatswhy she is not PM. 👎🏼🥴

  • Gavin Robinson says:

    According to a Republican, Biden will produce a socialist utopia. That shows the level of ‘debate.’
    The few go by the rule of ‘Whoever you fear you smear.’ And the Main Stream Media back up the smears. About migrants, about Jeremy Corbyn, about anything which gets in their way.

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