Steve Bell censored by the Guardian

Steve Bell has fired off an angry email to the Guardian after his latest If… cartoon strip was pulled. It’s the third in a series, lampooning Tom Watson and his search for antisemitic tropes. Two in the series were published; today’s – and presumably tomorrows’s – not.

Email and cartoons below.


Here’s the email in full, in one go – it becomes readable if you click on it!:



The latest If… strips, hot from the back page of the Guardian’s G2 supplement, Monday’s at the top, Tuesday’s below and so on.

Copyright Steve Bell 2019/All Rights Reserved

Copyright Steve Bell 2019/All Rights Reserved

Copyright Steve Bell 2019/All Rights Reserved

Copyright Steve Bell 2019/All Rights Reserved

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  • Andre Collie says:

    If not even the Guardian can think clearly about anti-Semitic tropes, it tells me that this issue is currently a giant snowball of hysteria surrounding a grain of truth. The cartoon is not anti-Semitic. It is anti Tom Watson and his cynical use of a bandwaggon to ride to the head of the Labour party. The Guardian has lost its objectivity and is now clearly backing Watson over Corbyn.

  • Brian Jones says:

    Top marks to Steve Bell for standing up to the McCarthyites.

  • different frank says:

    Why does Bell still work for the Graun?

    The Guardian has been taken over by the security services.

  • S H says:

    BELL IS A HERO. The Guardian belongs in the gutter with the other trash anti Freedom of Speech anti Labour Party British journos and rags. Boycott them all with the ridiculous establishment publicly funded bloody bbc anti Labour org.

  • Lily Periskey says:

    The weaponising of so-called anti semitism aka anti Zionism by the world wide establishment and its media is the great tragedy of this century. Real anti semitism along with Islam a phobia and all forms of racism are meanwhile flourishing. Dangerous deeply troubling times.

  • patrick edlin says:

    Steve Bell is a truth sayer in the great tradition of Howgarth. As for the Guardian and its sister-on-sunday…have not bought either in 20 years. Faux libralism.

  • Red Angel says:

    Steve Bell should work for JVL… an image is worth a thousand words…

  • John says:

    Steve Bell is usually very quick on the uptake – but not this time.
    He has never realised he works for a zionist rag of a paper.
    The Guardian was part of the original Manchester School of Zionism.
    It was involved in the wording of the Balfour Declaration.
    They just would not consider bringing attention to Netanyahu kosher.
    Steve Bell needs to move somewhere else where he has real freedom.

  • Michael Allen says:

    A stand has to be taken, or in this case supported – against the fear of any kind of criticism of Israel and the relentless establishment of a country intended exclusively for Jews, a seventy year process that has involved countless crimes against Palestinians, contraventions of internationally established laws and traditions painstakingly devised to protect human rights and international harmony.

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