Statement by Glyn Secker

Glyn Secker at Plestine rally, 11th May 2019. Photo: Paul Scott

Glyn Secker at Palestine rally
Photo: Paul Scott

Statement by Glyn Secker



When the term antisemitism is cheapened by false usage on the right, it gives cover to the real antisemites.”  –  Aaron Freedman

Writing in the Guardian last week, New York writer Aaron Freedman described the campaign by right-wing Republicans, who include Jews in their numbers, deploying false allegations of antisemitism against Democrats for sectarian political interests. This campaign has its parallel in the UK and it was this that I was describing in my speech to the Palestine solidarity rally in London on May 11.  A paragraph in Freedman’s article sums it up:

“This recent history shows a vicious cycle: as antisemitic violence on the right gets ever more dangerous, false accusations of antisemitism are weaponized by the right as political cover. And as this slander is repeated more and more, it comes to take over our popular definition of antisemitism, therefore making it harder to recognize, call out and stop the real thing.”

As a Jew I am deeply offended by this. At the rally, which highlighted the deaths and injuries suffered by Gazans demonstrating for their freedom, I allowed my outrage to dictate my expression and I am not pleased with the language I used. I was referring to the small number of Jews who disgrace our communities by working with neo-fascist groups, and I was criticising those Jews in leading positions who fail to call them out. I was not referring of course to Jews in general, and I regret and I am sorry that my language allowed of this interpretation.

The purpose of the demonstration was to assert support for Palestinian human rights in the face of Israeli oppression and I apologise if my message in any way detracted from this.




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  • Michael R says:

    The “small number of Jews” who work with neo-fascists groups, almost definitely in the low hundreds, if not fewer, are regularly called out by those in the Jewish community who know about them and who know who they are. They are left in no doubt as to what people think of them and their actions. I am not aware that any “Jews in leading positions” who have failed to call them out and have thought it necessary to issue press releases to, for example, The Guardian or The Times concerning an issue which most likely concerns less than 0.04% of the Jewish community.

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