Shona tova, shana tova, happy new year – 5782

“A Happy New Year. We’re here to let you know That good times are coming Times of light, of fortune and joy The world is being renewed!” Williamsburg Art Co., NY. Origin: Saxony c. 1910/1915.

The past year has been a strange and trying one for everyone. Our little local difficulties with a Labour Party determined to wage war on socialist ideas and activists come in the context of much wider crises: a pandemic that is still very much with us; an escalating environomental crisis with many parts of the world on fire or in flood; and a massive refugee crisis arising out of Afghanistan.

In the midst of all this, may Rosh Hashona provide some rest and some respite, and remind us also of the sweetness of life and its possibilities

Here’s to happiness and solidarity in 5782.

L’shana tovah u’metukah — For a good and sweet year.

A gut gebentsht yohr –– a good, blessed year

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