Shock, horror, hold the front page! Forde Report delayed sine die…

Searching for the Forde Report

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LabourList recently reported: “The chair of the Forde Inquiry looking into the ‘Labour leaks’ report has announced that its conclusion is now delayed indefinitely as it has “recently been made aware” that the Information Commissioner’s Office is investigating the same leaks.”

At the time the leaked report appeared Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner responded firmly to the outrage expressed  saying “We will… commission an urgent independent investigation into this matter.”

But when the panel to investigate was appointed (including 3 Labour peers but no trade-union figure, a distinguished chair but with no experience whatsoever of leading inquiries) and with terms of reference which looked suspiciously flawed, doubts surfaced.

They would seem to be have been fully justified…


This article was originally published by Skwawkbox on Fri 12 Feb 2021. Read the original here.

Black Labour MPs demand urgent release of Forde report on anti-Black racism – as NEC members say reason for delay is ‘b*llocks’

MPs from different wings of party combine in dismay at ‘indefinite’ delay in release of report. NEC members say excuse for delay is ‘bollocks’

Nine black MPs have signed an open letter expressing their dismay at the ‘indefinitely’ delayed release of the Forde Inquiry report ion the accusations in the internal Labour report leaked last year – and demanding that the party release the report quickly.

The MPs represent a spectrum of Labour politics, yet have united to make this demand of the party and its leader Keir Starmer, telling him that any continued delay will both harm members’ confidence in the report’s conclusions and reinforce yet further the appearance that the party is not serious about anti-Black racism – and that he must take into account the wishes of BAME members in reconsidering the decision:

Meanwhile, NEC members have told SKWAWKBOX that in their view there is no justification for the delay and that the excuse that releasing it might compromise an Information Commissioner’s Office investigation into the leaking of the report, which has no bearing on releasing the findings about the conduct of staff, is ‘bollocks’.

The Forde report was originally meant to be released last summer, but has been repeatedly delayed amid accusations that Starmer is trying to ‘kick it into the long grass’.

Despite commissioning the Forde report himself, Keir Starmer has repeatedly poured contempt on it – reinstating staff accused in the leaked report to party membership and paying a huge sum to ‘whistleblowers’ to settle a case the party’s lawyers expected to win.

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Comments (14)

  • Doug says:

    Complain to ICO as members that they have no good reason to hold up publication of the Forde report
    Then see what they come back with, I don’t believe a word of it

  • James Dickins says:

    ‘crass’ DEFINITION: “stupid and without considering how other people might feel” (Cambridge Dictionary Online)

    ‘Keir Starmer’ DEFINTION: “crass”

  • How foully predictable! Surely even right wing members can see Starmer`s desperation to use any excuse to nullify the Forde report and delay it indefinitely. How long can this so called leader get away with his abuse of any decency?

  • Philip Ward says:

    Weird priorities at the ICO. They weren’t even able to find any “criminal activity” at Cambridge Analytica and associated organisations/individuals.

    The indefinite delay is pretty clearly an indication that the Forde enquiry is only interested in who leaked the leaked report.

  • John McLaughlin says:

    There’s an awfull lot of this garbage happening, since that no mark starmer became leader.

  • Paul Leach says:

    About time someone leaked the Forde report isn’t it?

  • David Townsend says:

    All racisms are equal, except in Starmer’s Labour.

  • John Pursaill says:

    This rather explains why I very recently left the Labour Party to join the Greens, after over fifty years trade union and party membership and activism. I had hopes of Kier Starmer but they have been utterly dashed by his sectarianism.

  • DAVID EATOCK says:

    Surely if the Forde Inquiry panel was appointed by the NEC they have a duty to publish the report or hand all the submissions over to the NEC?

  • Allan Howard says:

    Starmer and Evan’s and Co know that the only people who will be aware of the delays are left-wing members – and those who conspired in the smear campaign against Jeremy and the left membership – and I have no doubt that THAT was always their intention – ie to delay publication repeatedly – and I’m sure that it amuses them no end to be doing so AND to play with the emotions of the left in the process, as with so many other things Starmer and Co have done since he was elected leader.

  • Cormac Kelly says:

    Utterly disgraceful and do the media, the Laura Kuenssberger brigade, the likes of Private Eye or anyone else from our miserable purveyors of news cover this story in any detail ? Do we have screaming headlines, grim faces on TV. No, not a bean. just the usual casual and banal anti-black racism. Nothing to see here.

  • Martin Read says:

    The sham democratic goings-on in the US has had the UK public feeling very superior. But, maybe the joke has been on us?

    The blatancy of Trump’s behaviour et al has, it appears, rather smoke-screened a far more worrisome push here in the UK. Unless one has a particular interest in the Labour Party it frequently presents in our MSM as if the internal struggles are relatively minor. Really this is something of a silent coup, of which Labour is a significant part. If one steps back and pauses for breath a sense of utter dread may take hold. Is this a final goodbye to our fragile democracy?

    Those like Austin, Mann and Woodcock could never have risen through the ranks on merit!

  • Linda says:

    How to make a crisis 1,000 times worse …

    Every day that goes by without credible answers to the fundamental question whether LABOUR INSIDERS betrayed Labour’s electoral chances and its leadership delays and makes more unlikely the party’s ability to heal.

    However personally painful the conclusions of the Forde Inquiry may be for Starmer, Evans and others, the worse outcome for everyone is to be left longer in this state of uncertainty. There has to be truth and justice before there can be healing.

  • What healing is possible when Starmer and Evans have proven beyond all doubt that their utter commitment is to totally destroy Labour Party values of decency. As they have no interest in “truth and justice” now what hope is there for truth and justice in the future? They are beyond redemption our only hope for truth and justice is their elimination.

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