Runnymede Trust says reject the “Race Report”

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This open letter organised by the Runnymede Trust protests in the strongest possible terms at the findings of the “independent” Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities published on the 31st of March 2021.

The signtories list closes, unfortunately, at 23:59 today Thursday 8th April 2021.

We’ve only just seen it and are sorry not to be able to give more notice of it.

Runnymede open letter

Dear Prime Minister,

We, the undersigned, reject the findings of the “independent” Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities published on the 31st of March 2021. Should you and your Government be genuinely committed to acknowledging and addressing the issue of racial equity in the UK, we would call on you to repudiate the Commission’s findings immediately and withdraw its report.

From the moment that membership of the ostensibly independent Commission was announced, it was clear it would publish a tailored report conforming to a government narrative around racism and class – a narrative that whitewashes over the daily challenges faced by Black and minoritised communities in this country.

So lacking in intellectual rigour, academic credibility and stakeholder engagement are its findings that persons cited as in the report have confirmed their counsel was either not sought or was misrepresented in scope, and are now requesting their names be entirely disassociated from the Commission.

This Commission has failed on even the most basic level, for instance in acknowledging the fundamental rights of Black and minoritised communities, and the impact of hostile environment policies that have threatened the citizenship and status of the Windrush generation and their descendants.

Disingenuous claims, including the Commission’s assertion that its research found no evidence of institutional racism in the UK, have provoked public incredulity and national indignation. The danger is that a report so lacking in credibility will be left to circulate and take us back to the ‘colour bar’ of the 1960s.

While we note your apparently equivocal response to Dr Sewell’s findings, to be absolutely clear, the record shows that evidence of structural and institutional racism was provided to the Commission by organisations across civil society –



Wilfully or not, it would seem reasonable to conclude that either evidence of institutional racism was ignored by the Commissioners, or they have seen fit to put their names to a false declaration. In this regard, it is revealing that the Commissioners now claim they are under personal attack.

While nobody wishes to see matters of national importance diminished to the level of the ad hominem, at some point there needs to be honest scrutiny of this document and the question needs to be asked “Who is responsible for its contents?” And, ultimately, we have no doubt that the person in question is you, Prime Minister.

Further, as regards any notion that this Commission has somehow broken new ground with its revelation that socio-economic factors including class, income and education are all vital factors in explaining inequalities, please be assured that this is in no way a new finding and has never been denied.

However, we do take this opportunity to reassert the fact that, despite the complexities of evaluating social mobility and opportunity, a substantial and incontrovertible body of evidence confirms beyond any doubt that the incidence of direct and institutional racism prejudices the UK’s Black and minoritised communities to this day.

We would also highlight the eroded independence of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which has recently been compromised by the political nature of your appointments. The country does not require more funding for the EHRC simply to lead paper-based investigations, but tangible action to end the institutional and direct racism that are daily realities in people’s lives.

Therefore, we call on you to affirm your commitment to race equality in Britain in 2021. We call on your government to assert its commitment to extant equalities legislation, to uphold the public sector duty on equality and foster good relations.

We also call on you to take immediate steps to combat racism based on the findings of multiple rigorous investigations conducted over the last 20 years, including the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, Lammy, McGregor Smith and Windrush Lessons Learned reviews, and to do so by convening a genuinely credible Prime Ministerial Task Force that, as a first step, would implement the recommendations of these long-standing investigations.

Such actions would feasibly offer legitimate cause for the UK to indeed regard itself as “A model for white majority countries” – an aspiration that we have no doubt unites the citizens of this country regardless of their ethnicity.

Yvonne Field, Founder, Ubele Initiative
Michael Hamilton, Programme Director, Ubele Initiative
Dr Patrick Vernon OBE, Windrush Campaigner
Black Lives Matter UK
Margaret Busby OBE
Dr Halima Begum, CEO, Runnymede Trust
Riz Ahmed, Actor
Gracie Bradley, Interim Director, Liberty
Lord Simon Woolley CBE, Director, Operation Black Vote
Sir Geoff Palmer, Scientist and Historian
Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary, National Education Union
Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary, National Education Union
Maurice Mcleod, CEO, Race on the Agenda
Dr Wanda Wyposka, Director, Equality Trust
Charity So White
Afua Hirsch, Writer
Bonnie Greer OBE, Writer
Sarbjit Ganger, Director, Asian Women’s Resource Centre
Phyll Opoku-Gymah, Executive Director, Black Pride
Pedro Gil ARB RIBA, Founder, Studio Gil
Naima Khan, Director, Inclusive Mosque Initiative
Professor Keith Magee, Chair and Professor of Social Justice, Newcastle University
Michael Eboda, CEO, Powerful Media
Asma Shah, CEO, You Make It
Dr Robin Stott, Co-chair, Climate and Health Council
Jolyon Maugham, Founder, Good Law Project

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(Deadline 23:59, Thursday 8th April 2021)

[Signatures from politicians and political party representatives will not be accepted in this open letter to preserve its political neutrality]

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  • steve mitchell says:

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud of exercise in propaganda. It is straight out of his playbook. We can expect a lot more like it from a government which has decided rules and protocols don’t apply to them. Any of the lies told by Johnson in the last year would have lead to his incineration not so long ago. Gradually, our Human Rights ae being eroded. Police are being given more powers to prevent free association. Johnson knows there will be civil unrest when he breaks his promise of building back better.The military will be allowed to torture and murder prisoners with impunity. Already ,a cretin of an Education Secretary has tried to impose censorship in schools and universities. Brexit has been the disaster it was predicted to be but little is heard about it in the media. Lies by omission. The Right Wing newspapers are now acting like Pravda. They have become the voice of government and the Tory Party. The best description of fascism is “the temporary alliance between the elite and the mob” Johnson, Rees Mogg , Jenrick and others are a perfect example of the elite. They are the modern Oswald Mosleys. Unless a ,miracle happens there will be Right Wing populist government in Britain in the near future.

  • Daniel Vulliamy says:

    Courteous passionate anger, entirely appropriate!

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