Root out racism in our community

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The Board of Deputies has today published the report of its Commission on Racial Inclusivity in the Jewish Community.

It says: “No community is immune from the scourge of prejudice and ours is no exception.”

Yet it welcomes the new openly and proudly racist Israeli Ambassador Tsipi Hotovely.

Na’amod, “a movement of British Jews seeking to end our community’s support for the occupation, and to mobilise it in the struggle for freedom, equality and justice for all Palestinians and Israelis”, is up in arms about this.

Na’amod says that that welcoming her “ normalises her virulent racism against Palestinians and shields her from critiques of her views.”

We agree!

Sign the Na’amod petition calling on communal leaders not to host her.

This article was originally published by Na'amod on Wed 21 Apr 2021. Read the original here.

We need to root out racism in our community. Stop hosting Israeli Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely.

Hotovely is a racist. Her appalling record throughout her political career includes:

  • Calling the Nakba an “Arab lie”
  • Inviting the far-right Jewish supremacist organisation Lehava to speak in the Knesset (the Israeli parliament)
  • Publicly opposing relationships between Jews and Arabs
  • Referring to Israeli human rights activists as “war criminals” and comparing them to a fifth column
  • Accusing Palestinians of being “thieves of history” who have no heritage or connection to Israel-Palestine
  • Calling for the Israeli flag to fly over the Temple Mount – a violation of the status quo in a holy site for both Muslims and Jews
  • Stating that the occupation is “a myth” and, as Settlements Minister, directly upholding Israel’s illegal presence in the West Bank
  • Leading the campaign for annexation and claiming that biblical texts entitle Israel to the entirety of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea
    Despite this, British Jewish institutions continue to welcome Hotovely. The Alliance of Jewish Women, Liberal Judaism, and now Masorti Judaism have all hosted her. Doing so normalises her virulent racism against Palestinians and shields her from critiques of her views.

We need our leadership to commit to justice in our community.


Click here for the petition, on Na’amod’s wesbpage, in the right-hand column towards the end

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  • John Bowley says:

    The establishments, all of them, are embedded with fundamental hypocrisy; they narrowly perceive in a limited way, their way, or how they are told, or on the basis of unquestioned routines, but never with objective study of the facts.

  • Angie Hudson says:

    Still no acknowledgement that Jews are many communities. As a non Jew I salute those who hold fast to their values of justice and anti racism even though it may cost them their friends and family. Thank you.

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