Restore the Labour whip to Jeremy Corbyn

It is a full year since the Labour whip was unjustly withdrawn from Jeremy Corbyn.

Supporters in Islington have launched a new website Islington Friends of Jeremy Corbyn.

We repost below a statement signed by Jewish members of his constituency in support of Jeremy, demanding that the whip be restored forthwith.

Statement by Jewish members of Islington North CLP

As Jewish members of Islington North CLP we wish to register our utter dismay that, one year on from our MP Jeremy Corbyn having the Labour Whip unjustly removed, it has still not been restored.

We feel especially strongly about this matter because the justifications claimed for Jeremy Corbyn’s initial suspension (rightly overturned by an NEC panel) were his fair and measured comments in response to the EHRC’s report on its Investigation into Antisemitism in the Labour Party, which were distorted both by the media and the party leadership to mean something entirely different.

In these comments Jeremy Corbyn clearly stated that, “Anyone claiming there is no antisemitism in the Labour Party is wrong. Of course there is, as there is throughout society, and sometimes it is voiced by people who think of themselves as on the left.” But he exonerated the vast majority of Labour members from the stain of being unjustly accused of antisemitism when he added that, in his opinion, “the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents inside and outside the party, as well as by much of the media.” We concur with those comments.

As active Jewish members in Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency we have always felt safe, welcome, and supported in everything we do in the locality and in the Party. We know much more intimately than his critics exactly how committed Jeremy Corbyn has been, throughout his time as our MP, to challenging and eradicating any form of racism, including antisemitism, from whichever quarter. We also respect and value his consistent and determined support for migrant and refugee communities.

Jeremy Corbyn is proud to represent a multicultural constituency. We have welcomed his efforts to build strong relationships with both religious and secular Jews, as he has with other minorities in our borough. And as Jews concerned about antisemitism across the world we recognise the significance of his efforts to warn of the resurgence of antisemitism alongside islamophobia and anti-Roma racism in central and Eastern Europe today.

We have been very pleased to be able to campaign alongside him in his work against racism, and also in his work for social justice and human rights at a local and global level, including justice for the Palestinian people. We share with him a belief that there is no contradiction between standing up against antisemitism and standing for justice in Israel/Palestine.

Despite the restrictions placed on our MP by having the Labour Whip removed we know that he has continued to work diligently to represent all his constituents and deal with the problems they face under a Conservative government that is responsible for magnifying the inequalities in our society.

We look forward to Jeremy Corbyn once again being able to play a full role within our Party locally and nationally. For that to happen we need him to have the Labour Whip restored without any further delay.

David Rosenberg, Julia Bard, Lynne Segal, Rob Abrams, Ruth Cohen, Katie Costello, Elana Dallas, Michael Ellman, Tony Graham, Louisa Kaplan, Jenny Kassman, Julian Lousada, Mica Nava, Jenny Richardson, Sonia Routledge, Susan Rowlands, Richard Saffron, Anabelle Sreberny, Ruth Steigman, Alexandra Stein, Annette Thomas, Peter Thomas, Gill Yudkin, John Yudkin, Pam Zinkin

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  • John Spencer says:

    I fear the whip will not be restored, so that when the next election is called Corbyn will be unable to stand on a Labour ticket. This is outrageous. Should he stand independently, Corbyn might well retain his seat, but his many supporters in the Labour Party would automatically forfeit their membership should they join his campaign.

  • Martin Read says:

    John, having just listened to Starmer’s address to ‘Labour Friends of Israel,’ I am of the sad opinion that Labour cannot any longer claim to represent all races, across the UK. I know of several colleagues who say that they cannot now, with a clear conscience, still vote for such a Labour Party. ‘Greens’ seem to be the current favoured alternative. If I were a resident of Islington North I’d definitely switch to an ‘Independent Corbyn.’

  • John Bowley says:

    Jeremy has been wickedly lied about by top hypocrites who know the truth.

  • Mary Davies says:

    Is it a membership worth Having? Solidarity to Jeremy.

  • There is of course no way that the whip will be restored by Keir Starmer, who never misses an occasion to present his racist and Zionist opinions. The latest being a defence of Tzipi Hotoveli, the far-right Israeli Ambassador.

    The campaign to retain the seat for Corbyn should begin now and it should be part of a wider campaign. It is clear that Starmer intends to purge the Labour Party of its left and the question is how we organise outside of it today.

  • Stephen Flaherty says:

    I fear Tony Greenstein is right. Starmer would lose face if he were to restore the whip and he’d rather provoke – or continue, really – a war with the left of the party than do that. He’s raised his flag, shown his colours. It’d be unrealistic to expect him to back down now, unless forced to, and I can’t see anything that could force him to.

    JC might well retain his seat as an “Independent Labour” candidate or something, but I’m guessing Starmer is thinking, probably correctly, that this’ll be a one off, easily contained. JC gets thrown out, another purge of the left is made against anyone who voiced even mild support of him and Starmer will consider the problem isolated and dealt with. After all, JC’s approaching the age of retirement anyway, so it won’t last that long. And after he’s gone, the seat will revert to Labour. Likely with a much lower majority, but Starmer will be OK with that.

    Of course (to return to a well-worn theme of mine), were we to have an electoral system fit for purpose, instead of FPTP, we’d have seen a split a long time past and an “Independent Labour” (or suchlike) party would be flourishing, with most of the members expelled/resigned from Labour over the past year joining it and many more besides. That’s what happens under PR. Fat chance under FPTP.

    FPTP enables Starmer. PR now!

  • MAX COOK says:

    SOLIDARITY FOREVER with Jeremy Corbyn and PJP and Palestinians EVERYWHERE

  • Eddie Dougall says:

    What can be the reason for the continued refusal to publish the findings of the Forde report, other than that those findings are not to the ‘new management’s’ liking? It is outrageous that there is not a huge clamour to have the allegations made in the ‘leaked report’ confirmed or not. I think we all know that the evidence of a 5th column at the heart of the party’s administration is overwhelming, during Corbyn’s leadership. There is something rotten at the heart of Labour.

  • John W says:

    ‘Of course (to return to a well-worn theme of mine), were we to have an electoral system fit for purpose, instead of FPTP, we’d have seen a split a long time past and an “Independent Labour” (or suchlike) party would be flourishing, with most of the members expelled/resigned from Labour over the past year joining it and many more besides. That’s what happens under PR. Fat chance under FPTP.’
    Absolutely. This is what the conflict is all about. Starmer ‘capturing’ the LP as the ‘official’ (ie non threatening) opposition with the support of ‘liberal’ sections of the establishment in order to block fundamental change. The key bastions he must support are capitalism and UK Foreign Policy.

  • Stephen Richards says:

    If Jeremy should stand as an ‘independent’ Labour candidate (as did Chris Williamson), anyone who then voiced support or voted for him could be automatically expelled from Starmer’s Blairite Party. Anti-Semitism is being weaponised by MSM as a stick to beat & eliminate Socialism in Britain, a long time goal of British Capitalist Owners of MSM. No platform for Socialism allowed as new Murdoch owned TV channels become established, Channel 4 to be sold off & the new Chairman of BBC (Richard Sharpe) donates £430K to the Tory Party to ensure his appointment.

  • Joseph Hannigan says:

    I wish you all well….your action’s success or otherwise is important to me if I am to continue as a Party member

  • Tony says:

    If Corbyn had made that statement at the outset and regularly repeated it when questioned on the issue of anti-semitism, then I think the damage would have been rather less than it was.

  • All of us who are aware of and appalled by Starmers anti- labour and pro-capitalist aims should bombard him with letters or Emails detailing his crimes and demanding restoration of the Forde inquiry. His refusal to publish or even refer to this “inquiry” is a blatant attempt to suppress this permanently.

  • Teresa Grover says:

    I stand by Mr.Corbyn, whatever he said or says will NEVER satisfy the extreme Right or the Zionist supporters.
    Someone will always pick holes in his statements however true & repeating those statements over & over will make no difference.
    Starmer has created more antisemitism himself by supporting A Zionist Israeli state that even abuses its non Zionist Jews.
    This is not really about a religion its all about political power, a bullying political power that ignores JEWISH people in favour of Zionists. Mr.Corbyn has never differentiated people each person is an individual whom he listens to & tries to help.
    This is a Statesman & he is feared for that alone, but his fights for justice & decency goes years back, HE hasn’t changed, but the resurgance of greed hate & disharmony has, its returned with a vengeance & the help of those devious RIGHT wing politicians daring to call themselves LABOUR!

  • Margaret West says:

    A pedant writes ..

    Since Jeremy remains a member of the Labour Party he will surely be allowed to stand? To stop him they will have to specifically
    disallow him as a candidate and chose a list for his Constituency to decide from.

    However – what do I know? The Labour Party rules and procedures increasingly resemble the game of “Mornington Crescent” from “I’m Sorry Haven’t a Clue” on Radio 4.

    Those who have come up with this reign of terror against
    hard working and decent men and women have obviously not
    realised that the Devil has no sense of humour.

  • Ron Kempshall says:

    Restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn now , Kier Starmer is killing the Labour Party, instead of Uniting members he has divided them . Restore the whip and you will unite the membership!

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