Putting Workers First – Don’t Leave Organise Zoom Meeting on Thurs 21st May at 8.15pm

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Featuring Bakers’ Union President Ian Hodson and key frontline workers engaged in current struggles, especially against the backdrop of C-19

About this Event

Our next Don’t Leave, Organise public meeting will focus on new ways of organising in workplaces and a safe return to work as the pandemic still rages. We will hear responses to the government’s guidance that poses more questions than it answers for working people.

One thing we do know is that unionised workplaces are safer workplaces because they enable employees to speak with one voice to their employer as evidenced by the NEU demands as well as ongoing #McStrike action. We will hear from a CWU activist about both the ongoing dispute with Royal Mail plus the depot walkouts across the country to ensure the safety of postal workers in their workplaces. Plus Sarah Jane McDonagh of TSSA following the shocking death of a ticket office worker after being spat at and contracting C-19.

There will be the opportunity for questions and debate – as well as information on how you can support these campaigns.

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