Videos from JVL’s rally in Parliament Square

On 26 March the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council displayed their selective outrage in Parliament Square launching, with the support of Tories and too many Labour MPs, an attack on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

They have never displayed such concern about antisemitism in any other party or about the far greater problem that the Labour Party and all other parties have with Islamophobia and anti-black racism.

JVL called for a presence of Jews and others concerned with both antisemitism and misuse of accusations of antisemitism to attack the labour Party and undermine support for Palestinian Rights. JVL’s call, at less than six hours notice, attracted several hundred supporters to attack antisemitism and hypocrisy and support Palestinian rights.

These are some videos Haim Bresheeth made at the event

Annabelle Sreberny

Mike Cushman

Leah Levane

Glyn Secker

Rob Ferguson

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  • Labour Party Member says:

    What a load of rubbish. You were putting out alerts at least 24 hours before and managed to get 60 people at the most. Why invade this demonstration with you palestinian flags and speeches about their rights. This was to do with anti-semitism in the UK but you always conflate this with the Palestine/Israel issue.

    • Mike Cushman says:

      Well that’s weird. We hadn’t reached a decision on whether to go or not when I went to bed on Sunday night. When I got up on Monday colleagues were still debating. As the consensus was clearly moving towards turning up I pre-empted the discussion by placing a call for attendance on Facebook at 10.00 (yes it was 7 hours and not 6, sorry).

      We’ve dealt with numbers and we had every right to be there to demonstrate that the BoD may speak for many Jews but they do not speak for all of us.

      It is disingenuous to deny the link between the allegations of antisemitism and Palestine/Israel when of the 11 examples attached to the IHRA definition of antisemitism favoured by the BoD, 7 refer to Israel.

  • Jonathan Glass says:

    Ive watched a lot of tv coverage, read many articles, seen people’s photos of the demo and counter demo.

    When you say “several hundred” do you mean “around 30”.

    • Mike Cushman says:

      Well I was there, moving among our supporters, so I know there were hundreds

  • Gillian Kalter says:

    Thank you so much for this.
    Very inspiring!

  • Saw some of these pictures and excerpts on Facebook the morning after the demonstration while listening (as a penance) to R4 Today. An Orwellian experience. JVL clearly present and in some numbers, but BBC R4 line was “many 100s gather to support hastily called Jewish Board of Deputies demonstration against tide of anti-semitism in Corbyn’s Labour”. No mention of any other voices. Spot the fake news?

  • Peter Fletcher says:

    Thank you for bringing some balance to this argument. You have every right to represent your views and in truth, you are probably closer to the labour party than most of the people protesting against labour. Thank you for your honest involvement.

  • David Steinberg says:

    Mr Cushman,

    But this WASN’T a demonstration about the BOD, it was nothing to do with Israel – it was PURELY to protest against anti-semitism. You going and trying to hijack it with your 30 people is to distract from the essential message of anti-semitism so do you not care about anti-semitism, believe it doesn’t exist or you just saw this as an opportunity to protest an unrelated issue and self-publicise ?

    I don’t support the BOD or know too much about them or any other organisers but I was there because I care about anti-semitism. that was the ONLY agenda being pushed.

    You are conflating Israel and Anti-semitism – to cite the IHRW def. as justification is perverse. Many anti-zionists don’t know the difference between a Jew and a supporter of the Israeli government, so well done for helping propagate the confusion. Are you confused too? Why not put your energy into speaking up for Palestinians against their real enemy – Hamas, who keep them at war. Do you know what happens if Hamas come knocking and you refuse to help? These are your friends?

    • Mike Cushman says:

      Mark Regev, Israel’s ambassador to Britain and Israel’s master propagandist begs to disagree with you. His letter to the Guardian on 5 April says iit’s all about Israel. If it was about antisemitism it would have been calling out antisemites in all political parties not just the Labour Party. All research including that by mainstream Jewish organisations, point to a declining problem of antisemitism among Labour supporters and a far greater and growing problem on the right.

      JVL speakers are clear in describing the distinction between Jew, Israeli and Zionist – distinctions that the Israeli governance and its defenders endeavour to obscure. JVL was in the Square to protest against the selective outrage of the BoD and the JLC so there can be an effective campaign against antisemitism and not a campaign against the first leader of a major British political party to have a record of promoting Palestinian rights. Only asserting the rights of Palestinians and non-Jewish Israelis as well as Jewish Israelis can a lasting just and peaceful solution be reached.

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