The Panorama Papers #1

A short JVL video that tells you what the BBC Panorama Programme “Is the Labour Party Antisemitic?” did not.
Coming soon : another video about BBC bias.

n.b. there is no sound track on this video

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  • Mike says:

    Is this meant to be silent? i couldn’t get any sound to play.

  • Fiona Sanders says:

    Couldn’t get this to play at all

  • different frank says:

    JVL, I’ve been told by hasbara trolls in the Independent that you are not Jewish, or that you have lost the right to be Jewish. I have been asked for proof that you are Jewish.
    When anyone posts a link to your site, this is the best that they can do.
    Keep up the good work JVL.
    Much love and respect too all.

  • Simon Dewsbury says:

    Point of information:-
    Izzy Lenger is one of the JLM ‘witnesses’ on the programme. She starts by intoducing herself, and then goes on to say that she joined the Labour Party in 2015 “and the anti-semitic abuse I received was what I was subjected to every day”, and then she goes on to say: “Telling me that Hitler was right, and Hitler did not go far enough”,
    I saw this mentioned on another website and thought I’d look up Izzy Lenger in case I could see which CLP she might be in and where she might possibly have received such abuse. Two minutes later a search took me to this.
    It’s from the Birmingham Mail, 2015. it starts
    “A Jewish University of Birmingham student faced vile abuse after highlighting an Adolf Hitler poster she said was “plastered” over the campus. Police are investigating comments aimed at Izzy Lenga after she tweeted an image of the poster, which showed Hitler and the phrase: “Hitler was right”.”
    So, either she happened to witness exactly the same words used twice, or the “Hitler was right” experience she suffered is not connected to the Labour Party at all…..and if i can find something which casts doubt on the veracity of her account so easily, why didn’t the Panorama researchers do likewise?

  • John Leonard says:

    I have great faith in jvl and trust them. Thanks.

  • Colin Lomas says:

    The JVL video confirm fully the bias in the BBC Panorama about anti-Semitism in the Labour party. I complained to the BBC and received a very complacent reply that John Ware is a very experienced programme maker who understand fully the obligations on the BBC to demonstrate objectivity. Like the programme itself, that reply reveals the cynical pro-Israel, anti-Corbyn attitude of John Ware

  • John Ramsay says:

    Is that everybody that Panorama showed being interviewed?

  • George Hardy says:

    The Panorama programme undermined the BBC’s reputation for impartiality. A further programme putting the opposing view is necessary if damage is not to be done to what is left of the BBC’s reputation.

  • Ann Johns says:

    I thought that the JLM was founded not only to foster good relationships with Israeli governments, AND to help achieve a 2 state system. Plenty of the first, precious little of the second. they also seem to have a third aim, which is to ferment discord between the socialist labour supporters and the staunch pro Israel right wingers to prevent JC from ever becoming PM

  • Chris Owen says:

    Some very accurate comments here. But why has this programme not been referred to OFCOM? The recent fine issued to RT was for far less than the Panorama programme which managed to get just about every misdemeanour in one hour!

  • Alwyn Birch says:

    I am not comfortable with the idea that a person’s race, religion, ethnicity, skin colour, nationality or any other accident of their birth gives them the right to claim superiority over anybody else. We are born equal and remain so throughout our lives. Published statements from JVL have never caused me any concern or appeared to clash with my values, rather the opposite and I am grateful to them for their fairmindedness

  • Gary says:

    Typical from the neoliberal bbc unfortunately .. especially with tories now having been put in senior positions / :

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