Palestinian ambassador Husam Zomlot wants ‘clear commitment from UK to fix the mess created here’

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A rare moment: an interview with Palestinian Ambassor Husam Zomlot where he is given the time and space – despite often quite aggressive interruption –  to state the Palestinan case in clear, uncompromising terms.

A must-watch interview.

This article was originally published by Channel 4 News on Thu 20 May 2021. Read the original here.

Palestinian ambassador Husam Zomlot wants ‘clear commitment from UK to fix the mess created here'

On Wednesday, we spoke to the Israeli Ambassador, and now it was the turn of Palestinian Ambassador Husam Zomlot. We asked that given he works for the Palestinian government in the West Bank, does he support what Hamas has been doing in Gaza?

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  • Linda says:


  • Alan Wallace says:

    What a remarkable interview. Very clear case from the Palestinian ambassador. The ‘why don’t you condemn the rockets?’ question will always be asked; it is impossible for Palestinians to engage in the simplistic yes and no reductionism which our news media adopts but smart ways around this ritual stuff have to be found – otherwise opportunities to go on to make the full case will never be reached. I read that the mood is changing against the impunity of Israel – very slowly. I hope it IS changing and that it speeds up.

  • Naomi Wayne says:

    It’s not just the aggression of the interruptions, it is the entire framing of the issues this is so objectionable. Given all this, I am enormously impressed by Zomlot’s fluency and (relative) calm – a massive change from some of the previous Palestinian spokespersons’ ponderousness, poor English and inability to deal with an inevitably hostile interviewer.

  • Rodney Watts says:

    A superb presentation by Husam Zomlot of the realities on the ground in Israel/Palestine and the concrete measures that the UK and the US need to take to “fix the mess created here”. A pity that the corrupt & useless Mahmoud Abbas is still in place–Husam Zomlot for President & Chairman!! BTW agressive interviewer needs to learn a better craft.

  • Norma Frye says:

    I watched this interview and was very impressed with Zomlot. Clear, concise, visionary and has grace. Why is he not the President and leader of the PA?

  • Tim Barlow says:

    I saw this “live” and it blew my mind. The most positive 10 mins of exposure for the Palestinian cause I’ve ever seen on British TV. Even yappy little Krishnan G-M couldn’t spoil it! 😀

  • Mary Davies says:

    Husam Zomlot was BRILLIANT.

  • Rachel Barlow says:

    Brilliant! So much more positive and imaginative than his counterpart, the Israeli ambassador, the night before.

  • Marjorie Kelly says:

    Ambassador Zomlot is magnificent. His interview was excellent in spite of the journalist trying to push the Israeli narrative. Brilliant.

  • Janet Crosley says:

    What a harrowing interview.
    Still the Hamas are ‘terrorists’.
    But, at last Husam Zonlot has been able to speak !
    I hope his words are acknowledged, and properly listened to.

  • John Bowley says:

    The Palestinian ambassador made a very fine speech with many sound points. The interspersing yapping-on about desperate actions by distressed suppressed people were tedious, not very meaningful and distracting, as no doubt meant to be on the instructions of the UK establishment dictating the media agenda. I have to say that Krishnan is far better than most, more professional, more courteous and that I have observed far worse on BBC, where an arrogant ignorant presenter often rudely talks over interviewees.

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