“Our Party must win over the trust of black people”

In this video recording of her inspiring speech to JVL’s 2020 AGM, Bisi Williams (Vice-Chair, Islington North CLP) discusses the Labour Party’s chequered history with regard to anti-racism.

Anti-racism can no longer be seen as a diversion from other struggles and the structural racism in British society, so cruelly exposed by the pandemic, cannot be denied.

The votes of black people and other ethnic minorities should not be taken for granted. Bisi affirms how we in the Party and the trade unions must be seen to be fighting for the rights of black people, overturning the legacy of racism and imperialism both in the UK and internationally.

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  • Glyn Secker says:

    Magnificent. Thank you Bisi.

  • Tasha Barlow says:

    This is very welcome, its so important.

  • Matthew says:

    As a former cabinet minister of the Labour-Alliance coalition government I found this presentation of Bisi Williams to be rivetting.What a magnificent outline of the history of British imperialism and UK Labour’s ( ongoing) complicity in it and its brutal policies at home and in the world and how until Jeremy Corbyn no Labour Leader integrated the general working class struggle with that of oppressed peoples. I will distribute this video throughout the NZ Labour Party ( thanks for no copyright!) which also does not fully take up the oppression of Maori and the colonial policies in the Pacific and for which adoration of the leader replaces a thoroughgoing programme of reform and polices to end all oppression. Thank you Bisi!

  • Anti-fascist says:

    Sorry, simply not possible for a Starmerised party to do this.

    Starmer’s audience is Bliar’s. Starmer’s following is Bliar’s. Starmer’s policies are, in essence, Bliar’s.

    The right-wing is now rampant and the left, having been defeated with unexpected ease, is corralled and trapped.

  • JanP says:

    Completely agree, but don’t forget Gypsies and Travellers. They are amongst some of the most discriminated against families in the country, racism against them is publically acceptable – as seen in some local Labour Party leaflets. Complaints to the Party are mostly ignored.

  • Wendé Anne Maunder says:

    It is obvious to me that the votes of black people and other ethnic minorities should not be taken for granted. We share the same number of toes and fingers, have the same number of arms and legs, the same brain capacity, the same beating heart, the same kidneys and colon; all our vital organs. There’s absolutely nothing that we don’t share with our black brethren, save the colour of our skin.

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