Open letter to Dave Prentice, General Secretary, Unison

Over seven hundred members of Unison, including more than twenty members  of its NEC, have sent this letter to their general secretary.

It calls for a series of actions to be taken in response to the revelations in the leaked Labour Report.

Open letter to Dave Prentis

Dave Prentis
General Secretary

CC Gordon McKay (Chair Labour Link Committee)
CC Josie Bird (National President)

Dear Dave

Re: The work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 2014 – 2019, March 2020

We write as concerned members of UNISON’s National Executive Committee and also from within the broader union in response to the above referenced report and associated revelations. As an affiliate organisation of the Labour Party, UNISON must carefully consider the implications of the report, make appropriate demands of the Labour Party and consider any steps to take within our own organisation.

The report lays bare the factionalised and coordinated undermining of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership (which we supported in two leadership elections), that resulted in the mishandling of complaints to the Party. These complaints relate to anti-Semitism, sexual harassment and other serious matters. If this were not sufficient cause for concern, the language used to describe women, racism complainants and those with mental health conditions belies insidious sexism, racism and disablism on the part of the identified individuals.

The orchestrated anti-democratic campaign to undermine Labour’s chance of achieving victory in the 2017 General Election is unforgiveable. In the context of our current national crisis, the glimpse of an alternative outcome is cold comfort to our members and communities fighting for survival. The devastation of austerity, which our union has done so much to fight, has been allowed to continue and there have been literally deadly consequences for many of our members.

– UNISON must address these very serious issues with full transparency and democratic oversight by lay leadership.

– UNISON must identify if any individuals employed by UNISON, or those which held Labour Party positions by virtue of their membership of UNISON, in the period of the report were aware of these actions.

– UNISON must address the underlying discriminatory attitudes for any named individuals who hold positions in UNISON, to retain the credibility of and confidence in those individuals.

– The sexist, racist and discriminatory attitudes exposed in the report must be condemned by UNISON.

– UNISON’s Labour Link must demand immediate action by the new Labour leadership to take immediate steps to retain the confidence of our members, who look to the Labour Party to deliver the political change they need.

As National Executive Committee members and concerned members from within the broader union, we note the following:

– That UNISON has taken no internal action since the Certification Officer’s report concluded its own staff had interfered inappropriately and outside of UNISON’s rules in the general secretary election of 2015.

– That the level of hyper-factionalism and paranoia found in the report, where everyone who disagrees with you is a ‘trot’, is one which many recognise to be a similar prevailing culture as that within UNISON

– That if UNISON’s own investigation into this report shows conduct by staff (including at another employer) to be so extreme and prejudicial that UNISON can no longer have faith in the integrity of these staff, it must take appropriate steps to protect the union, its reputation and ability to function

– That many members will be extremely concerned to leave the running of UNISON’s internal governance, disciplinary processes and elections to staff who appear to have played such a destructive role elsewhere in our movement. UNISON members will rightly demand that staff are beyond reproach and will serve the whole of UNISON and not one set of individuals within it

– That with a general secretary election due in 2020, there is an urgent need to address this and then thereafter for root and branch cultural change within UNISON.

We look forward to your response by return.

Yours sincerely

(All in a personal capacity)

Dan Sartin, UNISON NEC
Jacqui Berry, UNISON NEC
Jane Doolan, UNISON NEC
Abi Holdsworth, UNISON NEC
Steve North, UNISON NEC
Paul Holmes, Kirklees branch
Karen Reissman, UNISON NEC
Liz Wheatley, UNISON NEC
Claire Dixon, UNISON NEC
Helen Davies, UNISON NEC
Andrea Egan, UNISON NEC
Tony Wilson, UNISON NEC
Tony Wright, UNISON NEC
Paula Carlisle, UNISON NEC
Sandy Nicoll, UNISON NEC
April Ashley, UNISON NEC Black Members
Hugo Pierre, UNISON NEC Black Members
Jim McFarlane, UNISON NEC
Evelyn Doyle, UNISON NEC
Michelle Goodman, UNISON NEC
Luisete Batista, UNISON NEC
John Jones, UNISON NEC
Polly Smith, UNISON NEC
John Burgess, Branch Secretary Barnet
Glen Williams, Chair of National Local Government Service Group Executive
Andrew Berry, UNISON National Labour Link Committee
Carl Greatbatch, UNISON National Labour Link Committee
Andy Beech, Vice chair HESGE
David Hughes, Local Government Service Group Executive
Joy Taylor, Local Government Service Group Executive
Anjona Roy, Service Group Executive Community and Voluntary Sector
Paul Couchman, South East regional Chair of Local Government
Becky Brookman, Local Government Service Group Executive
John McLoughlin, Branch Sec Tower Hamlets and Local Government Service Group Executive
Mark Evans, Local Government Service Group Executive
Sharon Campion, Local Government Service Group Executive
Karen Lee, Member & Current ULR. Former MP for Lincoln & Parliamentary candidate 2017 & 2019
George Binette, Former branch secretary (Camden Local Government)
Ioana Cerasella Chis, Membership Officer, University of Birmingham branch
Tom Kay, Tower Hamlets LG Communications Officer
Rachel Smithson, Branch Secretary Sussex Community Health
Sarah Walsh, Co-chair, East Midlands Young Members Forum
Jim Fagan, Retired member, former Branch Secretary Tower Hamlets Health
Dave Auger, Deputy Branch Sec City of Wolverhampton
Dorothy Macedo, Retired member
Elinor Hewitt, Leeds TH Treasurer and Labour Link Officer
Arthur Nicoll, Scottish LG Committee
Jordan Rivera, Branch chair, Homerton Hospital branch
Annie Hatley, Workplace Steward
Neil McLennan, Steward and branch treasurer
Martin Hopkinson, Workplace Steward
John Ingleson, Chair – Leeds Teaching Hospitals
Julie Tudor, Welfare Officer Bolton
Jonathan Lee, Hastings & Eastbourne Healthcare Branch Secretary and Labour Link Officer
Kath Perry, Branch Chair Telford
Linda Davis, Retired member
Hannah Yates, Bolton retired member
Nick Casey, Vice-Chair, Leeds Teaching Hospitals
Thomas Pearce, Membership & Labour Link Officer University of Bristol
Karen Garratt, Member
Sue Beatty, Branch Secretary Brighton & Hove Unitary
Christine Collins, Deputy convener, Womens and equalities officer
Jane Rooney, Workplace steward
Martin McLoughlin, Retired member
Sharron Nicoll, Knowsley Branch
Anne Beaumont, Member
Oliver Mears, Workplace steward Bury local government
Tim O’Dell, Workplace steward, Lambeth Libraries
Jack Hanlon, Member
Maria Porter, Workplace steward
James Simpson, Member
Jamie Godber, Branch Secretary
Florence Hill, Retired member, Ex Branch Chair Bolton LG
Jim Board, Branch Secretary – Doncaster UNISON
Lorna Crawford, Member
Andy Flowers, Workplace steward
Nicholas Davies, Member
David Kersey, Communications Officer, Coventry City Branch
Drew Livingstone, Police Staff Sector Committee (Scotland) Chair
Stephen Bray, Lifelong Learning Coordinator, Stockport MBC
Vicki Blackburn, Workplace steward
Laney Walsh, Branch Secretary Redditch and Bromsgrove
Ellen Mellor, LGBT+ Officer, Gateshead Health Branch
Ken Attwooll, Chair SW LGSGE
Caitlin Behan, Young Member Rep Northamptonshire Hospitals
Mark McNally, Seconded branch officer
Nicola Flowers, Workplace Contact
David Joynson, Member
Sam O’Brien, Steward Rochdale Local Government Branch
Frank K Winston, Vice Chair
Gertrude Perkins, NHS employee
Neil Stewart, Labour Link Officer
Ian Holton, Member
Gemma Davies, Branch Secretary Herefordshire Health
David O’connor, Retired member
Ruby Cox, Secretary, East Sussex Retired Members group
Jaqui Barnes-Monaghan, Labour Link, Swindon LG
Veronica Prebble, Branch Co-ordinator Hastings & Eastbourne Healthcare Branch
Alex Heslop, Labour Link Officer – Southwark Unison
Dawn Scull, BAOT Rep
Adrian Kennett, Hull City branch secretary
Anne Wise, Member
Ruta Sidaras, Member
Andy Howard, Welfare Officer, Greater Manchester Transport Branch
Patrick Hunter, Barnet LG Housing Convenor
Anthony Peacham, Branch Treasurer – Barts & the London Branch
Karen Lovatt, Member
Robbie Gray, Member
Peter Mcgarry
Anna Thompson, Hull and ER Health, Rep and Labour Link
Ben Jones, Workplace Steward, Dorset Branch
Tim Turner, Branch Welfare Officer
Cath Davis, Labour Link officer North Tyneside
Rachel Waters, Branch Sec Hull and East Riding Health Branch
Bernadette Hanley, Retired member
Dawn Rods, Member
Shanlee Higgins, Member
Maggie McGuire, Treasurer, Dundee City Branch
Helen Towers, Member
Chris Flanagan, Member
Peter Bowler, Member
Adenike Johnson, Member
Mark Adcock, HESGE Member for Yorks & Humber. University of Leeds Branch
Luke Henderson, West Lothian Unison
Sharon Matsell, Member
Daniel Nichols, Member
Garry Ross, Workplace Steward and H&S Rep Lincolnshire
Alan Wylie, Member
Gavin Cartwright, Chair National FE and Sixth Form Committee
Brian Smith, Branch Secretary, Glasgow
Angie Hudson, Retired member
Lesley Headland, Retired member
Sinead Daly, Member
Louise Edmond, Member
Traci Alderson, Senior Unison Rep Hull City Branch
Chris Sermanni, Social Work Convener, Glasgow City Branch
Sean Breslin, Shop Steward, Camden Unison.
Alasdair McDougall, Commication Officer, Scottish Water Branch
Dave Harding, Treasurer & Senior Steward. Hull City Branch
Ellie Drake, Workplace steward
Mobina Begum, Branch Secretary Leeds Beckett Uni Branch
Wolfgang Bailey, Unison Steward LTHT branch
Kerry Clarke, Wolverhampton City Unison
Emily Rainey, Branch Officer
Beverley Molineaux, Member
Eileen MacLennan, Womens Officer
Arjun Mahadevan, Comms Officer, GLA Unison
Sarah Littlewood, Deputy Branch Sec Hull LG
Paul Anderson-Glew, Member
Diane Pearson, Retired Member
Liam Anderson, Member
Debbie Thompson, Branch Secretary
Rachael Mather, Womens Officer, Doncaster Health Branch
Norma Hensby, Retired Member
Darin mccrystal, Member
Brian Skoglund, Member
Steve Tunstall, Branch Secretary Four Seasons Huntercombe
Sam Dobson, Member
Brenda Forster, Retired member
Liz Thompson, Unison Steward
Mark Turner, Branch Treasurer of Unison Four Seasons Huntercombe West Midlands
Callum Williamson, Branch Secretary, Hampshire Local Government
Jack Yates, Member
Audrey McCabe, Steward
Ian Mckendrick, Communications officer, Oxfordshire Health branch
Dan Evans, Workplace steward, Cardiff
Kristofer Offlands, Member
Andrew Gunton, Member
Bill Robson, Retired Member
Dorothy Wood, Member
Murdo Maclean, Member
Lee Bryan, Assistant branch chair university of leeds branch
Paul Rafferty, Chair AQA Branch
Kevin Corran, Steward (Salford)
Mark Hughes, Member
Bernard Murphy, Workplace Steward, Education Coordinator, International Officer, UNISON Pennine Acute Health
Dr John Boran, Member, East London
Sarah Parry, Member
Luke Evans, Steward
Mark McErlane, Member
Samantha Hackett, Member
Janie Minter, Member
Pete Davies, Chair, Cardiff County Unison
John McDermott, Steward
Tom Sowa, Member
Joy Parker, Member
Ian Harvey, Branch Chair, West Sussex LG
Robin Castley, Member
Philip Webber, Retired member (Kirklees)
Tony Russell, Retired member
Carol Gallagher, Steward & Welfare Officer
Gillian Robinson, Member
Mark Riley, Communications Officer, City University
Rachel Brown, Member
Alasdair McDougall, Communication Officer, Scottish Water Branch
Daniel Westwick, Member
Anne McMahon, Member
Magda Sachs, Chair, Salford City Branch
Pam Jakeman, Member
Colin Hughes, Deputy Treasurer, Glasgow City Branch
George Gray, Member
Nick Bray, Member
Martin Clark, UNISON Scotland, Further Education Branch, Health & Safety Officer
Huw Williams, Swindon local govt
Dominic Bennett, Stockport Local Government branch member
Hazel Croft, Workplace Steward, University College London
Paul Hanes, Member
Katie Moore, Women’s Officer, University of Leeds Branch
Sian Howen, Member
Daniel Palmer, Member
Vicky Baked, Member
Andrew Thomas, Steward
Thomas Crosher, Member
George Insull, Member
Matt Kilsby, Member
Leonard K Weiss, Retired Member
Lyn Matthews, Labour Link Officer Liverpool Community & Hospitals Branch
Richard Bradley, Apprenticeship Officer
Ged Talty, Notts County UNISON
Daniel Neofetou, Member
Christine Marnell, Workplace Rep and Communications Officer Liverpool Community & Hospitals Health Branch
Louise Leitch, International Officer
Lucinda Walker, Workplace Steward, University of Leeds
Julia Conner, Member
Sabrina Jones, Young Members Officer, Staffordshire University Branch
Kieran Grogan, Steward
Ian Clark, Member
Dan Wilde, Member
Ann Marie Kerrigan, Retired Member
Jane Backland, Steward
Tim Joubert, Member
Paul Cartwright, Welfare lead
Pete Watson, Retired member
Karen Revill, Senior Steward
Mike Scott, Former Branch Chair and Branch Organiser, Notts County UNISON
Heather Montgomery, Member
Tim Ellis, Retired Member
Ailsa Naumann, Oxford University branch member
Louise Cardus, Member
Verity Allely, Member
Nicky Brennan, Member
James Conlon, Steward
Simon Oldham, Member
Marcia Calvino, Member
John Kelly, Retired member
Stephen Moran, Treasurer, Pennine Acute Health Branch
Angela Blackburn, Branch Secretary, University of Leeds
Robert Mitchell, Member
Tom Barker, Workplace steward
Syed Maruf Ali, Member
Mark Greig, Member
Michael Mooney, Member
Ray Church, Retired Member
Gary Britton, Member
Phoebe Watkins, Branch chair, Camden UNISON
Michelle Lincoln, Steward, Portsmouth City Branch
Sharon Prendergast, Member
Alan Manley, Member
Nichola Brannan, Member
Cecilia Bennett, Member
James Ashcroft, Member
James Thompson, Chair, Tandridge District Unison
Keith Paterson, Retired Member
Jon Hill, Member
Aaron Daniels, Black Members Officer
Jennifer Ohlsson, Member
Heather Roberts, Member
Julie Thomas, Retired member
Kelly Gorrie, Member
Cal Corkery, Steward
Caroline Hunt, Branch Secretary Labour Link Officer UNISON East Riding of Yorkshire
Maureen Rowley, Retired member
Vivienne Nelson, Branch Chair
Julie Thomas, Retired member
Trevor Goyette, Member
Yousaf Hassan, Labour Link Officer, Waltham Forest LG Branch
Jayne Clarke, Assistant Branch Secretary
John Walker, Equality Officer, LGBT+ Officer, Herefordshire Heath Branch
Vince Williams, Lincolnshire County, workplace rep
Eddie Heslop, Retired member
Clare Copeland, Member
Kevin Chatterton, Steward North West Ambulance service Branch
Derek J Baldwin, Branch Secretary, University of Kent
Jess McGuire, Young Members Officer
Matt Dudley, Member
Aiden Gallogly, Member
Kathleen Stonehouse, Member
Mike Howard, Retired member
Nick Rose, Retired member
Jeffrey H Wilson, Member
Jacqueline Rose, Member
Eva Elliott, Member
Kathy Bole, Retired member
Fran Springfield, Member
Gareth Hardwick, Member
Lynne Harper, Member
Roger Hutt, Member
Fred Leplat, Retired member
Valerie Beach, Retired member
Steve Maddison, Member
Pauline Bailey, Leeds branch Treasurer
Lee Porter, Member
Martin Braund, Member
Mark Bem, Member
Martin Sleath, Retired member
June Roy, Retired member
Tina James, Member
Tony McDonough
Michael Hales, Hospital Porter
Helen Coyle, Member
Jan Marsden, Retired member
Claire Miller, Steward
John Malcolm, Branch Secretary, Member of Health SGE
Deborah Power, Member
David Spence, Member
Sue Talbot, Member, Wakefield LG
C.Nightingale, Member
Alicia Piri, Workplace Steward
Mary McCusker, Branch Secretary, UWS Unison Branch.
Alicia Piri, Steward
Nigel Warren, Member University Hospitals Leicester (NHS) Trust
Wendy Sharples, Member
Gavin Brotherston, Labour Link Officer, Trafford
Rose Brown, Workplace steward
Diane Cooper, Steward and branch officer
Ged Dempsey, Member
Ross Campbell, Liverpool Branch Member
Deborah Dempsey, Member
Liz James, Barnet Unison steward
Alan Power, Member
Terence Allen, Steward
Joanna Berry, Member
Denise Ireland, Member
Matthew Shephard, Communications Officer, Swansea Council UNISON
Sam Strudwick, Retired member
Kaymarie Hughes, Branch Secretary Scottish Borders public service branch
David Ryan, Member
Lisa Dempster, Branch international relations officer, Knowsley Branch
Alana Heaney
William Jarrett, North Tyneside Local Government
Suzanne Gannon, Retired
Gill Kenealy, Member
Amy-Grace Whillans-Welldrake, Member
Brian Walter, Branch Secretary Arun District Unison
Debbie Brough, Member
Steve Brown, Member N/land CC Branch
Ludovica Price, Member
Debbie Brough, Member
Andy Wagner, Member
Allan Harvey, Steward
Nikki Osborne, Convenor, Labour Link Officer, Hull City Branch
Derick Johnson, Member
Mary Boland, Member
Andy Hewett, Member
Samantha Smith, Member
Rob Hardy, Branch Secretary, York St John University
David Bridge, Retired member
Gill Thomas, Member
Michael Stores, Member
Debbie Wood, Member
Carleen Irish, Member
Karen Narramore, Branch Secretary, East Lancs Health
Joanne Tapper, Member
Linda Webb-Thornton, Retired Member
Jon Burgoyne, Member
Sheila Guhadasan, Member
Ollie Turnbull, Member
Calum Roche, Member
Stuart Inman, Steward
Gill Knowles, Member
Heather Gwyn, Member
Gavyn Graham, Adult Care Convenor Lincolshire Unison
Susan Spencer, Member
Kevin Frank, Leicestershire Health Senior Steward
Bob Bushell, Retired member
Jacqui Brown, Retired member
Liz Bushell, Retired member
Harriet Chaplin, Member
Frances Marsh, Member
Stuart Inman, Branch Steward and ex-Branch Chair
John Morland, Member
Ismail Samater, Member
Stephen Perkins, Retired member
Mark Randall, NSFT Branch LabourLink Officer, Member of Eastern LabourLink regional committee, Steward
Richard Heaven, Workplace Rep
Clare Rowley, Member
Mike Hogan, Member City of Liverpool Branch
Margaret Townley, Retired member
Bob Cox, Member
Steven Matthew, Member
Kelvyn Jarvis, Retired Member
Neil Millington, Member
Jane E S Taylor, Member
Alison Benbough, Member
Susan Grant, Branch Member
Emma Blankley, Women’s officer, workplace rep and health and safety rep
Joanne Tapper, Member
Simon Curston, Member
Francesca Lambert, Branch representative
Rachael Sloan, Member
Gary Gwillim, Member
Tony Archer, Retired member
Joseph Sorrell, Member
Helen Annand (Styles), Retired Member
Asa Benstead, Steward Cambs County Branch
Nathaniel Mason, Member
Alex Twigley, Member
Rob Turner, Branch Secretary Cambridgeshire County Branch
Syed Siddiqi, Chair of BHRUT Unison Branch 2019
Rosie Dzanjalimodzi, Member
Victoria Harrison, Member
Thomas Greenan, Member
Lauren Mitchell, Member
Tina Humphries, Branch Treasurer Community and voluntary Organisations London Branch
Suzanne MacCallum, Member
Debbie Patton, Member
Rachel Childs, Member
Paul Greening, Member
Jean Thorpe, Branch chair Nottingham City Unison
Gordon Waring
Leah Hancock, Member
Shirley Dent, Member
Sue Taylor, Member
Angela Watson, Member
Gerard Greenwood, Member
Kathy Murphy, Member
Dave T Kenrick, Member
Terry Short, Member
Claire Copple, Member
Susan Lord, Member
Denise Carr, Branch secretary Leeds Teaching Hospitals
Chris Gray, Workplace Rep
Jim Jessop, Member
Michael Foody, Member
Steve Kinneavy Member
Catherine Gilsenan, Member
Robert Seggie, Member
Shaun Smith, Workplace Steward
Lynn Wyeth, Member
Sarah Grant, Steward, Rotherham MBC Branch
Mayann Watson, Member
Mick Bowman, Steward, North Tyneside Local Govt. Branch
Alec Price, Member
Rhian Jones, Member
Sue Dockett, Retired Members Officer Fenland LG Branch
Holly Sutherland, Workplace Steward – Newcastle City
Declan Owens, Member
Frances Treanor, Member
Bernie Kenneally, Member
Michael Coughlan, Member
John Wignall, Retired Member
Mandy Graham, Member
Louise McDaid, Member
Bruce Milne, Steward
Janine Broderick, Member
Sarah Grimstone, Member
Paul Renny, Haringey Unison Schools Convenor
Peter Hurley, Member
Vic Dale, Member
Ruth Nyman, Retired Member
Nathalie Birkett, Vice Chair National Womens Committee
Ian Fitch, Member
Jacqueline Rust, Member
Janet Worth, Retired member
Tracey Holder, Member
Terry McPartlan, Communications Officer Northumberland Local Government
Del Pickup, Member
Robert Howarth, Member
Carl Reid, Member
Andy Richards, Chair, Brighton and Hove Unitary Branch
Gavin Perry, Member
David De Smet, Retired member
Beverley Molineaux, Member
John Dolan, Branch Chair, Haringey LG
Peter Judd, Vice Chair, Northumberland County
Tony Lockhart, Branch secretary St. Helens and knowsley Health branch
Brian Balcombe, Member
Hugh Caffrey, Member
Andrew O Brien, Member (Lambeth Unison)
Nathan Miller, Member
James Chick, Branch Disabled Members Officer
Stephen Brackenridge, Member
Teresa King, Member
Peter Judd, Vice Chair Northumberland County
Luke Pearson
James Moffett, Member
Stephen Brackenridge, Member
Steve Brown, Member N/land County branch
Anna Hubbard, Member
Kirsty Clarke, Member
Sadat Januzi, Member
Julie Forgan, Environmental Officer York City Branch
Debbie Boyd, Member
Patrick Tye, Retired member
Libby Lea, Welfare Officer
Julie Simmons, Retired member
Dave Kennington, Co-chair and Labour link officer, Cambridge University Hospitals branch
Julia Reissmann, Member
Tony Pierre, Retired member
Gary Whiting, Branch Chair – Lambeth LG
Peter Allison, Member
Sandra Ryan, Health & Safety Steward (Salford)
Tony Phillips, Branch Secretary, London Fire Brigade branch
Sylvie Adler, Member
Nimisha Trivedi, International Officer
Enya Sullivan, Member
Lee Morgan, Branch Secretary Lancashire Care branch
Giles Blower, Member
Nick Ruff, Member
Tina Cox, Retired member
Martin Chapman, Joint Environment Officer Swansea Unison
Hannah Fyson, Member
Jane Evanson-Horan, Branch Officer
Mark Dennison, Workplace steward
Phil Capon, Member Newcastle Branch
John Russell, Member
Neil Ploughman, Chair Derbyshire UNISON
Stephen Bottrill, Member
Karen Buckley, Steward and membership officer Greater Manchester Mental Health Branch
James Lundie, Member
Carla Moore, Workplace Steward
Stacey Davies, Steward & disabled members officer – Cambridge City and South Local Gov
Paul Hunt, Coventry City UNISON assistant branch secretary
Caroline Bedale, Retired member
Clair Lewis-Hopkins, Member
Lyn Padley, Retired Member
Clare Cartwright, Member
Elizabeth Johnsen
Mary Ward, Member
Sam Hemraj, Member, ULL
Richard Baker, Member
Alex Lines, Branch Chair Whittington Health
Anna Day, Member
Michael Pogson, Workplace Steward Kirklees LG
Garry Akrigg, Workplace rep
Jackson Caines, Member
Tamsin Chapman, Member
Les Adams, Retired Member
Helen Williamson, Member
Jess Yuill, Member
Scott Sabourin, Member
Helen Williamson, Member
Matthew Stiles, Member
Ian McHugh, Member
Paul Bangert, Member
Michael Kirman-Marcham, Member
Matthew Jordan, Steward
Kathleen Archibald, Member
Linda Watson, Retired member
Aleksandra Jurkovic, Member
L.A Anderson, Student member
Luqman Khan, Retired Unison and Labour Link member
Judith Whittaker, Member
Ittai Welby, Member
Una Sharkey, Member
Pedro Perez, Retired member
Chris Burrow, Education Convenor Coventry City Branch
Mark Sage, Portsmouth City Branch International Officer
Sarah Fox, Workplace Steward, Hackney branch
Malcolm Davis, Retired member
Stewart Smith, Member
Peter Condliff, Member
Oliver Kianchehr, Labour Link Officer, Tower Hamlets LG Branch
Vicky Jackson, Member
Val Hodgkinson, Member
Robert Stearn, Member
Andy Dumbiotis, Member
Lauren Starkey, Member
David Whittaker, Member
Andrea Collings, Member
Jackie Owen, Member
Helen Hay, Member
Robert Johnson, Member
Nina Houghton, Retired member
Don Fish, Workplace Convener
John Michael Pratt
Emma Turner, Member
Dave T Kenrick, Retired member
Susan Dykes, Member, St Helens Branch
Ken Dunlop, Member
Zbyszek Luczynski, Retired member Nottingham City branch
Joan Ball, Steward and Welfare Rep.
Jude Rowley Member, Bolton Branch
Jenny Kiernan, Health & Safety Steward Glasgow
Katie Griffin, Member
Tina Roberts, Steward
Mari Hopley, Member
Martyn Sharples, Retired member
Michelle Jose, Member
Keith Manville, Steward – Schools Convenor West Sussex
Joe Sucksmith, Convener, Gloucestershire LG branch
Rowan Constantinou-Stygal, Member
Alison Campbell, Member
Aleksandra Jurkovic, Member
Brenda Stephenson, Member
Kristy Sansom, Member
Diane Faulkner, Retired member
Professor Robert Arnott, Retired member
Robert Faulkner, Member
Judy Abbott-King, Retired member
Angela Thomas, Member
Graham Wood, Member
Allan Challenger, Retired Member
Ian Allen, Member
Cllr. Cassi Perry, Health care member
Linda Ingram, Retired member
Sharon Davis, Member
Haroon Khan, Workplace steward
Kate Sheehan, Member – Southend Hospital branch
Fflyff McLaren, Labour Link officer
Nick McDonough, Steward Hertfordshire branch
Josephine Fairless, Member
Derek Franc, Member
Susan Dykes, Member, St Helens Branch
Sonia Atkins, Workplace Steward
Susan Redpath, Workplace Steward
Paul John Coogan, Member
Carrie Pemberton, Member
Darren Smith, Member
Margarite Hodson, Member
Iain Hedley, International Officer & Steward, Northumberland County Branch
Ray McHale, Member
Joanne Sharplin, Workplace rep and health and safety rep
Alexandra Phillips, Member, Camden and Islington community health branch
Lisa Little, Steward
James Gore, Jt Branch Secretary, UNISON West Berkshire
Jonathan Perks, Steward
Joanne Thomas, Member
Terry Stewart, Retired member
William Ward, Member
John Gallagher, Education Officer NHS24 Branch
Wendy Smith, Retired Member
Helen Perriam, Member
Lesley Whetton, Member
Roma Mills, Member
Jen Kirkssen, Member
Margaret McCarthy, Labour Link Officer Glasgow Clyde and CVS Branch
Steve Kearsley, Member
Jamie Healy, Member
Nick Barnett, Retired member
Tim Rumley, Member
Phil Morris, Member Hull
Timothy Fenny, Member
Celeste Wood, Member
Elaine Etim, Member
Joanne Moorcroft, Branch Secretary Cheshire Police Branch
Jocelyn Cruywagen, Lambeth Unison, shop steward
Yvonne Booth, Member
Frances Bradley Retired member
N.Harvey, Member
John Grayling, Communications Officer Central Suffolk UNISON
Alice Hargreaves, Member
Ade Turner, Branch Secretary, City of Wolverhampton
Teresa Connally, Branch Secretary West Cheshire LG
Joanne Moorcroft, Branch Secretary Cheshire Police Branch
Nikki Scambler, Member
Steven McNulty, Member
Morag Gillie, Member
L Davies, Member
Lorna Solomon, Equalities Officer
Suzy Franklin, Retired Member
Hilary Moules, Member
Malcolm Emmerson, Retired Member
Kathryn Gibbs, Member
Martin Clements, Member
Sabine Ebert-Forbes, Member
Lee Cook, Member
Jo Kemp, Member
David Jones, Branch Secretary Wirral Unison
Lee Cook, Member
Verity Walker-sherriff, Member
Emma Garson, Branch Secretary Cardiff County Branch
David Johnstone, Member
Patrick Frondigoun, Member
Paula Herbert, Workplace Rep
Paul Cook, Member
Dorothee Mattocks, Member
Neil Wareham, Member
Laura Clarke, Member
Shirley Nicholls, Member
Helen Jenner, Retired member
David Armstrong, Member
Norman Meddle, Retired member (Shop Steward) Wirral Unison
Sam Ross, Member
Michael Barker, Workplace Steward, Leicester branch
Sean Perry, Treasurer, Milton Keynes branch
Tom Greenwood, Member
Paul Nelson, Member
Vicky Donnelly, Member
James Robinson, Knowsley Branch Secretary
Carole-Anne Jones, Member
Gaynor Dykes, Member
Mel Guilfoyle, Welfare Officer Wirral branch
Ryan Davies, Member
Rose Brammer, Member
Alexander Sim, Member
Edith Speller, Branch Secretary
Paul Kros, Member
Kit Gamble, Member
Sally Griffiths, Assistant branch secretary
Donna Hollett, Knowsley Branch – LGBT+ SOG co-convenor
Martin Thurlow, Branch Chair
Lois Founds, Deputy Branch Secretary, Wirral LG
Steve Knight, Member

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  • Peter Swift says:

    I am a member of Unite. Great response from Unison
    I wish all unions would take this action and more. All Unions should stop funding until the report issue is rectified and resolved

  • I am disgusted that unelected officials, with the support of a number of Labour MPs undermined our democratic processes and conspired to deny us a government for the 99%

  • Billie Dale Wakefield says:

    as a Unison retired member how do I add my signature?

  • William Forrester says:

    As a Unison retired member, who also worked with the late great Rodney Bickerstaffe on Traveller rights issues, when values and respect reigned !!, I want to add my signature too.

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