Open letter on the investigation into Labour’s leaked report

We urge you to sign this open letter calling for the investigation into Labour’s leaked report to be full and transparent.

it specifies a number of conditions that will need to be met to ensure this is the case.

Martin Forde QC

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Open letter on the investigation into Labour’s leaked report

Dear Dr Martin Forde QC,

We are writing to you as the chair of the investigation into the recently leaked report “The Work Of The Labour Party’s Governance And Legal Unit In Relation To Antisemitism, 2014-2019”.

It is hard to overestimate the disappointment and anger felt by party activists at the content of this report.

In part, this relates to the insulting and apparently discriminatory language allegedly used by party officials. But the problem is deeper than the use of language.

We devoted many hours working for Labour electoral victory. We did not want to believe the rumours some of us heard that there were people within the party more focussed on undermining Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, even going so far as to undermine the party’s response to allegations of antisemitism. Yet, taken at face value, that is what the evidence in the leaked report appears to suggest.

Keir Starmer and Angela Raynor correctly responded to the leaked report by saying: “We will, therefore, commission an urgent independent investigation into this matter. This investigation will be instructed to look at (inter alia) …the contents and wider culture and practices referred to in the report.”

Since then, serious concerns have been raised around the true independence of the inquiry and the discretion built into the Terms of Reference which might allow the panel to selectively determine those parts of the leaked report it wishes to investigate.

As painful as it may be, we do not believe our party will heal unless the review is full and transparent.

We therefore seek the following assurances:

1. That the inquiry will give full consideration to the truth or otherwise of ALL the allegations in the report.

2. That this will include the extent of racist, sexist and other discriminatory culture within Labour Party workplaces including the attitudes and conduct of ALL those people mentioned in the report, but shall not be restricted to such matters.

3. That the inquiry will investigate the relationships and communications between ALL those staff members mentioned in the report, and ALL senior members of Labour Party (including MPs, Labour Peers and their respective offices, campaign coordinators and advisors) – not merely “their relationships with the elected leadership of the Labour Party“ (i.e. Mr Corbyn). We regard this as vital to establishing (inter alia) how far any “rot” extended (and in particular whether the alleged behaviours were coordinated with others within the party who may still be in post).

4. That the key questions the inquiry will consider will include the following:

• Were the events accurately described and did they in fact undermine the fight on antisemitism and/or have the effect of misleading the public and/or the leadership regarding the success of the disciplinary process?

• Is there evidence of an intention to sabotage our democratic party and institutions, and is there evidence of an intention to subvert the Labour election race(s) and the leadership’s chosen campaign?

• Did the alleged conduct (including inter alia the alleged reallocation of Labour Party funds) occur, if so does that provide prima facie evidence a possible criminal act or an act of gross misconduct, and if so will the inquiry call on the Labour Party to action appropriately by forwarding materials to relevant enforcement body?

• Does the evidence point to a broader systematic campaign to undermine the elected leader of the party and if so who was implicated?

• Is there any evidence to support any allegation of: (a) antisemitic behaviour by Mr Corbyn, his office and advisors, or any other shadow cabinet member; or (b) any desire by any of the foregoing to cover up antisemitic behaviour, or to suppress or interfere with the actions of the disciplinary team in investigating such behaviour?

5. That the inquiry report will be published in full to the extent that is legally possible.

6. That the powers of the inquiry to compel testimony and other evidence will be published in full, together with copies of all such evidence accumulated by the inquiry to the extent that is legally possible.

7. That the inquiry will confirm the extent to which they are constrained in their activities by noncooperation, budgetary or regulatory limitations, and publish the names of all persons providing advice and investigatory support to the inquiry.

We took comfort from the promise of a truly independent investigation. The investigation promised a broad and transparent examination of what has happened within our party and a chance to break the rumours and for “truth and reconciliation” to take place, resetting the party under its new leader. We believe this is vital to the future of the Labour Party.

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Signed by 630 Party members at 2.00pm on 28th May 2020. If you want to see the latest list of signatories (1941 at 12.30pm on 1st June] , please go here

Nick Fitzpatrick, Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Rowan Fortune, Brentford and Isleworth CLP, Political Education Officer
Robert Brady, Brentford & Isleworth CLP, Unite the Community West London Branch
Heather Flint, Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Anita Soley, Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Judy Atkinson, Brentford & Isleworth CLP, Branch Chair
Pamela Mayorcas, Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Dewi John, Brentford and Iselworth , Branch Chair
William Lafferty. Brentford and Isleworth
Stephanie Lang, Brentford and Isleworth, Vice Chair
Peter Burgess, Brentford and Isleworth
Ursula Stanton, Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Kyrill Potapov, Brentford and Isleworth, NEU member
Cllr Richard Eason, Brentford & Isleworth CLP, LGBT+ Officer, Unite delegate
Prof Emeritus Ellie Palmer School of Law/HRC University of Essex, Ealing and Central Acton CLP, Membership Secretary Walpole Ward 2019 election
Gillian Pardesi, Stafford CLP
Dasmesh Bhangu, Stafford CLP
Pavinder Bhangu, Stafford CLP
Cllr Patricia Draper, Wigan CLP
Jez MacDonald, Brighton Kemptown CLP
Karen Cooper, Labour International
Frances Hanlon, Holborn & Covent Garden CLP
Carolyn Jordin, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough CLP
Angie Mindel, Nottingham East CLP
Paul Wilkinson, Nottingham East CLP
Kathy McCubbing, Reading East CLP, Vice Chair
Paul Green, Dudley North CLP
Stephanie Lee, Manchester Gorton CLP
Martin Normington, Morecambe CLP
Malcolm Bride, Lewisham West and Penge CLP, Branch Secretary
Catherine Muller, Vauxhall CLP
Mark Taylor, Gedling CLP
Steve Kinneavy, Hallam CLP
Dorothy Macedo, Worthing West CLP, Deputy Chair West Sussex LCF
Anne Phipps Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP, Vice Chair CLP, Co-vice Chair Sheffield LCF. Member of Unite
Gill McCall, Wimbledon CLP
Nicky Phillips, SW Wiltshire CLP, Member of GMB
Dave Lewney, East Worthing & Shoreham, Branch Secretary
Heather Stuttard, Ceredigion CLP
Daniel Hayes, Dagenham CLP
Dan Mulholland, Barnsley Central CLP
David Smith, Halesowen and Rowley Regis CLP
Joanne Poole, Lincoln CLP, Unison member
Lorraine Ford, Labour International
Jon Rogers, Brighton Pavilion, CLP Chair
Keri Thomson, Falkirk CLP
Gary Brooke, Bury South CLP, NASUWT
Jenny Secretan, Newcastle Central CLP, Branch Secretary
Margaret Fo, Isle of Wight CLP
Marion Mountain, North Tyneside CLP, Unison member
Ian Ampleford, Bassetlaw CLP, North Notts Unite Community Branch Secretary
Brian Hanson, Horsham CLP
Gillian Nielsen, Bournemouth West CLP
Patricia Senior, Elmet & Rothwell CLP
Yvonne Gibbins, Grantham & Stamford, GMB member
Merriel Waggoner, Bristol North West CLP
Lesley Spillard, Tynemouth CLP
Graham Buchan, Mayfield
Jo Rydel Hancocks, Nottinghamshire CLP
Pam Page, Brighton Pavilion CLP
Peter Stevenson, Exeter CLP, NEU member
Keran James, Vauxhall CLP
Eveline van der Steen, Dwyfor Meirionnydd CLP
Teresa Young, Cheshire West and Chester CLP
Andrew Cross, Edinburgh Pentlands CLP
Suzanne Rees, Vale Of Clwyd CLP
Trish Williams, Berwick-upon-Tweed CLP, CLP Secretary
Tony Lelliott, Worthing West CLP
Renato Marques, Hove & Portslade CLP, CLP Secretary
Lesley Saunders, South Dorset CLP, NEU Member
John Wilton, Sutton and Cheam CLP
John Nester, West Dorset CLP
Steve Jansky, Nottingham East CLP
Michael Cobley, Cunninghame South CLP
Ruth Stevens, Ashfield CLP, Unite Community Delegate
George Hardy, South Suffolk CLP
Sean Meleady, Norwich CLP
Reginald Lee, Exeter CLP
Barbara Ross, Hastings & Rye CLP
Nicola Grove, South West Wiltshire CLP, Minutes secretary
Robert Thomas, Basingstoke CLP, PCS (beis London n south east)
Barry Fox, Northern Ireland
Lynne Fordyce, Leeds Central CLP
Ruth Woodhall, Newark, Branch Chair, CLP Women’s Officer
Joseph Harvey, Stafford CLP
Tina Yemm, Nottingham East CLP, Branch Vice Chair, NEU member
Barry Lawton, Crewe & Nantwich CLP, TSSA
Rosemary Bunting, Worthing West CLP
Giles Brokensha, Lambeth CLP
Elizabeth York, Northampton South CLP
Orna Klement, Surrey Heath CLP
Ivan Wels, Nottingham East, TULO
Allan Pearson, South Ribble CLP
Daniel Rowe, North Shropshire CLP, Vice chair of Oswestry branch
Margaret Cubitt, Labour International
Caterina Lai Cullinane, Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Margaret Jones, Bristol North West CLP
Nicola Iannelli-Popham, Bury St Edmunds, CLP Secretary
Declan Connolly, York CLP
Gill Page, Richmond (Yorks) CLP, Branch Secretary
Vivienne Littlebury, Louth & Horncastle CLP, Branch Sectetary, member of Unite Community
Nigel Watson, Worthing West CLP
William Edward Ward, Great Grimsby CLP
Denise Moss, Buckingham CLP
Lara Johnson, Bracknell CLP, Policy Officer
Alan Sloan, Horsham CLP
Deborah Jones, Preston CLP
Rosemary Stammers, Manningtree CLP
David Nelson, Kingston and Surbiton CLP
Alf Littler, South East Cornwall CLP
Douglas Jones, Preston CLP
Jodie Stammers, Thurrock CLP
Helen Wojciechowski, Thetford CLP
Derek Evans, Banbury CLP
Anthony Sperryn, Wimbeldon CLP
Paul Richard Leigh, Richmond (Yorks) CLP
Sarah Bailey, Bristol North West CLP
Rob Hardy, Selby and Ainsty CLP, Unison member
Ewan Carmichael, Redcar CLP, ASLEF member
Moshe Mankoff, Gateshead CLP
Peter Evans, Tunbridge Wells CLP
Ian Chapman, Berwick-upon-Tweed, CLP Chair and Unite Community member
Luke Scott, Blaydon CLP
Linda Ellis, Hull North CLP
Elizabeth Mcilroy, Knowsley CLP
William Owen, City of York (Central) CLP
Lesley Walton, Louth & Horncastle CLP, Nationwide Union
Alison Aiken, Bassetlaw CLP. Unite Community delegate to CLP
Nick McDonough, Chesham and Amersham, Unison steward
Dave Farrar, Poplar and Limehouse CLP
Linden Ash, Worthing West CLP
Andrea Gilbert, Putney CLP, Women’s Officer
Rebecca Massey, Hove CLP
David McCouaig, Bath CLP
Neville Wright, Hallam CLP, LCF Delagate
Cherry Reed, Ashton in Makerfield CLP
Judith Reynolds, Rother Valley CLP, Unite Community Member, Local branch treasurer and delegate to CLP
Cllr Jo Bird, Birkenhead CLP
Stephen Hale, Normanton CLP
Stephen Marks, Oxford East CLP, Policy officer, Oxford District Party; National Constitutional Committee
Katherine Peart, Hertford and Stortford CLP
Sam Grove, Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Paul Stygal, Rochford & Southend East CLP, Branch Secretary
Sean Halsall, Southport CLP, Sefton Councillor
Annette Farrow, West Worthing CLP
Annie Blindell, Hillsborough and Brightside CLP, Unite member
Nod Wallman, SW Herts CLP, Unite
Raj Gill, Ealing Central & Acton CLP, Branch Sec, Unite Community Branch & Membership Sec Lab Hanger Hill
Caroline Brookes, Banbury and Bicester CLP
Mike Howard, Hastings and Rye CLP, Branch Vice-Chair
John Mason, Cambridge CLP
Michael Johnstone, Redcar & Cleveland CLP, Branch Secretary for South Bank & Teesville
Ruairidh Greig, Louth and Horncastle CLP
Michael Whitehead, Gedling CLP, Member of the Unite Union
Mat Anderson, Nortingham East CLP
Andrew Collins, South East Cornwall CLP
Cllr Alan McGuckin, Penrith and the Borders CLP, Cumbria County Councillor
Michael Calder, Rutherglen CLP
Sarah Roelofs, Berwick upon Tweed, Disability Officer & Unite Community
Jeremy Hawthorn, Liverpool Riverside CLP, Campaign Officer
Coralie Tringham, Tobridge and Malling, NEU Member
Les Garner, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, Crouch End Branch Chair
Janet Carter, South west CLP
Charlie Webb, Bromsgrove CLP
Ayesha Mangera, Lewisham Deptford CLP, Unite
Rob Southern, Worcester City CLP
June Bains, South Shields CLP
Gina Skelly, Ogmore CLP, Secretary Pontyclun branch Pontypridd CLP
Mick Shaw, Leigh CLP, Chair LCF
Maisie Carter, Wimbledon CLP
Gary Jakings, Peterborough, Unite
Sharon McDonald, Wigan CLP
Karen Wilson, Sheffield South East CLP, CLP treasurer, LCF treasurer, unite community member
Gary Hollands, Southampton Test CLP, Unite branch chair
Thomas Còoper, Durham City CLP
Alan Brunsdon, Merton CLP, Member of Unison
Benjamin Eckford, Newcastle upon Tyne North CLP, Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform national committee
Maureen Purcell, Worthing West CLP
Lynne Walker, Wigan CLP
Alan Radford, Pudsey CLP, UCU member
John Hughes, Worthing West CLP
Rosa Lang, Richmond, NEU
David Waller, Brentford & Isleworth, NUJ
Raymond Shemilt, North Cornwall CLP
Karen Forshaw, Leigh CLP
Alison Norris, Hillsborough and Brightside CLP, political education officer
Roy Wolfe, Reading East CLP
Alan Frost, SW Devon CLP
Asif Kamal, Battersea CLP
Maureen Perrett, Chelmsford CLP
Pat Melia, Halton CLP
Cllr Cheryl Raynor, Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP, Fleetwood BLP secretary, labour group secretary, Unite Community branch secretary
Barbara Kay Lawrence, Torfaen CLP
Tony Leach, Wrexham
Jeff Jerome, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Jan Jackson, Southeast Cornwall CLP
Martyn Dawson, Rutland & Melton CLP
Dave Fry, NW Cambs CLP, Campaign Coordinator
Sean Conway, Nottingham East, Unite Community member
Dorothy van Heeswyk, Streatham
Charles Regan, Birmingham Northfield CLP
Martin Prior, Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
Kevin Safford, Aldershot CLP
Alan Lafferty, Brentford &Isleworth CLP, UCU
Erica Levy, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Deborah Pearson, Derbyshire Dales CLP, Unite
Mike Smith, Rochford & Southend East CLP
Stewart Kirk, York Outer CLP
Zulfqar Ali, Bethnal Green & Bow CLP
Peter Kirker, Nottingham East CLP, Unite Community
Steve Daly, Morecambe and Lunesdale CLP
Rob Donovan, St Ives, Cornwall CLP
Paul Brooks, Wallasey CLP
Eifion Lewis, Camarthen West and South Pembs CLP
Jonathan Marsh, Dover South CLP
Paula Edwards, North Somerset CLP
Paul Fields, Penrith CLP
Dr. Steven Cowan, Brentford & Isleworth CLP, Unite
Jane Henson, Nottingham East CLP
Iain McDonald, Wallasey CLP, Unison Member
Erica Lang, Hitchin and Harpenden CLP
Sheila Sheppard, Stalybridge and Hyde, CLP Secretary; member of Unite The Union
Nick Robinson, Epping Forest CLP
Martin Habicht, North East Somerset CLP
Anthony O’Connell, Riverside CLP
Jillian Beresford, Loughborough CLP
John Chatham, Ynys Mon CLP, Unite Community
Louise Calton, Southend West CLP
Andrea Flack, Stroud CLP
Carmen Vazquez, Hammersmith CLP, Unite delegate to CLP
Barry Say, Berwick upon Tweed CLP, Unite member
Linda Meehan, Watford CLP
Shezan Renny, Holborn & St Pancras CLP, NEU member
Paul Renny, Holborn and St Pancras CLP, Unison GC Delegate
Anne Stockport, Easington CLP
John Roach, Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP
Sylvia Finzi, Holborn and St. Pancras CLP
Andrew Michael, Wallasey, GMB member
Mary O’Sullivan, Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Julie Speed, Louth and Horncastle, Unite Community member
John Kelly, Broxtowe CLP
Steve Powell, Liscard CLP
Sara Lennon, Ludlow CLP
Riva Joffe, Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Markus Keaney, Luton South CLP, CLP Chair
Gill Christie, Portsmouth north CLP
James Hall, South Cambridgeshire CLP
David Kear, Kensington CLP, CLP Chair
Patricia Rock, Derbyshire Dales, Member of GMB and UNISON
Maria Emilia Jennings, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, Vice Chair Crouch End Branch
Kathleen Bakewell, Northern Ireland Labour Party, Unite community member
Dan Sartin, Worthing West CLP, Unison
Karina Townsend, West Ham CLP, Branch Vice Chair and UNISON Labour Link Rep (UEL Branch)
Una Doyle, Holbrn and St Pancras CLP, NEU
Catherine Weetman, Washington CLP
Michael Murphy, Beaconsfield CLP
Emma Green, Eddisbury CLP
Peter Johnson, Wirral South CLP
Anthony Howard, Mid Sussex CLP, Member of Unite
Diane Pearson, Holborn and St Pancras CLP, UNISON
Alan Moss, Stalybridge & Hyde CLP, TULO
Tareq Khamis, Luton North CLP
Hannah Moynehan, SW Herts CLP, VC Membership
Nicolas Franklin-Woolley, Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP, Climate change coordinator for the CLP
Dr Patrick O’Sullivan, SE Cornwall CLP, Policy Officer
Stewart Eames, Cambridge CLP
Samiha Abdeldjebar, Chippenham CLP
Cllr Ben Clay, Manchester Withington CLP
Azees Lateef, Bethnal Green and Bow CLP, Unite union
Simon Coles, Wirral South CLP
Natasha Sivanandan, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Steve Robinson, Truro and Falmouth CLP
Jackie Hikton, South West Devon CLP
Andrew Feinstein, Holborn and St. Pancras CLP
Amanda Powys, Hastings & Rye CLP
Tim Harpin, Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Chris Hood, Sheffield hillsborough and Brightside CLP
Mark Woolford, Isle of Wight CLP
Kieron Basquille, Luton South CLP
Marcus Hosgood, Worthing West CLP
Lila Bennett Liverpool West Derby, Vice Chair West Derby CLP, Chair Croxteth and Norris Green branch, Unite member
Graham Topley, Tottenham CLP
Alicia Hegarty, Southend West CLP
Lyn Brandon, Brightside and Hillsborough CLP
Geoff Palmer, Chipping Barnet CLP
Catherine Foulkes, Bury South CLP
Debbie Epstein, Cambridge CLP, Disability Officer
Jennifer Runham, Cambridge CLP, Branch Vice-Chair
Paul Halas, Stroud CLP
Mike Cushman, Streatham CLP
Margarita Morales, Chelsea and Westminster CLP, GMB
Tony Booth, Cambridge City CLP, Safeguarding officer, UCU, Unite Community
David Kennedy, Camberwell &Peckham CLP
John Millard, Hornchurch and Upminster CLP, TULO
Debra George, Swansea East CLP
John Friend, Chelsea and Fulham CLP
Sara McDonald, Gower CLP
Michelle Hughes, St Helens North CLP
Gary Kennard, ISLWYN
Tommy Neilan, West Ham CLP
Helen Yeo, South West Devon CLP
Keith Jones, Ellesmere port and Neston CLP
Phil Davison, Chipping Barnet CLP, NASUWT
Ian Holton, Bath CLP
Linda Laurie, West Ham CLP, CLP Disability Officer
Renate Tracy, Fareham CLP
Edwina Perkins, Bywell CLP
David Brown, Selby & Ainsty CLP
Antony Rawlinson, Walthamstow CLP
Zain Miah, West Ham CLP, CLP Vice Chair
Paul Oakes, North Norfolk CLP
Paul Martin, Wallasey, Campaign Co-Ordinator; LCF Secretary
Diane Datson, Bromley and Chislehurst CLP
Gary Davies, Nottingham North CLP, Unite Member
John Challis, Rochford and Southend East CLP
Lynn Nicholls, Erith and Thamesmead CLP
Mark Oley, Erdington CLP
Anthony Lafferty, St Helens North CLP
Richard Howard, Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP, UNITE
Michael Fitzgibbons, Barnsle East CLP, Unison Life Member
Tina Cox, Brighton Pavilion CLP, UNISON Retired Section
Lou Knee, Barking CLP
Colin Watson, Peterborough, Branch Secretary
Andreas Bieler, Broxtowe CLP
Joanne Dyas, St Helens North CLP
Don Urquhart, Chipping Barnet CLP
Sharon Ross, Putney CLP
Roger Silverman, West Ham CLP
David Kitching, Brighton Pavillion CLP
Robert Davies, Cardiff West CLP
David Pavett, Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Chris Scott, Bury St Edmunds CLP
Andy Coombes, Stroud CLP
Ben Anwyl, Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
William Findley, Haringey CLP
Andrea Anwyl, Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
Paul Steele, Sittingbourne & Sheppey CLP
Patrick Hunter, Hendon CLP, Barnet UNISON Housing Convenor
Angela Chuhan, Tottenham CLP
Robert Bowles Ashto Under Lyne CLP
Jo Brewis, Broxtowe CLP
John Henry, Wrexham CLP
Dominic Holland, Sheffield Central CLP
Kathleen Smith, Bromley & Chislehurst CLP, Unite the Union
Gary Howkins, Bury South, Environment Officer CLP
David Thomas, Hove CLP, UCU
Bill Robson, Washington and Sunderland West CLP
Philip Vickers, Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP
Brenda Harley, Weston Super Mare CLP
Colin Nolan, Broxtowe CLP
Ken Stokes, Normanton Pintefract & Castleford CLP
Jonathan Rosenhead, Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP, Branch Chair
Deborah Ryan, London CLP, Unite the Union
Graeme Hyslop OBE, Ayr CLP
Keir Birchall, Broxtowe CLP, UCU SU Liason Officer
Kourosh Jannati, Hammersmith CLP
Phil Jackson, Nottingham North CLP, Unite, Branch Campaigns Officer & Cllr
Margaret Houston, Cities of London and Westminster CLP, Disability Officer
Marion Roberts, Camberwell & Peckham CLP, Vice-Chair Membership
Averil Parkinson, Cambridge CLP
Clare Jones, Fareham CLP
Michelle Hesler, Hull West and Hessle CLP
Ross Bofinger, Broxtowe CLP, Member of NASUWT
Denise Howkins, Bury South CLP
Gill Tesh, Torridge & West Devon CLP
Claire Yard, Sittingbourne & Sheppey CLP, GMB Member
Paul Hadwen, Bradford South CLP
Hazel Salisbury, Bosworth CLP
Anne Mitchell, Hove CLP
Barbara Watson, Halton, CWW
Adam Samuels, Clwyd South CLP, Media Officer, Branch Chair & Unite Rep
Dittany Morgan, Former member Stroud CLP, Member Unite
Jennifer Lennox, Wirral West CLP
Wendy Alstin, Bury St Edmunds CLP
Alan Alstin, Bury St Edmunds CLP
Reba Johnson, Tottenham CLP
Erin Mcilroy, Bury South CLP
Steven Macnaughton, Stockport Central CLP, UNISON
Chris Shannon, Nottingham South CLP, Unite the Union, Shop Steward
Will Phillips, Birkenhead CLP
Mark Layden, Lincoln, Witham Ward CLP, GMB
Kathleen Harris, Rochford and Southend East CLP
Pauline Thomas, Cardiff North CLP
Lesley Clayton, Wallasey CLP
Chris Carrigan, Bury South CLP
Mark Clayton, Wallasey Constituency CLP, Unite
Nick Pile, York Central CLP
Karen Jones, Wirral South CLP
Sharon Fellows, Hallam CLP
Stephen Dodd, Wirral South CLP
Nirmala Rajasingam, Harrow west CLP
Stephen Sheath, Isle of Wight CLP, Unite member
Rebekah Hirsch, Walthamstow CLP
Tina Price-Johnson, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Mike Dixon, Brighton Pavilion CLP
Alan Winters, Weaver Vale CLP
Brendan O’Brien, Enfield/Southgate CLP
Lesley Crompton, Bassetlaw CLP, Unite Community
Leigh Swinn, Bethnal Green & Bow CLP
Kathryn Janes, Bristol South CLP
Rob O’Driscoll, Hazel Grove CLP
John Ryan, Leeds North West CLP
Malcolm Jarvis, Leeds Northeast CLP
Chloe Watkins, Tottenham CLP
Lauren Denney, Cambs North CLP, Unite member
Richard Marshall, Brighton Kemptown CLP
Bonny Ambrose, Lincoln CLP, Ward chair
Francis Knock, Colchester CLP, Unite
Polly Green, Beckenham CLP, Member of Unison
Brian Precious, East Ham CLP, Unite
Isaac Norwood, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough CLP
Roger Conneff, Saffron Walden CLP
Ann Rigby, Totnes CLP
Anne-Marie Brody, Wealden CLP, Vice Chair, Forest Row & Groombridge Branch
Wendy Roberts, Nottingham South CLP
Louise Buttrick, Sefton CLP
Mark Roberts, Isle of Wight CLP
Gillian Jackson, Somerton and Frome CLP
Jean-Christophe Gimblett, Wealden CLP
Mike Yore, Romford CLP
Catherine Hughes, High Peak, Branch Secretary
David Wise, Lichfield and Burntwood CLP
Mike Barnshaw, Ealing Southall CLP, Vice Chair Membership
Helen Martins, Sittingbourne and Sheppey CLP
Francis O’Sullivan, Rochester and Strood CLP
Harry Carrington, Broadland CLP
Billy Almond, Somerton and Frome CLP, Membership Secretary
Kirsty Hannam, York Central CLP, UNISON member
Naresh Chauhan, Beckenham CLP, Campaign Coordinator and chair of ward
Cllr Margaret Howard, East Worthing & Shoreham CLP
Natalie Strecker, International Labour Prospect CLP
Ruth Steigman, Islington North CLP
Akilah Akinola, Stretford and Urmston CLP, CLP chair & Trafford Councillor
Gaynor Underhill, Wantage CLP
Thomas David Stocking, Bury St Edmunds CLP
Gordon Davidson, Wantage
Cllr Hannah Minns, Milton Keynes North
John Fisher, Beckenham CLP, Ward chair
Liv Singh, Hove & Portslade CLP
Martin Coleman, Tunbridge Wells CLP
Cllr Kallum Nolan, Heywood & Middleton CLP, CLP Chair
Deborah Darnes, Congleton CLP
Cllr Claire Newman, Louth & Horncastle CLP, District Councillor for Mablethorpe Deputy Leader Labour Group ELDC
Geoff Lightford, Leigh CLP
Anne-Marie Le Gall, Ynys Môn CLP, Member of Unite
David Nortis, Beaconsfield CLP, Chair
Bob Sutton, Bexhill and Battle CLP
Patricia Heatley, Eccles CLP
Bob Newman, Ludlow
Marie Lynam, Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Derek Fraser, Heywood & Middleton, TULO
Peter Bloomer, Birmingham, Selly Oak CLP, Birmingham Unite Community Branch treasurer
Sean Kelleher, Hendon CLP
Phyllis Donlan, Mansfield CLP, Notts NUM Ex and Retired delegate to CLP
Dr. Raymond Kelly, Gorton Manchester CLP
Simone Conneff, Liverpool Riverside CLP
John Beeching, Bexhill and Battle CLP
Elizabeth Beechibg, Bexhill and Battle CLP
Mark Osborn, Wealden CLP, Branch Vice-Chair/Membership
Debra Ratchford, Wigan West CLP
Steven Fox, Hackney South & Shoreditch, Chair, Hackney Central Branch
Sarah Wise, Westminster North CLP
Lynn Paterson, Midlothian North and Musselburgh CLP
Matt Valentine, Battersea CLP
Sandra Crawford, Cambridge CLP, Unite, Branch Secretary
Michael Bentley, Wigan CLP, Unite Member
Biddy Rawlence, Norwich South CLP, Unison retired member
Simon Hinds, Islington North, CLP BAME Officer
Phyllis Inez, Riverside Liverpool CLP, PLC
Mark Ramsey, Broxtowe CLP
Brian Waite, Readind West CLP
Lesley Phipps, Bassetlaw CLP, Unite Community Member
Alison Sendall, Delyn CLP
Marilyn Payne, Chingford and Woodford Green CLP
Owain Smolovic Jones, Milton Keynes South CLP
Sara Loewenthal, Horsham CLP, MU member
Daniel Platts, Wentworth and Dearne CLP
Janita Arif, Thurrock CLP
Alan McDonald, Tooting CLP
Jan Marsden, Stretford & Urmston CLP, Unison
Keith Russell, Huddersfield CLP, GMC delegate usdaw member
Lynne Segal, Highbury East CLP, Education Officer
Mark Kimber, Rochford & Southend East CLP
John Whitehurst, Vale of Clwyd, Chair North East Wales Unite Community
Cllr Pamela Fitzpatrick, Harrow West, Unite Member
David Rosenberg, Islington North CLP, Political Education Officer
Linda Boot, Haricots & North Essex CLP
Sara Callaway, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP, BAME Officer, joint
Bob Thomson, Rother Valley CLP, Ward treasurer Executive deligates to CLP and LCF. Unite Community.
Alan Lomax, Ealing North CLP
Paul Lythgoe, Cambridge CLP
Pam Case, Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Andrew Glossop, Rotherham CLP
Dave Edwards, Ealing Central and Acton CLP
Bob Hawkes, Upminster and Havering CLP
John Kelly, Knowsley CLP
George Shaw, Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Joanne Shemmans, Birmingham Selly Oak CLP, Unite Community
Albert Collymorr, Westminster North CLP, BAME
Amy Moran, South Cambs CLP
Michael Sherwood, Northfield CLP
Carole Oosthuysen, Stroud CLP
Colin Holmes, St Helens North CLP, Unite Union
John Diment, Wells CLP, Street Parish Councillor, Musicians Union representative
Robert Brooks Spicer, West Suffolk CLP
Chris Meacock, Norwich South CLP
Michael Murray, Hackney N & Stoke Newington/dual Cooperative Party member, Treasurer
Jonathan Smith, Rotherham CLP, Unite, CLP Executive Policy Officer
Margaret Spector, Fulham and Chelsea CLP
Carol Wilcox, Christchurch CLP, NPF SW Rep
Catherine Cottle, Gower CLP
Ann Brennan, Leyton and Wanstead CLP
Sam Edwards, Southampton Test CLP, Unite
Cllr Simon Pearson, Holborn and St Pancras, TSSA
Benjamin Cottle, Gower CLP
Andrew Woodhouse, Isle of Wight, GMB
Eileen Peoples, LPNI
Poneh Adib-Samii, Islington North CLP
John Murphy, Birkenhead CLP
Valerie to Shields, Louth and Horncastle CLP
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Bartek Pawlak, Bristol West CLP
Tony Beddow, Swansea West, NPF delegate
Simeon Gill, Stretford and Urmston CLP, 0.5 Political Education Officer
Ryan Davies, North Lincolnshire CLP
Luke Pearson, Holborn and st Pancras CLP, Unison delegate to Holborn and St Pancreas CLP
Vicky Twitchen, Aldershot CLP
David Norris, Beaconsfield CLP, Chair; Unite member
Chris Mckenzie, Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP, Branch Membership officer
Henry Holborn, Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP, Conference delegate, ACORN Lancaster and Morecambe Membership Officer, NEU member, UCU member, BFAWU Member
Frances Kay, Ceredigion CLP
Doreen Clifford, Hazel Grove CLP
Pamela Phillips, Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Peter Hixon, Folkestone and Hythe CLP, Unite member
Mike Ironside, Chester CLP
Rosalind Austin, Camberwell and Peckham CLP, Women’s Officer
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Viv Thorpe, Scunthorpe CLP, Scunthorpe CLP Vice Chair and Bottesford Branch Chair
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Paul Brownbill, Wirral West CLP, Policy Officer
Martin McGinty Bermondsey and old Southwark CLP, Unite delegate
Viv Picknell, Islington South CLP
Debbie Friedman, Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Robert Grimes, St Helens South and Whiston CLP
Dan Harris, Northampton South CLP
Openess, Bradford West CLP
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Paul Ryan, Walton CLP, Unison Member
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Audrey smith, Halifax CLP
Allan Challenger, Gorton CLP, Unison
Keri-Lynne Krastev, Scunthorpe CLP
John Croft, Erith and Thamesmead CLP, UCU
Cllr Paul Longton, Lancaster & Fleetwood CLP
Margaret Turner, Wansbeck, Campaign coordinator
Lucy Watson, Brigg and Goole CLP
Mija Keadell, Brentford and Iswlorth CLP
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Kate Bromwich-Alexandra, Wansbeck, CLP Women’s Officer
Ian Smith, Halifax CLP, Unison member
Kathy Habberjam, Hexham CLP, Unite
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Keith Chenery, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton CLP
Enid Roberts, Selby and Ainsty CLP, NEU member
Clare Richardson, Walthamstow CLP
Colin Chambers, North Islington CLP, NEU
Joey Murray, Wansbeck CLP
Tom Cosh, Wansbeck, Vice Chair CLP
Carol Taylor-Spedding, Wansbeck CLP, Branch Secretary
Tim Munton, Maidstone and the Weald CLP
Alison Piet, Yorkshire and Humberside CLP
Tony Bennett, Wirral South CLP
Mary Sheen, Northern Ireland CLP
Cllr Frazer Lake Liverpool Walton CLP, Chair, Unite Young Members Committee
Peter Wickenden, Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Rica Bird, Wirral South CLP, Wirral Unite Community Branch
Gary Sayers, Bristol East CLP
Eddie Wilson, Wansbeck CLP, Unison member
Andy Kennedy, Cambridge CLP
John Tippins, Brentford & Isleworth CLP
Le-an Wright-Mahoney, Scunthorpe CLP
Glyn Secker, Dulwich & West Norwood CLP, Polit. Ed. officer Herne Hill Branch. Unite GC Delegate
Nobby Graham, Bristol NW CLP
Andy Phipps Bassetlaw, Chairman Unite EM/NG57
Anna Speedman, Cambridge CLP
Jean Apps, Croydon South CLP
Ruth Appleton, Holborn & St Pancras CLP, Unison Labour Link
Vanessa Trentham, Romsey & Southampton North CLP, Community member of Unite
Iain Crawford, Cambridge CLP, Unite
Julian Bartram, Thornbury and Yate CLP, Assistant Secretary
Diana Foster, Doncaster CLP
Diane Hempsall, Lancaster & Fleetwood CLP, Unite member
Safdar Hussain, Leeds North East CLP, Unison
James Witt, Leyton and Wanstead CLP
Paul J Elliott, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire CLP
Stephanie Wyatt, Wimbledon CLP
Harriet Bradley, Bristol West CLP, Co chair Bristol LCF
Richard Willis, Scunthorpe CLP, LCF Sec, Social Media officer
Neil Salvage, Hastings and Rye CLP
Katie Peeney, Walton CLP
Niall Sample, Blyth Vallwy CLP
Wisty Thomas, Wimbledon CLP
Joanna Rollo, Suffolk Coastal CLP, Unite
Pauline Stewart, Wirral South CLP
Graham Bash, South Thanet, Trade union Liaison Officer, member of Unite Community
Ron Waugh, St Helens North CLP
Karl Wooldridge, Rushcliffe CLP
Mike Butcher, Aylesbury CLP, CLP Chair
Graham Mills, Dudley North CLP
Annie Bromwich-Alexandra, Wansbeck CLP
Michael Chapman, Truro and Falmouth, CLP chair
Margaret Morgan, Hitchin AND Harpenden, NEU
Lisa Morris, LILA
Graham Eastwood, Blyth Valley CLP, Unite Delegate to CLP
Elliott Rush, North Tyneside CLP
Jessica Leschnikoff, Maidstone and the Weald CLP, CLP Secretary
Jenny Richardson, North Islington CLP
Nick Clarke, Wallasey CLP
Annette Thomas, Islington North CLP
John Rendle, Oxford CLP
Kevin Morgan, Wrekin CLP
Pamela Burton, Vauxhall CLP, Equity
Andrew Draper, Ogmore CLP, Chair, Gilfach Goch BLP
John Gowing, Wansbeck CLP
Hazel Davies, St Helens North CLP, Women’s officer

Comments (75)

  • Alana Heaney says:

    Thank you for writing this open letter. I am deep sorry to the Jewish community for the racism you have had to endure and the Labour Party GLU did not process complaints ethically and without prejudice. I wish you all Solidarity and heartfelt best wishes. Alana

  • dave says:

    “Were the events accurately described and did they in fact undermine the fight on [sic] antisemitism”

    What does this mean? If it means the fight as to whether there is rampant antisemitism in Labour or not then fine, but I suspect it means sadly that there is a genuine ‘fight’ against antisemitism when there is obviously no need for such a battle.

  • Terry Clarke Liverpool Riverside CLP says:

    Do It Properly! That’s all I ask.

  • Daniel Vulliamy says:

    Chair, East Yorkshire CLP

  • simon korner says:

    Good letter

  • Iain Claridge Cardiff North CLP Comms|Seretatry says:

    I`m sigining this as it is vital the Labour Party roots out all a rascism and defeatism ahead of taking power in a future post-COVID goverment

    Sign here JVL web

  • michael murray says:

    What an disfunctional organisational mess at “Head Office” is revealed by the leaked report! Where was the communication, the oversight by the General Secretary, or, the NEC on behalf of the the members? The financial controls, for God’s sake – Senior Managers deciding where to direct party resources and finances to influence the GE 2017 outcome? And all in the name of a Party which claims it wants to change the world !

  • Warren Clarke says:

    The contents of the letter meet with my full agreement, and until these matters are comprehensively and rigorously investigated, and where necessary appropriate actions ensue, the Party will not be fit for potential government.

  • Anne Iliffe says:

    We must have full transparency. It’s the least we deserve

  • jenny semahimbo says:

    Sign here- JVL webPlease add my name to this.

    Jennifer Semahimbo Chair Labopur International CLP ( in a personal capacity)

  • Anti-fascist says:

    Where does one sign this statement?

    Sign here- JVL web

  • Pam Bromley says:

    Labour must conduct a full investigation and reinstate wrongly expelled members.

  • This needs to be investigated properly with the view to find out who else in the labour party was involved and if so expelled right away The party has let the members down with the loss of good labour MPs and members getting expelled for what was no more than false accusations against them and I say false because were was the proof
    Also what happened to those BAME Members was disgracefulland if found to be true was racist And there should be no place in any political Party for any forms of racism no matter what and needs to be eradicated as soon as possible if found to be true .And anyone who was found to be involved should face charges .especially if by their actions it prevented the real investigations into antisemitism and other forms of racism being carried out or delayed the outcome of that investigation

    I think we all know and will not stand for an investigation that is not correctly investigated in order to protect certain people who could be involved due to the outcome of the investigation.Because if this happened it would discredit the labour party even more than how people are feeling right now about it.

  • Valerie Ruth Appleton says:

    No deceit, no double talk and no obfuscation is acceptable. No harm to whistleblowers either. We need nothing but the truth and justice to our members and beyond. We fought for this Party to be socialist and can wish and hope for nothing better.

  • Luqman Khan says:

    It is a disgrace that the those who allegedly made Racist and abusive comments revealed in the Leaked Labour report were not immediately suspended. Black and Asian members are immmediately suspenrded for minor offences.

  • Susan Thomas Swansea West CLP says:

    Due to the amount of work party activists carried out during the 2017 and 2019 elections , members feel rightly angry at the thought that the 2017 election could have been won. People who are homeless, disabled, poor have been hurt by Tory policies. To think senior members of the party may have deliberately sabotaged an election due to their dislike of one man means they are culpable of much more.

  • Sarah Thomas says:

    Denton & Reddish CLP

  • Di Allen says:

    Please add my name to the list.
    Di Allen Ashton under Lyne CLP.
    Thank you.

  • Kulwinder Singh SAPPAL says:

    (Filton & Bradley Stoke CLP)

  • Cath Lancaster says:

    Aberconwy CLP and Unite member

  • Brian Burden says:

    We now know that, but for internal sabotage, Corbyn would have won a workable majority in 2017, and that the accusations of anti-Semitism against Corbyn personally from 2017-2019 were unfounded and contrived. Starmer ought to be broadcasting this loud and clear.

  • Jaqui Barnes-Monaghan says:

    To be anything other than open and transparent is corruption

  • Gary Jakings says:

    The Labour party will be forever divided if it doesn’t deal with this.

  • diane datson says:

    we cannot be expected to support a party that doesn’t deal with treacherous staff – I have no trust in my own party

  • Duska Rosenberg says:

    Critical issues of the relationship between the Party officials and the members who elected the Party Leader at the time, have to be addressed in order to repair the damage done by those who disrespected and conspired against democratically elected Leader and his team. It is more important to deal with the possible fraud due to the misuse of fees as well as harassment and abuse of individuals in the leadership team. This is more important than finding out who leaked the report.

  • Victoria Vigurs-Lynn says:

    Darlington CLP

    Sign here – JVL web

  • Chris O’Donovan, Harborough CLP says:

    I fully endorse this statement.
    Sign here – JVL web

  • Quite simply, this mustn’t be swept under the carpet. Fifth Columnism can be neither ignored nor forgiven.

  • Susan Coleman says:

    How do I sign or am I to late?

    Sign here – JVL web

  • Barrie Reid says:

    The black ops team that brought Labour down were put in place by whom? I want to know the name of their handler.

  • Mike Phipps, Brent Central says:

    Please add my name

    Sign here

  • Abe Hayeem says:

    I agree with Dave’s comment. Talking abut the ‘fight’ against antisemitism seems to accept that it is rampant within Labour, when all proper surveys and analyses, like in ‘Bad News for Labour’ indicate that Labour is the party that is least ‘antisemitic’ and no more or less antisemitic than in the general population. An investigation should be called for the extent that this was mainly a smearing and politically motivated campaign by the media, various organisations like to the Israel lobby (as clearly shown in the Al Jazeera documentary of that name, and by the bodies within the Labour Party and many MPs to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and scupper his election as Prime Minister which could have been achieved in 2017.

  • Leslie Dawes says:

    JVL and Al Jazeera have informed me and others that those flagging up Labour’s perceived poor response to anti-Semitism and that it is systemic, had another agenda.

  • T. E. Davies says:

    I have been a supporter of the Chakrabarti reforms and have no time for antisemitism or the tropes of antisemitism. I wish to support the call for an independent and comprehensive investigation into wrong doing and prejudice which damaged our electoral prospects, and quite possibly kept the Tories in power.

  • ian W thomson says:

    Great letter. Good luck!

  • Karl smith says:

    We need to build trust in the Labour Party, without an investigation into all aspects of the report. The Labour Party will become redundant to its members, and the voting public.

  • Vickie Paddle, Bexhill & Battle CLP, GMB says:

    I thoroughly agree with the letter I am signing.

  • Martin Farrell says:

    If labour does not kick out the saboteurs and racists then I will never campaign or vote for the party again

  • Philip Mountain says:

    Please provide these assurances without which I believe the future of the Labour Party will be greatly at risk. This will help in some way to offset the betrayal and anger which I personally feel about the allegations contained in the leaked report.

  • Michelle Hesler says:

    By opening up the contents of the leaked report to the EHRC the party will finally be able to deal with the inherent problems and move on.

  • Sarah Banks says:

    Please add my name to the letter – Lincoln CLP

  • Sheila Gorman Flynn says:

    This an excellent and absolutely vital open letter. We need these allegations against those within the LP tasked with supporting the twice democratically elected Leader to face swift, thorough and independent due process. We as members need to be sure of and trust the integrity of every aspect of each stage of what absolutely needs to happen.

  • Louise Cardus says:

    This letter is important. I hope it makes a difference.

  • John Blackburn says:

    Our party is not the Tory party there should be no secrets between the leadership and the membership.

  • Gemma Waldron says:

    I support the demand for a fully independent and transparent investigation on the terms described in this letter. Anything less will further corrode members’ trust in the new administration.

  • Martyn Meacham says:

    Without openess and honesty,the labour party is dead. All those involved must be expelled from the labour party.

  • Illinois Cook says:

    Signed, Illi Cook. i was suspended while a member of bury st edmunds clp i think (I no longer live there), in the first McNicol purge so we couldnt vote for Jeremy, I then stopped subscribing cos i’ll be damned if im happy to lose my vote, have my Social media trawled, be intervieed by twonk Dan Hogan, for him to imply i’m antisemitic based on @intifada and guardian retweets, i kid you not.

  • Lesley Marshall says:

    Please ensure the review is full and transparent.

  • Danus Blanchard says:

    Please treat this matter as important and urgent.

  • Shereen Pandit says:

    This is vital

  • Jon Mackeen. Montgomeryshire CLP says:

    What are you hiding, nothing I have read it. Let’s have the investigation now, please remember the Labour Party is run by it’s members, for the members and if the leadership is scared of the members maybe step aside now.

  • Rachel McGrath says:

    Newcastle East CLP

  • Investigate & arrest the Treasonous MP’s !

  • Ruth Morgan says:

    I have no faith in the Labour Party under Starmer. I joined for the future we needed under Jeremy
    Harrogate CLP

  • Andrew Hobbs says:

    I really hope this has some effect – but I doubt it will.
    Andrew Hobbs.

  • Martin Gregory says:

    Happy to sign this petition, without the truth, we are nothing.

  • Gill Day says:

    Fully endorse all points in the letter. Transparency and comprehensive investigation is imperative.

  • Kevin O'Hagan says:

    Not suspending members subject serious allegations has been a grave mistake. Suspension is not an indication of guilt and has been applied to members for less serious allegations.

    I want a fair and transparent investigation into these allegations. please do it speedily.

  • Jean Hall says:

    No secrecy please. We need and have a right to know.

  • The weekend that Starmer became leader I was accused of using Nazi phraseology in a comment by a Labour member who stated he was in a position to report me etc. I explained that as the son of a holocaust survivor I would not even know a Nazi phrase and certainly would never think to use one. He pressed the matter and stated that he has reported me. I checked on my words used and found it was in fact totally acceptable to use this phrase. I have sent two complaints to Labour H.Q. and an email.Not even a acknowledgement returned. It shows me that under Starmer some racism is all ok, as long as it suits his ideology. I even had to explain to the meathead who was accusing me that he was actually not correct in his use of what was anti Semitic and was being so himself.

  • Sai Brace, Gedling CLP says:

    Unless the leaked report was a total fabrication (extremely doubtful) then it’s pretty clear that many officials acted appallingly (to put it mildly). There are plenty of people who have clearly been suspended/expelled for far less serious ‘offences’ and yet… no suspensions whatsoever. Needless to say, there is at this point no confidence at all that justice will be served. It has to be.

  • Maggie Sutton says:

    All those who undermined our leader Jeremy Corbyn, and worked against the fight for a Labour Government should be expelled forthwith!

  • Barry Plany says:

    It must happen.

  • Mark Oley says:

    Agree totally with the letter.

  • Doug says:

    The fear on the Left is that you asking Turkeys to vote for Christmas
    There will be no suspensions before publication and as Joseph Gorniak points out the AS Scam is alive and kicking
    My major concern in the short term is that all evidence is protected for future investigations
    Who knows where my party will be in 12 months, still have no time for anyone advocating leaving

  • hilary klonin says:

    Concern the panel is all House of Lords which has a prima facie conflict of interest as Corbyn planned to reform Lords and Lords raised a vote of no confidence against him which was dropped.This conflict of interest must be declared as the panel will be interacting in the normal course of their work with those who raised vote of no confidence.There is no one representing poor, vulnerable or anti racist organisations yet vulnerable and BME had most to loose from actions to stop Labour government and facilitate Tory government. No one representing an anti bullying charity or workers union are on panel. All appear rich and priveledged and the panel itself is all white. No one on the panel will starve or go hungry as a result of Tory policy.

    If the accusations of racism and bullying against black people and socialists are proven they too must receive an appology.

    I campaigned on the streets as an NHS consultant for the first time ever age 60 to obtain Labour government, protect NHS from US trade deals and get homeless off the streets. The Westminster bubble did not apparently realise that Corbyn gave us hope of a fair society and it is only the Westminster bubble on the panel. I add that I am Jewish and Jewish anti Corbyn people felt embolded to bully me by the Right wing Labour perspective. I have reported such behaviour and behaviour by the Labour forum to the Labour party but received no explanation or appology from the party. Bullying should stop. It is not just those who dislike Corbyn who have feelings and rights not to be bullied. Those of us who support Corbyn have this right too.

  • JOHN LEWIS says:

    To get to the truth of the matter it is essential for the investigation to be open, full and transparent.
    I am a member of the Gower CLP and have been a party member for fifty-six years.

  • Andrew says:

    The Labour Party is an utter disgrace and needs replacing!

  • Julia Anderson says:

    The leaked report highlights systemic and calculated misconduct, abuse and misinformation by people the Membership and the Leadership trusted . They have completely decimated the trust I feel in my party. My husband is of Jewish origin and lived in Israel. He was outraged by the sheer ferocity of the campaign against Mr Corbyn in the media. That it happened within our Party is unforgivable. Why have these people not been suspended? They helped put the Conservatives back in power. Shameful.Since when has caring about Palestinian lives been antisemitic??

  • Pat Merrick says:

    Full reveal is a necessity if we are to move on from this .

  • Dennis Bartholomew says:

    A faur and transparent examination will clarify thd situation at the heart of the Parry.

  • Anti-fascist says:

    By the way, it’s Angela RayNER not Angela RayNOR.

  • Roy Wilkes says:

    We ordinary members feel betrayed by the behaviour of those Party officials who we thought were meant to be helping us to elect a Labour government. We demand justice.

  • Ian G Williams says:

    New York Labour International Branch

  • Ian G Williams says:

    Nelson Mandela, George Orwell, Albert EInstein Gerard Kaufman, are just a few of those who would have been suspended if this toxic gang of bigotted apparatchiks had had their way.

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