Open Letter from BAME members & allies to Labour Leadership

Here is another strong protest at the way Black, Asian, and Ethnic Minority members of the Labour Party, as well as the wider electorate, are taken for granted by the Party.

In the face of widespread racist, islamophobic and sexist bullying – as revealed again in the leaked internal Labour Party report – here is a call for the democratic reform of BAME Labour, described as “an ineffective organisation [whose] processes are inaccessible to the majority of BAME party members”.

BAME members and their allies can add their name here.

Open Letter from BAME members & allies to Labour Leadership

Dear Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner,

We are Black, Asian, and Ethnic Minority members of the Labour Party, and non-BAME allies, writing to you as the Labour leadership. The alleged revelations found within the leaked Labour report are shocking but unsurprising. The document exposes a culture in which racist, islamophobic and sexist bullying experienced by BAME, and in particular Black and Asian members, is not only dismissed but allegedly rewarded with senior positions at Labour HQ. The report must be viewed within a wider context of the Labour Party’s failures to effectively engage and represent BAME communities who, as the discourse showed after the loss of the 2019 election, are continuously taken for granted. Our communities are neither the Labour “traditional heartlands” nor swing voters that need to be won over. We are at best an easy safe seat or worse collateral damage when chasing voters with “concerns about immigration”.

Despite over 70 per cent of the BAME electorate voting Labour in the 2019 election, our communities are still taken for granted by the Labour Party and now, in the midst of a pandemic that is disproportionately affecting Black and Asian people, we have been let down again. If the Labour party wishes to develop a trusting relationship with BAME communities, rather than one where BAME members at present are increasingly becoming embarrassed to be associated with it, then immediate action must be taken. As the formal voice of BAME members in the Labour party, the first course of action must be the reform of BAME Labour. In its current form BAME Labour is an ineffective organisation and its processes are inaccessible to the majority of BAME party members. It is not acceptable that BAME members have to rely on word-of-mouth communications to find out about events or elections.

The most recent election for the BAME NEC representative was allegedly not communicated well to BAME members. Many BAME members did not receive the email inviting them to declare themselves as BAME, and therefore were disenfranchised from voting in this election. Consequently, it came as a surprise to many that there had been a BAME NEC representative election at all. Percentages of the vote share have been communicated online however there is no information on how many participated in the actual vote. For BAME members to have trust in being authentically represented in the Party these kinds of opaque practices must come to an end. Any future reform / reconstitution of BAME Labour must be as open and transparent as possible.

We call on the leadership to: Implement the recommendations made in the 2018 Labour Democracy Review report with a new set-up that involves all BAME members; Commit to a date for the next BAME Labour elections; clearly communicate their plans for reform to BAME Labour members.

Once these reforms have taken place the Labour party must then work constructively with BAME Labour and BAME members to address the crisis of racism and sexism within the party, in particular the abuse and bullying experienced by Black women. There must be appropriate safeguarding put in place when members report racist incidents. Consistent anti-racism training must take place across all levels of the party. Once we have been through the eye of the storm that is the coronavirus pandemic and it is clear to all that many of the key workers who have kept Britain on its feet are from BAME communities, it is the role of the Labour party to ensure that these voices are heard loud and clear. Never to be taken for granted again.

Signed by,

Saranya Thambirajah, Harrow West CLP, (BAME member)
Maliha Reza, NE Bedfordshire (BAME member)
Chardine Taylor-Stone, Dulwich and West Norwood, (BAME member)
Zeid Truscott, Southampton Test, (BAME member)
Kayleigh Lee-Simion, Manchester Central, (BAME member)
Ed Lawrence, Winchester, (BAME member)
Xavier de Sousa, Brighton Pavillion, (Ally)
Andrea Gilbert, Putney, Womens officer , (BAME member)
Rivkah Brown, Islington North, (Ally)
Cheryl McLeod, Lewisham East CLP, Unite Delegate, (BAME member)
Celia Fitzgerald, Edinburgh Southern, (Ally)
Stephe Meloy, Lewisham Deptford CLP , (BAME member)
Lester Holloway, Watford, Vice-Chair BAME Forum (signing in a personal capacity), (BAME member)
Chanceline Anakambi, Enfield North, (BAME member)
Sashwati Sengupta, Gorton, Musicians Union member, (BAME member)
Ramses Underhill Smith, (BAME member)
Brian, West Ham, (Ally)
Sophia Mangera, L&D, Bame Women’s Officer, GC delegate , Unite Community, (BAME member)
Jake Cable, Hammersmith, (BAME member)
Davis St Marthe, Lewisham Deptford, Clp bame officer, (BAME member)
Sarah S, Lewisham West & Penge, Branch Officer, (BAME member)
Tony Cisse, Lewisham West & Penge, Community organiser, (Ally)
Shahima Khatun, West Ham, (BAME member)
Anthony Kalu, Lewisham East, Delegate, (BAME member)
Gareth Murphy, Holborn & St Pancras, (BAME member)
Jerome Bond, Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP, (BAME member)
Michael Asimah, Former Member, (BAME member)
Stevie Lawrence, Lewisham East, Unite delegate, (Ally)
Matilda Wnek, Dulwich and West Norwood, Unite, (Ally)
Maria Kyriacou, Enfield North, (BAME member)
Kulwinder SAPPAL, Filton & Bradley Stoke, BAME Officer, (BAME member)
Peyvand Sadeghian, North Islington, (BAME member)
Jagdeep Tiwana, Lewisham East, (BAME member)
Hannah Lane, Bermondsey and Old Southwark, (Ally)
Jennifer Whilby, Walthamstow , (BAME member)
Kai Fiáin , Former Member, (Ally)
Dr Ellie Gore, Sheffield Central, (Ally)
Charlie Lane, Harborough, (Ally)
Claude Hendrickson Leeds NE CLP , BAME officer of CLP, (BAME member)
Eloise Harris, Bethnal Green and Bow CLP, Co-Chair of Queen Mary Labour Society, (Ally)
Francesca Nottola, Lewisham West and Penge, (Ally)
Rosa Kucharska, Former Member, (Ally)
Carlos Soto, Finchley & Golders Green, BAME officer Church End & West Finchley branch, (BAME member)
Zita Holbourne, West Ham, National Chair BARAC UK, (BAME member)
Atalanta Kernick, Dulwich and West Norwood, (Ally)
Lola Fayokun, Hornchurch and Upminster, LSESU Labour BAME Officer, (BAME member) Councillor Tony Aslam Wellingborough Vicechiarman BAME member
Rosalind Austin, Camberwell and Peckham, Branch women’s officer , (BAME member)
Jacob Sakil Lewisham Deptford CLP, (BAME member)
Alexandra Molano-Avilan Labour Party member, (BAME member)
Lucie Scott, Hackney North & Stoke Newington, CLP Political Education Officer, (BAME member)
Trey Campbell-Simon, Chelsea & Fulham, BAME Officer, (BAME member)
Marcus Bernard, Bermondsey and Old Southwark, (BAME member)
Mish Rahman, Aldridge Brownhills, CLP Chair and BAME Officer, (BAME member)
Jermain Jackman, Hackney North & Stokenewington , (BAME member)
Grace Alli Tijani, Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP, BAME Officer, (BAME member)
Leila Mimmack, Greenwich, (Ally)
Nick Cassen, Hackney North
Kwami Odoom, Hampstead and Kilburn, (BAME member)
Tom Cornford, Bristol West, (Ally)
Sonali Bhattacharyya, Walthamstow, BAME Officer, West Walthamstow Branch, (BAME member)
Tom Fisher, Walthamstow , (Ally)
Kadeem Wilkiams, Tooting, (BAME member)
Mumtaz Khan, Hornsey & Wood Green, CLP Vice Chair (membership), (BAME member) Gloria Lambert-Morris, Lewisham East CLP Downham Branch LP Vice Chair, (BAME member)
Sophie Cannivady, Lewisham Deptford, (BAME member)
Nicole Morris, Camberwell and Peckham, Political ed officer (Ally)
Dr. Nabeela Ahmed, former member, (BAME member)
Katherine Warman, (Ally)
Teresa Clark, Lewisham West and Penge, Acting Chair Perry Vale branch, CLP Secretary (Ally)
Dion Linton , Oldham East and Saddleworth, (BAME member)
Kirsten Downer, Lewisham Deptford, CLP Environment Officer, (Ally)
Christiana kujembola Ajiginni,Shoreditch Hackney, Political Education Officer/ CLP Executive Officer , (BAME member)
Sarah Fox , Walthamstow , (Ally)
Amina Mangera , Lewisham Deptford, Vice-chair Ladywell branch & CLP coordinator climate justice and BAME forum member, (BAME member)
Elizabeth Ramsden , Warley , Unite Community , (BAME member)
Nitya Boora, Epping Forest, (BAME member)
Cllr Muna Cali, (BAME member)
Amen Tesfay, Enfield North, CLP Youth Coordinator, (BAME member)
Michael Wongsam, West Bromwich East CLP, Branch Secretary /Unite the union ,(BAME member)
Amy Grant, Dulwich and West Norwood, (Ally)
Maria Hayden, (BAME member)
Rosina Siddique, Walthamstow , (BAME member)
Clarice Long, Lewisham East, Unite Community GLAB, (BAME member)
Fenik Adham , (BAME member)
Cassim Bakharia, Lewisham East, Unite Delegate, (BAME member)
Munira Shaikh, (Ally)
Jo Tyabji, Tower Hamlets, (BAME member)
Amanda Sackur, Hornsby and Wood Green, (Ally)
Nadia Amara, Chingford & Woodford Green , BAME Officer , (BAME member)
Amra Rafiq, Liverpool wavertree , (Ally)
Sandie Finn, Hackney South and Shoreditch, Ward Treasurer ,(BAME member)
Rashida Islam, Halifax, Communications and Social Media Officer, (BAME member)
Shyam Krishna , Hackney North & Stoke Newington, (BAME member)
Benjamin Wallis , Lewisham east Unite delegate, (Ally)
Katie Higgins, Gorton , (Ally)
H. Pancrace, Lewisham West & Penge, (BAME member)
Jose Cree, Heeley, (Ally)
Isabel Cortes, Lewisham Deptford CLP Comms officer, BAME forum, (BAME member)
Lindsay Sawyer, Heeley, (Ally)
Estella Adeyeri, Hornsey and Wood Green, (BAME member) Shenagh Govan, Walthamstow, (Ally)
Caroline Metz , Sheffield Central, (Ally)
Caroline kalu , Lewisham East Councilor/Cooperative delegate , (BAME member)
Enda Donnelly, Sheffield Central, Vice Chair, (Ally)
Malwina Modrak , Sheffield Central CLP, Equalities Committee Chair – Yorkshire and Humber LP Regional Board (in personal capacity), (BAME member) Helen Austerberry, Westminster North,(Ally)
Linda Saunders Member (Ally)
Luqman Khan, Derbyshire South, (BAME member)
Prof Cecile Wright , Derby North , (BAME member)
Michael Thawe, Edgbaston, Unite delegate, (BAME member)
Myra Berg, Lewisham East, (Ally)
Bisi Alimi, Lewisham, former member, (BAME member)
Sandrine Kasongo Hampstead and Kilburn CLP Co-Secretary (BAME member)
Caroline kalu, Lewisham East, Councilor/Cooperative delegate ,(BAME member)
Timothy Nicholson, Sheffield central, (Ally)
Andy Lockhart, Heeley, (Ally)
Judith Amanthis, Westminster North, (Ally)
Minesh Parekh, Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough, Young Labour National Committee (BAME member)
Roshan Lal, Sheffield Heeley, (BAME member)
Sarah Staniland, Sheffield central, Women’s officer, (Ally)
Graham Voaden, Tottenham, (Ally)
Calum Clenaghan, Dulwich and West Norwood, (Ally)
Diane Datson , Bromley and chislehurst , (Ally)
Vanda , H&WG, (Ally)
Juthsna Begum, Bethnal Green , Labour Party Member, (BAME member)
Taiba Yasseen , Rotherham CLP , Councillor and CLP Women’s Officer, (BAME member)
Boubacar Dembele , Reading, BAME Officer, (BAME member)
Miriam Levin, Hornsey & Wood Green, (Ally)
Stephanie Phillips Lewisham East (BAME member)
Boucka Koffi , Sheffield (Burrgreave), (BAME member)
Gerardo Williams , Dulwich and West Norwood , Secretary of Gipsy Hill Branch, and Secretary of Dulwich and West Norwood BAME Forum , (BAME member)
Misri Dey, Redruth and Camborne, SW REC Womens representative
BAME officer Camborne and Redruth, (BAME member)
Neal Tank, Ealing Central and Acton, (BAME member)
Donna Guthrie , East Ham CLP, GC member, National Womens officer BARAC UK, (BAME member)
Mashiyath Qurashy, North devon , BAME Officer at QMUL, (BAME member)
Ghazal Haqani, East Ham,(BA ME member)
Shoda Rackal, Holborn and St Pancras CLP, (BAME member)
paul lefley Horsey and Wood Green Policy Officer, (Ally)
Nina Bishop West Ham Women’s Officer, Plaistow North and Women’s Officer Bame Forum for West Ham
(BAME member)
Tai Shani Camberwell and Peckham Party member (Ally)
Amrita Rose Hackney South and Shoreditch Policy Officer, Open Labour National Committee (BAME member)
Leonie Kapadia Heeley Member (BAME member)
Maurice Mcleod Tooting Councillor Wandsworth, Secretary Unite Community London South West (BAME member)
Ruth Pearce Leeds North East (Ally)
Danai Nardi Dulwich and West Norwood CLP Vice Chair/Membership Officer and Fundraiser (job share) (Ally)
Jovan Nepaul Lewisham Deptford Chair – Lewisham Deptford CLP (BAME member)
Keston Perry (BAME member)
Andy Tanner-Smith Southend West (Ally)
Jonny Carey (Ally)
Natalie Ashton Sheffield Central (Ally)
Rabbil Sikdar East Ham (BAME member)
Conor Sewell Sevenoaks Social Media and Disability Officer (Ally)
Naomi Oppenheim Hackney North & Stoke Newington CLP (Ally)
Alena Ivanova Bethnal Green and Bow Women’s Forum Secretary (Ally)
Dan Harris Middlesbrough (Ally)
Jamil Ismaili Cardiff South & Penarth (BAME member)
Chloe Ingram Tooting Secretary (Ally)
Verity Nevitt Lewisham Deptford Youth Officer (Ally)
Hannah Charlton Southwark (Ally)
Abdallah S. Al-Ammari Stirling BAME Officer, Scottish Young Labour (BAME member)
Charlie Turner Lewes (Ally)
Melanie Richter-Montpetit Brighton (Ally)
Robin Bardsley Ceredigion (Ally)
Lewis Burton Hitchin and Harpenden (Ally)
Thomas Dickson Newcastle Upon Tyne East (Ally)
Joel Nanton Tower Hamlets (BAME member)
Dhirun Mistry (Ally)
josie sparrow Chipping Barnet New Socialist co-editor (Ally)
Lily Baker (Ally)
Sarisha Goodman Ilford North (BAME member)
Sinéad Shivani Longden Battersea (BAME member)
Jo Kershaw Hereford and South Herefordshire (Ally)
Zara Sehr Ashraf Croydon North CLP Vice Chair of Broad Green Branch (BAME member)
Jake Wiafe Enfield Southgate (BAME member)
Sufyan Ahmed Bradford West Youth Officer (BAME member)
Bhavesh Hindocha Hackney North (BAME member)
Jack Lubner Finchley & Golders Green (BAME member)
Jordan Smith Oxford Labour Member (Ally)
Jason Okundaye Battersea (BAME member)
Finn Boyd Wealden (Ally)
Samuel Eastoe Streatham Member (BAME member)
Isaac Hills Bosworth (Ally)
Vinay Chambore Battersea (BAME member)
Emily Bagnall Canterbury Youth Officer, Canterbury CLP & Canterbury YL Chair (Ally)
Sammi Ferhaoui Enfield North CLP (BAME member)
Upekha Bandaranayake Hackney South and Shoreditch (BAME member)
Teddy Beeston, Tamworth (Ally)
Yusuf sayed Former (Ally)
Anthea Sweeney Bristol West (BAME member)
Miriyam Aouragh (BAME member)
Robert White, Copeland (Ally)
Sarah Chander, Islington, (BAME member)
Aniqah Choudhri Wythenshawe and Sale East Member (BAME member)
Tanbir Siddique, Cheltenham CLP, Vice-Chair (Membership) and South West REC BAME Representative (BAME member)
Zaynah Ilford North (BAME member)
Chris Johnson Sheffield Central Branch Secretary (Ally)
Louise Leslie Dartford Policy Officer. (Ally)
Yousuf Chughtai Enfield Southgate (BAME member)
Ife Grillo, Bristol West (BAME member)
Paula Jackson , Brent North (BAME member)
Claire M Massey, Rostock (Ally)
Varoushnan Srilangarajah Kingston and Surbiton (BAME member)
Jaspreet Tehara South Northamptonshire CLP Membrr (BAME member)
Pauline Brown Former CLP Former Equalities and BAME Officer CLP New Forest East Labour (BAME member)
Will Nelson Bury South Branch Secretary (Ally)
Luke Evans Maidenhead CLP LGBT+ Officer (Ally)
Michael Millar Elmet and Rothwell (Ally)
Arun Smith (Ally)
Vik Chechi-Ribeiro Manchester Withington (BAME member)
Amy Gilpin Walthamstow (Ally)
Bjon Christensen Walthamstow (Ally)
Alison Carpenter Windsor Secretary (Ally)
Luke Smith Guildford CLP Founder LabourGRT (BAME member)
Angus Cameron Windsor Chair (Ally)
Adam Peggs Hackney South and Shoreditch (BAME member)
Pauline Brown Former CLP Equalities and BAME representative Member (BAME member)
Anisha Faruk Oxford West & Abingdon (BAME member)
Rebecca Marie Wilks Cardiff South & Penarth (Ally)
Nigel Spencer Manchester Withington (Ally)
Benjamin Eckford Newcastle upon Tyne North CLP (Ally)
Rowanne Ealing North (Ally)
Anuradha Kowtha Erith and Thamesmead (BAME member)
George Gray Woking CLP (Ally)
Harriet Rogers Leeds East (Ally)
Peter Hill Newcastle East (Ally)
Alexander Marriage Lewisham East Member (Ally)
Gwyneth Lonergan Huddersfield (Ally)
Stuart Wragg, Carlisle, (Ally)
Emma Kitt, Bristol West, (Ally)
Peymana Assad, Harrow East , Cllr , (BAME member)
Jonathan Davis (BAME member)
David Hooke Islington South & Finsbury, (Ally)
Annabelle Watson-Harper York Central , (Ally)
Rabyah Khan Oxford West & Abingdon Chair (BAME member)
Morgan Paulett Lewisham Deptford Lewisham Deptford Young Labour TULO (Ally)
Dominic Breen Runnymede and Weybridge Vice Chair Campaigns for Runnymede and Weybridge CLP (Ally)
William Sorenson, Oxford East , (Ally)
James Olabre, Luton South, (BAME member)
Cllr Sasha Das Gupta, East Ham (BAME member)
Maryam Din, Gedling, (BAME member)
Mishti Ali Don’t know what this means Member (BAME member)
Jack Carter Reading East (Ally)
Nandi Jordan, South West Hertfordshire, (BAME member)
Shiza Khan (Ally)
Ian Wilson Coventry North West (Ally)
Sheila Hall Hove and Portslade Women”s Officer (Ally)
Jon Hill Hornsey & Wood Green (Ally)
Ali Proudman, Harbrough (Ally)
Henry Mendoza Tooting Co-Chair of the Young Fabians BAME Advocacy Group, (BAME member)
Steve Ollerenshaw , Brighton (Ally)
Hannah Turner-Uaandja (BAME member)
Jonathan Davis (BAME member)
Nasie Muhsin, Brent North, (BAME member)
Adam Lismore Gillingham and Rainham Medway Young Labour Secretary (Ally)
Giorgio finella Hove and Portslade clp Clp treasurer (Ally)
Eleanor McGough Leeds North West,(Ally)
Isioma Onwukwe-Anyadike (BAME member)
Stuart Wood Dulwich & West Norwood Member (Ally)
Julian Gao Runymede and Weybridge (BAME member)
Vinnie Baker (Ally)
Ana Oppenheim Hackney North and Stoke Newington (Ally)
Lynn Morris Canterbury Whitstable and Villages Editor, Open Labour (Ally)
James Stephenson Huddersfield (Ally)
Darren Hanson HackneyNorth & Stoke Newington Interim branch secretary (Ally)
Anupama Ranawana Reading (BAME member)
Darren Asante Salford (BAME member)
Keith Chambers Lewisham Deptford (Ally)
Sabina Mohideen No (Ally)
Jay Staker Oxford East City Council candidate & Oxford University Labour Club (Ally)
Craig Farlow Sedgefield None (Ally)
Bashir Ibrahim, Islington North CLP, (BAME member)
Johnbosco Nwogbo , East Worthing and Shoreham, (BAME member)
Priya O, (BAME member)
Shamir Patel Brent North Ward coordinator/delegate (BAME member)
Robert Gray North Swindon (Ally)
Alfie Adeliyi Portsmouth south Member (BAME member)
Dr Miranda Pennell Hackney South & Shoreditch (Ally)
Kate Flood, (Ally)
Toyin Kay, Croydon (Ally)
Sean Fernyhough, Ludlow (Ally)
Grace Wallis Aldershot, (Ally)
Elaine Etim ,Cities of London and Westminster CLP, (BAME member)
Dominic Breen, Runnymede and Weybridge , Vice Chair Campaigns for Runnymede and Weybridge CLP (Ally)
Joshua-Alexander Akapo Sittingbourne & Sheppy CLP Member (BAME member)
Marian Carty Croydon Nortj GC member (Ally)
Michael Bailey Erith and Thamesmead, (Ally)
Alice Crowley Hitchin and Harpenden, (Ally)
Jere Agbaje , (BAME member)
Sarah Hayford, (BAME member)
Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman, (BAME member)
Chris Spence, Newcastle-under-Lyme CLP, CLP rep on West Midlands Regional Executive Committee (Ally)
Rebecca Wilczek, Wansbeck CLP CLP Secretary (Ally)
Faheem Ealing Southall , (BAME member)
James Dudley, Darlington CWU, IWW, ACORN (Ally)
Muqtadir Syed, Hayes (Ally)
Nazia Mirza Hackney (Ally)
Cllr Aram. Rawf, South Thanet CLP, CLP BAME Officer, (BAME member)
Saleem Jeetoo, Wentworth and Dearne (BAME member)
Virginie Assal, Hulme, Manchester (BAME member)
Liam Bremer, Gorton , (Ally)
Benny Talbot, Edinburgh East, (BAME member)
Daniel Rayner, Carshalton & Wallington (Ally)
Joseph Guthrie, (BAME member)
Paula Jewers, (Ally)
Thomas Gilbert, Islington South and Finsbury (Ally)
David Toft, Swansea West (Ally)
Greg Kuczmaida, Wentworth and Dearne, Wath Ward Treasurer, Voluntary Organiser and Activist (Ally)
Pango Simwaka, Leeds, BAME member, (BAME member)
Zaariyah Bashir , West Ham, (Ally)
Muireann Crowley, Edinburgh Central, (Ally)
Alex Brent, Dulwich and West Norwood, GMB South London Universities (Ally)
Laurie Coldwell, Colne Valley, (Ally)
Taranjit chana, (BAME member)
Michelle Turner, North Wiltshire, (Ally)
Gala Tabatha, (Ally)
Benjamin Nurse, Moortown, (Ally)
Charlaine Nkum, Tooting Bec , (BAME member)
Claudia, Tooting, Communications Officer GMB Sisters (BAME member)
William Kinsella, (Ally)
Iain Anthoney, Leeds NE, m(Ally)
Kamil Nasser, Croydon North , (BAME member)
Mary Herbert, Tooting, (BAME member)
Daycia Matthews Coventry South CLP (Ally)
Gary Miller (Ally) Former Member
Daycia Matthews Coventry South CLP (Ally)
Jack Turner City of Durham (Ally)
Philip Nester Ludlow (Ally)
Ajeet Khela Hayes and Harlington (BAME member)
Liam Bremer Gorton (Ally)
Neil McLennan Hove and Portslade CLP CLP delegate (Ally)
Shelina Bakht Poplar and Limehouse (BAME member)
Ben McGowan Bromley and Chislehurst (Ally)
Fevz Hussein Morden & Mitcham (BAME member)
Xin-Ying Tai Poplar Limehouse (BAME member)
Mark Beare Oxford East (Ally)
Dylan Kerrigan Hampstead and Kilburn (BAME member)
Adrian Lee Croydon North CLP Secretary: Croydon North CLP (2018-19), CNCLP Ethnic Communities Forum (2018-19), Thornton Heath Branch (2017-18) (BAME member)
Ronak Patel Bermondsey and old Southwark Member (BAME member)
Amardeep Singh Dhillon Camberwell and Peckham Branch BAME Officer – Peckham Rye (BAME member)
Frank Chamberlain Liverpool Riverside (Ally)
Anandi Ramamurthy Gorton CLP (BAME member)
Toby Roddham Peckham and Camberwell Trade Union Liaison & EC Young Member Delegate (Ally)
Michael Chowdhury (Ally) Former Member
Caterina Lai Cullinane Camberwell & Peckham GC delegate, Labour member (Ally)
Greta Olechnowicz (Ally) Former Member
Benedict Hawkin Leeds North East (Ally)
Symrun Chatha Sheffield Central Member (BAME member)
Asheck Ahmed Islington North CLP Communications & Social Media Officer (BAME member)
V Adams (Ally)
Susan Baker (BAME member) Former Member
Mark Thomas (Ally) Former Member
Margarita Ren (Ally)
Safyan Rahman Leeds North West Member (BAME member)
Sladjana Ivanis Bury South (Ally)
Katharine Bligh Hampstead & Kilburn CLP Branch Chair. UNITE The Community (Ally) (Ally)
Peter Barnes Grantham and Stamford Member (Ally)
Sula Shepherd South Thanet (Ally)
Jack Hancock Salford & Eccles (Ally)
Anthony McCabe (Ally) Former Member
Mike Phipps Brent Central Branch chair (Ally)
Alison Bamford East Bristol (Ally)
Valerie Knight Pavilion Brighton Membership secretary (Ally)
Omayr Ghani Withington None (BAME member)
Deborah Hilal Withington Clp delegate (Ally)
Lisa Roddy Unison member (Ally) Former Member
Hilary Moules Withington (Ally)
Maisie Allen Pontypridd (Ally)
Collette Allen Ipswich (Ally)
Andy Lee Selly Oak (Ally)
Mary Mbema Dulwich and West Norwood (BAME member)
James Elsey Peckham and Camberwell Branch Youth Officer (peckham rye) (Ally)
Hannah Fyson Manchester Withington (Ally)
Dodie Ritman Withington (Ally)
Tracy Coleman Leicester West Branch Women’s Officer (Ally)
Isidoros Diakides Hornsey & Wood Green Councillor (BAME member)
Samuel Francis Dulwich and West Norwood Chair (Ally)
Freya Lewis Lambeth Member (BAME member)
Freya Lewis Lambeth Member (BAME member)
Darius Khalid Reigate (BAME member)
Rowan Fortune Brentford and Isleworth Political Education Officer (Ally)
Alex Davies Hertsmere (Ally)
Kyle Wisniewski Kirklees (Ally)
Lou Robson Birmingham Hall Green Chair Moseley & Kings Heath BLP and councillor for Hall Green North (Ally)
Shyama Samuels Hampstead and Kilburn (BAME member)
Tatum Donnellon Hampstead and Kilburn (BAME member)
Alan Molineaux (Ally) Former Member
Elaine Donnellon Hampstead and Kilburn (Ally)
Reiza Khan Leicester West Labour Party member (BAME member)
Dennis Bartholomew Croydon North Former Secretary of the CLP’s Ethnic Community Forum (BAME member)
Ian Cuthbert Birmingham Hall Green (Ally)
Annie Quick Streatham (Ally)
Kate Parker Hakcney South Ans Shoreditch Vice chair Kings Park, Bectu WPD board member (Ally)
Armaan Khan Wakefield CLP BAME Officer (BAME member)
Valerie Marriott Loughborough Political Education Officer (Ally)
Marián Carty Croydon North GC member (Ally)
Leonie Barua Brighton Pavilion BAME Officer Preston Park (BAME member)
Kaisra Khan Loughborough BAME Officer (BAME member)
Marie Lynam Hampstead and Kilburn CLP Senior officer (Ally)
Mike Cushman Streatham None (Ally)
M Johnson Birmingham (BAME member)
Y Anifowose Lewisham East Youth Officer (BAME member)
Martin Abrams Streatham Policy Officer (Ally)
Marie Hutton Lewes (BAME member)
Michael Boateng Croydon North Unite (BAME member)
Kate Stanton (Ally)
Lisa Bowett (Ally) Former Member
Linda Milbourne Streatham Chair Brixton Hill branch (Ally)
Cllr Chris Clark Croydon Central (Ally)
Rachel Krengel Croydon Central CLP Chair (Ally)
Sailee Khurjekar Harrow East (BAME member)
Linda Heiden Streatham Streatham CLP Women’s Officer (Ally)
Leoni Descartes Croydon Central Women’s Officer (BAME member)
Jacqueline Rust (Ally) Former Member
John Pawson Barking (Ally)
Varun Vassanth Harrow West (BAME member)

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