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First screened at the Rialto Theatre in Brighton during the Labour Party conference, this video is described by Platform Films as “An inquiry into an attack on democracy at the heart of Starmer’s Labour Party.”

It starts from the April 2020 Leaked  Report into the Governance and Legal Unit of the Labour Party’ handling of antisemitism and the Forde Inquiry set up to investigate its allegations.

Or, rather not with the Forde Report, as that has been delayed many times from the first target date of mid-July 2020. No publication is yet in sight

So, rather than reporting on the Report, a mini alternative hearing is organised, with the probing of evidence from some people who have been investigated and excluded from the Party.

Some of it is pure theatre!


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  • Ros Clayton says:

    Brilliant. Expect possession of video, let alone watching it, to be grounds for expulsion.

  • David D'Urso says:

    “It says the unnamed authors of the leaked report should not have had access to the WhatsApp messages, adding that one member of the WhatsApp group accidentally backed them up via their Labour email, and that a data misuse complaint is with the Information Commissioner’s Office.”

    It seems, perhaps inconveniently for some, that this data was made, however inadvertently, legally available by someone from inside the group, perhaps intentionally, to expose the inexplicable abuse of duty and trust.

  • Margaret West says:

    Oh dear – Ive watched half but cannot watch any more. Not that this is new – no – it is because it replicates much Ive heard before ..

    What has happened betrays every idea of what is regarded as humanity and decency – and I tell myself surely this will be realised soon by every Labour MP!

    The virtues of humanity and decency are generally recognised as such when they are seen to exist in a human being – as has been demonstrated this week. I ask myself therefore why their absence has not also been recognised?

  • Bernard Grant says:

    This is a brilliant video, it has been put together so as to make an impact on the viewing audience and rightly so, the whole world should know what has been taking place at the top of the LP.
    It’s roots were started immediately after Jeremy Cornyn won the Leadership contest. I noted with extreme anger, Starmer’s patronising statement about Jeremy’s Socialist Policies and how he admired them and how proud he was to call him a friend, ‘it truly beggars belief’, does he think we all believe he was being sincere, when we all watched on and saw him join Owen Smith’s campaign to oust Corbyn as leader, when he’d only been an MP for 2 years and was politically green behind the ears (and still is to this day), it’s his advisers that are pulling his strings.
    Calling Starmer a Liar in public, would never get you into a Court of Law, why, because the evidence is totally overwhelming.
    I’m going to share this video far and wide, hopefully many more people will get to know the truth about the story of JC and the Establishment’s attack on him, aided and abetted by the Press and the BBC, the Establishment’s inside man was ‘Starmer’ and his mission was the destruction of the Democratic Socialist Labour Party, starting with the removing of Jeremy Cornyn, followed by his supporters (the Left, the Party’s true Socialists), their crime, was to support the Palestinians and to condemn the policies against them by Israel.
    A big thank you to all those involved in the production of this Truth Telling video.

  • Bob Wiggin says:

    I have voted Labour for 53 years. No longer. What the right have done to what was a wonderful party is a sin. If the party can ever be returned to its founding ethos I might reconsider but I cannot see that happening now. The Party can’t suspend me for this critique because I left the party after reading that leaked report and realising I had been victim of the paid staffers’ ‘Trot hunt’ by which means they had prevented me from voting in a leadership election when they were trying for a second time to oust the party leader.

  • Janet Ingman says:

    Labour is a movement and was created for the many. With that comes a big problem- the many includes the vulnerable, the middle classes and those who envy the elite. Their wishes, needs, opinions are often very different.
    The question needs to be asked does a movement that clearly has big divides win simply on being anti Tory? The divides mean it cannot completely be socialist, centre or capitalist so can people support a party unsure of what it stands for itself?
    I judge Starmer on actions and I don’t like his wish to dispel the left and not at all if his prejudices lead a class system of support. I do however recognise that unlike tories right now he is far more clear on detailed agreements and unlike them he is warmer to the EU and a party that has these things could be better than what we have. I’m very sure the division’s will continue because there is no one clear strategy. With tories, greens and SNP there are very definite priorities. Voters know who they vote for. Even though most aren’t elite they want to be lol! (Tories).
    Should labour recognise that left and right strategies do not mix? If the party splits will it simply keep tories in? I actually doubt that because we have a centre and right party we don’t need another. We need a clear left labour. Starmer should stop trying to redwash the division’s and have a party for what his strategy is. The left can come away (just as Farage did) and campaign for a socialist party. It stops people being unsure. Many are living in poverty even a lot of the middle classes now don’t have the money to be but prefer to appear that way. We need socialists to be able to vote. It’s unfair taking this right away from us and there are plenty of us. It’s no use having different socialist parties. We want one to maximise votes. We have climate to protect, resources to raise money for and students that want to be trained but can’t afford to be and keyworkers learning how key they are but aren’t getting rewarded. The voters can choose the left labour or right.
    Starmer isn’t Tory but he feels a need to impress the powerful in order to stand a chance of being voted in. This comes across as being another right party but people on the right already vote Tory so they don’t vote but neither do the left because they want a left agenda. Have a left party and let him split the right whilst socialism is being seen as progressive once again and necessary for the climate.
    Be brave and have a new left party that says what it is, what it has to offer and let’s people vote for themselves.
    Labour cannot win when it tries to meet a Tory agenda. I don’t believe that it is all a Tory agenda. Starmer would be more capable to run the country than Johnson but he can’t sell himself to left or right voters.

  • Janis Garbutt says:

    Excellent Thank You all.

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