Model motion on disciplinary procedures

JVL Introduction

Given that the General Secretary has circulated a ruling that appears to rule out discussion of the suspension of Chris Williamson, we sugest that the motion below might be worth considering.

Model Motion

6th March 15.30; amended 18.40; amended 7th March 16.53

Calling on Jennie Formby to review guidance on current disciplinary cases

This branch notes that Jennie Formby has ruled “that individual disciplinary cases that are being/have been dealt with through the NEC Disputes Processes are confidential. Motions on individual cases are therefore not competent business for discussion at CLPs and will not be discussed by the NEC or any associated bodies”. Yet the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and a number of other members of the PLP have commented extensively in the media on disciplinary cases currently before the NEC.

This branch believes that this is a clear breach of the confidentiality Jennie Formby refers to in her guidance. This branch also believes that it is unfair for members of the PLP to be allowed to breach Party rules while CLPs and individual members are held strictly to account.

This branch therefore calls on Jennie Formby to review her guidance, particularly with regard to current disciplinary cases, and to say publicly whether members of the PLP are to be held to the same standards as CLPs and ordinary members.

In addition, this branch calls on Jennie Formby to rule that those individuals who have been suspended, and who have been subjected to extensive allegations of antisemitism and abuse in the media by leading party members, can no longer receive a fair hearing and that their suspensions should be lifted.



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  • Linda Edmondson says:

    This witch hunt is becoming ever more farcical, but also ever more frightening. I support your proposed model motion and hope it is adopted by CLPs everywhere. The suspension of Jo Bird is beyond farcical – it seems that a non-Jew can tell a Jew that the little jokes or puns they indulge in are antisemitic! Is this the end of Jewish jokes in this country? That would put a nail in Jewish culture, wouldn’t it?
    And in case you haven’t seen this latest mini-scandal, courtesy of Stephen Kinnock, you may want to circulate it:

    You will be pleased to know that at the Ludlow CLP meeting on 28 February, a motion to affiliate to JVL was passed overwhelmingly – the CLP secretary may already have notified you of this. We ran out of time to discuss the Chris Williamson suspension, but I have no doubt that we would have voted to support him – at least three emergency motions to this effect had been proposed.

  • Terence McGinity says:

    I’m waiting to see whether my Motion based on the above will be allowed. It appears it requires ‘validation’. Oh, well, if it isn’t allowed I’ll amend it.
    I once played in The Crucible at The Crucible Sheffield. Strange feelings of deja vu, because I feel I can’t defend any of the ‘accused’ by guilt of association. But even when it comes to the notion of ‘Fairness’ regarding the ruling of not speaking out on Individual Cases heaven forbid that members of the PLP who defame the accused through the media should be criticized.
    I can see no reason why my Motion shouldn’t be allowed. It doesn’t have to be controversial; just asking for fairness.
    I’m very glad for JVL otherwise one could feel quite alone at these times.
    When I worked at The Freedom Theatre in Jenin run by an Israeli I met up with many Israelis defending the Rights of Palestinians. The Labour Party should not forget that there will be many Israelis mourning, for instance, the recent shooting of a fifteen year old Palestinian child by the IDF.
    Am I allowed to say this?

  • Terence McGinity says:

    I feel I need to add to my last post that my criticism of the Israeli Government and IDF in no way diminishes my understanding of the fears Jewish people may have especially in this time of Far Right rise in Racism and antisemitism. My mother’s family some time along the line came from the Pogroms too.
    All the more important then is it to get a true picture borne out of the figures released by Jennie Formby as to the extent of antisemitism in the Labour Party. It is crucial that reported cases are dealt with ‘Due Process and Natural Justice’. It is crucial that the Chakrabati Report be adhered to. And Lord Falconer needs to apply ‘due process’ too before any pronouncements on matters which he has not yet investigated.
    Fear is a terrible and useful tool in politics. History teaches us not to remain silent.

  • Lea bentley says:

    I support your proposed model motion.

  • John Abraham says:

    A version of this motion was passed today by Monmouth CLP

  • I would like to propose that JVL should condemn in no uncertain words any attempt by Labour to police itself through inquiries into antisemtism as these have themselves turned into political purges and have made it easier for these accusations to be levelled. Furthermore, these inquiries take place behind closed doors which allows the media to spin them any which way and spares those making spurious complaints from any consequences. The proper way to deal with such matters is to refer them to the courts if the allegations are serious enough.

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