Many Jewish Voices

The latest new video from #JustJews: Jews have never spoken with just one voice. #BoardofDeputies #ManyJewishVoices

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  • Dr ALAN MADDISON says:

    Excellent video.
    The question I frequently ask is why the media seems to prefer to ignore many Jewish voices which could enrich many political debates.
    Even Labour HQ appears to stigmatise these voices closest to Labour values as ‘marginal’, whilst exhibiting an almost subservient attitude to the likes of the right-wing BoD.

  • A really enjoyable piece and very well explained.
    I Just wish air time would be given to the JVL A lot of people could learn a lot from the as they are very knowledgeable People whos voices need to be heard even more now

  • Doug says:

    We don’t claim to speak for the Jewish community could be JVL’s opening statement in any future media appearances
    But we can tell you what is and what is not anti semitism
    Why do you not establish which Jewish community people represent
    Change the way the story is framed

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