Making Israeli Palestinians third-class citizens

JVL Introduction

In July 1948 the towns of Lydd and Ramle, designated as Palestinian areas in the 1947 UN Partition Plan, were taken over by Israeli forces.

That attack, following a brief truce was, as Benny Morris put it, designed “to induce civilian panic and flight”.

And once the towns were taken Yitzhak Rabin issued an order that “The inhabitants of Lydda must be expelled quickly without attention to age….”

They were.

Some manged to return and Lod, no longer Lydd, became a mixed town in which – theoretically – Palestinians are full Israeli citizens.

But over the last decade, particularly, extremist Jews have been organising explicitly to complete the ethnic cleaning of 1948.

They are moving in, in large numbers and intimidating the local Palestinian citizens as this Al Jazeera short film shows.


A screengrab from the Al Jazeera film:

Jewish extremists marching on a mosque in Lydd

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  • Bernard Grant says:

    This is going on 70+ years later, it is never going to end until all Palestinians are either murdered or flee in fear.

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