Mail Online apologises for alleging JVL leaders “disciplined for racism”

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Mail Online apologises for alleging JVL leaders “disciplined for racism”

On 15 October, Mail Online published a piece by its Associate Global Editor, Jake Wallis Simons, headlinedGroup whose leaders have been disciplined for racism gives anti-Semitism training to Labour party”

It contained numerous misleading and mischievous statements about Jewish Voice for Labour, including accusations against senior members of JVL that were factually untrue and defamatory.

When challenged in writing by JVL officers, the Mail withdrew the story and has now published the following apology in its Clarifications and Corrections section.

Corrections and clarifications

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  • Rica Bird says:

    Really glad Jenny, Glyn, Naomi, and Jonathan can continue, along with the rest of us, standing up for what’s right, and challenging what’s wrong, Very wrong!! Guess you’re already prepared for the next set of misrepresentations, wherever they might come from!!

  • Ian Hollingworth says:

    “along with the fact that the Labour Party has not organised any trainings by Jewish Voice for Labour” – unnecessary, the scorpions!

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