Let’s talk about Palestine – JVL at the Labour Party conference


Jewish Voice for Labour at the Brighton Conference

Sunday 22nd September

6.30 pm

Renaissance Suite, Jurys Inn, Brighton Waterfront, King’s Road. BN1 2GS    

Beyond the stifling smokescreen of antisemitism allegations hurled at supporters of justice for Palestine, JVL’s fringe meeting will go to the heart of the issue – the layers of the Occupation within Israel and the Occupied Territories, the role of the Israeli Labour Party, and the UK Labour Party’s relationship to these issues.

‏Haneen Zoabi, ten years a Palestinian member of the Knesset, will describe life for Palestinians in Israel, the structures of oppression and the roles of political parties under the Israeli state.

‏Ilan Pappe, Director of the European Centre for Palestinian Studies and Professor at Exeter University, will describe the processes of ethnic cleansing and the roles of the UK, its institutions and political parties.

‏JVL speaker to be announced

‏Chair: Jenny Manson

Comments (12)

  • Wendy Patterson says:

    wonderful – I’ll be there

  • Linda Meehan says:

    Hi, is this a ticketed event? I’ll be at conference (I’m a delegate) with 2 other visitors and we’d love to attend.

  • Andrew Hornung says:

    I’m unable to attend the Party Conference but I am delighted at the stand that JVL is taking, in focussing on the rights/denial of rights of the Palestinian people rather than the question of anti-semitism (important though that has become).

  • Peter Crack says:

    In my diary. Will try to be the to support your excellent work

  • Jennifer Joy-Matthews says:

    How do I get a ticket?

  • ellie palmer says:

    Thanks to JVL for organising such an important event. I hope it gets lots of publicity. I intend to be there.

  • Kath Shaw ( member) says:

    I will be there. Standing room only no doubt.

  • Robyn dasey says:

    Brilliant call for the LP meeting & very timely after illegal Israeli attacks & demolition of 70 homes in Sur Baher, East Jerusalem.

  • Will do my best to be there. Have a date with West Ham v Man U in Stratford till @4pm
    Have heard Haneen Zoabi talk before. She is excellent, and very important to get perspectives of Palestinians within Israel.

  • John C says:

    I am very glad you are providing a platform at the Labour Party conference to talk about Palestine.

  • Maureen Purcell says:

    I hope you have booked a very large room to ensure we can all get in. Can’t wait!!

  • Riva Joffe says:

    I’d like to come down for the day to come to this. How do I get a ticket?

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