Leah Levane responds to her expulsion from the Labour Party

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Here Leah responds to the Party, expressing a visceral anger not just at the way she has been treated  but “for what this leadership and far too many in the bureaucracy and the PLP before that have done to the Party and to the hope and enthusiasm that so many people, especially young people had.”

Leah Levane writes

The Labour Party Head Office
Southside, 105 Victoria Street,
London SW1E 6QT

November 22nd 2021

Dear LP official,

Your Ref:  A143974 Case No: CN-12920

I acknowledge receipt of your letter sent at 20.29 on 25th September via email, (a Saturday night) which was during the evening at the end of the first day of the 2021 Labour Conference.  This letter announced my expulsion and offered no right of appeal.  I understand others receiving a termination of membership under this “autoexclusion” category for ‘supporting’ a now proscribed organisation have been offered an appeal under Chapter 2, Clause 1.6.   I await your confirmation that I have that right too and that your letter was therefore invalid.

Six minutes later my application to attend the conference was rejected because of a change in my status.  This letter said “Due to a change in your membership status it will not be possible to accept your application as a delegate.  Your Labour Party membership record shows that your membership is currently subject to an administrative suspension.”  (my emphasis).  I have never been subject to any form of suspension, as is evidenced by the fact that I had already attended throughout the first day as a fully accredited delegate on behalf of my CLP – Hastings and Rye.  At the very least, the timing and the malfunctioning of your department were extraordinary but not unique;  I know of several people who have left the Party but are receiving fresh Notices of Investigation.

It has taken me this long to gather my thoughts on this appalling treatment, where I have not even been given the right to appeal.  I will not even go into the ridiculous situation whereby, despite putting up no resistance to being asked to leave, I had to wait while the police were called as though I was a danger to others!!!!

Rather, I would like to know to whom you are referring when you write “we” in the letter. Please note that I am not asking for individuals’ names but the name and status of the body of the Labour Party that decided on that night to kick me out – and no I was not auto-excluded  – which is Orwellian speak for expelled. For instance: was there an NEC Panel or an NCC panel or what?  Who made the decision – officers, people elected to do this? When was the decision made?  I note that this expulsion just preceded the adoption of the new rules that the Party Leadership, under the false impression that these will address the concerns raised by the EHRC about the unfair process, in particular in relation to those accused of antisemitism.   Was this to make absolutely sure that a left wing, well informed Jewish activist would not be able to speak in the Sunday morning debate on those new rules?

You will doubtless claim that you have addressed the concerns I raised in my 16th August response to the “Notice of Possible Autoexclusion” sent to me on Friday 13th August but I am flabbergasted that the points I raised about the definition of “supporter” and the retrospective application of an NEC decision were regarded as irrelevant .  And this by the Party that introduced the Human Rights Act into law and that is led by a Human Rights lawyer.  But then this lawyer said in his Conference speech (to which I listened carefully – twice) that what he learned from his work at the DPP was that “we are all equal before the law”!  A conclusion that would be laughable if it were not so insulting to every Black person unjustly stopped by the police, to every woman who has been raped or sexually assaulted and had no redress, to all the poor people who cannot afford to go to law, to every tenant terrified to even ask for repairs because they fear a Section 21 eviction notice or a rent rise as a result of “improvements made” if the repairs are done; an insult to every ordinary person who does not have the resources to lobby to make sure that the law is designed in their interests rather than those of powerful Corporations, their owners and shareholders; try telling that to the miners at Orgreave, to the families of those killed and then vilified at Hillsborough, tell that to the refugees and asylum seekers who are incarcerated, to those who lived in Grenfell Tower and all the people who are trapped in flats where similar cladding is being used.

If that is how Starmer thinks this is what “equality before the law” looks like then it is no surprise that he seems more than happy to lead a Party that treats its own hard working members, who pay with our – sorry their – own time and money to participate because of the hope that this Party built to represent the interests of the working class in Parliament would do what it was set up to do instead of driving the heart and soul out of the Party and making it very clear that those in power have nothing to fear from a Labour government.

And if this is how Starmer thinks he is demonstrating that “every Jew counts” in the Labour Party, tell that to Mike Howard and Riva Joffe, proud anti racist , pro Palestinian Jews who died with the accusation of antisemitism hanging over them.  I can tell you that Mike Howard died furious with the Labour Party to which he had dedicated so many years.  This is not a stain on their memories but on the Labour Party’s.  Is Starmer telling me, one of the Co Chairs of Jewish Voice for Labour, also a proud Jewish pro Palestinian anti racist and activist, that I don’t count?  Doesn’t my well being and “feeling comfortable” matter?  Obviously not.  I consider these actions, expelling Jews for antisemitism to be antisemitic itself; to act as though the Jewish, or any other community, speaks with one voice is ludicrous and insulting. Or am I the wrong sort of Jew? – you know the sort that believes in socialism and internationalism, that believes in standing with the oppressed and not the oppressor – the very beliefs and values I would have thought the Labour Party would be proud to acknowledge and welcome.  Instead the leadership of this Party prefers to stand with those who conflate Judaism and Zionism, antizionism and antisemitism.  The Party leadership is now supporting those who, at the very least, see Settlements as part of Israel as evidenced by Keir Starmer speaking at an event with Tsipi Hotoveley.

I am angry, much angrier than I realised before I started writing this: my anger is not about my expulsion, I am not that important, no individual is; my anger is for what this leadership and far too many in the bureaucracy and the PLP before that have done to the Party and to the hope and enthusiasm that so many people, especially young people had.

I do not know how to sign this letter – the bizarre “kind regards” included in the emails with such letters attached and even the “yours sincerely” seem inappropriate so I will just sign off

No longer yours,

Leah Levane
(Ex) Hastings & Rye CLP, former councillor, former Chair of Labour Group.








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  • dave says:

    Leah says: “I am not that important, no individual is.”

    I disagree. We are all important. The anger I feel is about the current leadership stripping membership from often live-long socialist members. Labour is a party that is the only political home for many and we’ve co-existed with the right for many years and leaders and policies come and go. They have no authority to take over the membership and by referring people to the Samaritans they know full well the impact this has on a way of life, particularly at local branch and CLP level.

    The ray of light is that members can be readmitted as easily as they were expelled once we are rid of the current leader and his administration.

  • val says:

    I don’t understand the why and what for but what I do know is that you see the good in everybody and everything. You give your time, effort and love to all and are admired, loved and respected by many people all over the world. They may think they can silence your voice but they can’t invalidate the person you are and the many peoples lives you have touched.

  • Kate Parker says:

    Thank you for writing this. I joined this party with such hope and now I feel ashamed and worried. Solidarity.

  • Rita Craft says:

    Well spoken Leah, all of it justified. The Labour Party is much poorer in talent for expelling you.
    Rita Craft, (resigned in despair and disgust, from the Labour Party.)

  • Dee says:

    Wow. U r quite rightly angry, I am too for Mike and Riva going to there death beds being labelled so unfairlyas AS.

  • Russ Brasington says:

    Wonderfully angry letter Leah. An anger that is fully justified. Solidarity comrade.

  • Ron Kempshall says:

    Read your letter Leah, it also makes me angry that the leadership of the Labour Party is using any excuse to throw out true Socialists of the Party. It’s got to stop,Starmer only wants yes puppets left within so as to keep his job ! It’s as if he doesn’t want the labour Party to win the next election !

  • Ann Kramer says:

    A very powerful response Leah; it saddens me enormously that you have to write this and that the leadership has driven the Party so far from what what but should be. You speak for many.

  • Adam Hurst says:

    Well said Leah

  • Jim Malone says:

    Many of us share your anger Leah, your outstanding contribution to our movement stands in stark contrast to those engaged in this appalling witch-hunt, in solidarity.

  • Ian Wilson says:

    I’m furious too. How on Earth have we ended up with a PLP like this?

  • Chris Webb says:

    The number of Jewish members of the Labour Party who have left, been suspended from or expelled from the Labour Party must be published, both in total and as a proportion of the original number of Jewish members prior to this purge.
    Much was made be one Jewish former member rejoining. This should be put into context.

  • Charlotte Williams says:

    Very well said Leah and many thanks for your outrage.

  • Les Hartop says:

    A virtual hug from me to you Leah, and a virtual cheer, and a virtual clenched fist.

    You are great, honest, compassionate and a true champion of justice, truth, decency and democracy. You are in the right !

    They are a small unpopular puny little clique who have no respect for truth.
    They lie and harass Labour Party members, and they trample on all known standards of democracy. They are so in the wrong that they support vicious racists abroad, and they attack Jewish socialists here.

    The left in the party have been the horse that has given this right-wing clique a free ride for decades. Now they want to beat this horse from under them.
    They are heading for disaster.

    Some people, like Starmer, say they were born into Labour Party families, but this means nothing more than being born into a family that supports a particular football team.
    And it gives them no inheritance right to knock down what their predecessors may have helped to build.

    The views of their parents prove nothing about their own politics or instincts for justice and equality.

    They may think they are Labour, and that Labour should share their own right-wing zionist views. But they are not Labour, they were just born into, or got a job in, a party that didn’t suit them, and when we steal it back, or create a new one, then it must be a 100% democratic party that neutralises them and people like them in the future.

  • Dr Rodney Watts says:

    Yes, dave, I should think we all agree every single solitary member is important, and Leah has played such an important role over so many years. When historians look back over these bizarre times –and I am hopeful that it will not be in the too distant future– there will be harsh judgements on the quality of present Labour leadership. Chris Webb’s wish to see the statistics of Jewish suspension and removal, I would imagine is shared by many of us. Dr Alan M., are you ready to go?

  • Julia says:

    Utterly shameful treatment of yet another fine and honourable person. And yes Chris Webb, it would be extremely useful if someone was in a position to collate and publicise that information.

  • Hugh Roper says:

    Reply to Chris Webb (14.46): many Labour Party members opt to self-identify their ethnicity, for instance by declaring themselves as BAME, or by supporting autonomous groups such as this, where one is quite reasonably asked whether regards oneself as Jewish or not Jewish. However, as far as I am aware, the Labour Party does not systematically collect data on ethnic or racial affiliation of its members. So I think it would be difficult for the party itself to provide the numbers and proportions that Chris would like to see published.
    The party has of course made it more difficult to assess whether or to what extent it is actively discriminating against Jewish members by threatening those who have been sent notices of investigation or suspension if they go public.
    If the Starmer-Evans leadership is targeting for investigation and prospective expulsion a whole sector of the party in which Jews are comparatively prominent and vocal that seems to me to be an activity which risks bringing the party into disrepute, whether or not it constitutes ‘antisemitism’.

  • Tony Gorman says:

    Perhaps someone needs to produce a simple graph showing the number of Jewish members expelled from the party. A picture speaks a thousand words. Utterly shameful episode in this ongoing campaign against pro-Palestinian members

  • Steve McKenzie says:

    Utterly duplicitous degenerates, not fit to tie Leah’s shoelaces

  • Daniel Vulliamy says:

    Righteous anger and deepest sympathy, Leah.

  • Hanna Khamis says:

    There can be no doubt – the LP is now truly antisemitic, joining that long list of pro-Zionist and antisemitic organisations.

  • Tony Dennis says:

    Leah – I share your bitterness and anger at the way that you, and other good comrades, have been treated by the current leadership. The only question now is whether those of us who are (just about) still in the Party should stay and try to change its direction, or whether we conclude that it’s a lost cause. Whatever we decide, sympathy and solidarity to you.

  • Michael O'Hara says:

    Sell your soul to the Devil of political power or stand on principles, never to be elected. We need a platform to bring our socialist message to the people. Ideas please.

  • Excellent and very moving letter. The Labour Party doesn’t deserve to receive such a letter given their shoddy and dishonest behaviour

  • Leah, you have every right to be angry. I am equally angry about the British cringe culture which enables this execrable state of affairs.

  • Rob Gardiner says:

    Firstly, love and best wishes to Leah, and try not to take it personally. I can imagine how deeply upsetting and emotionally draining this sequence of events have been for you. Before anything else let us demonstrate the qualities of empathy and humanity so grossly lacking in the behaviours directed at you as an individual. I feel a visceral response in reading your letter. However, though shocked I am not surprised, as these are the endgame points in a calculated strategy, dating back a number of years. Starmer is the Manchurian candidate , in that he was deliberately selected, primed and prepared, and triggered at tactical stages to behave in certain ways. The goal was to fatally damage Corbyn and to take back the Labour Party, in which they have succeeded.

  • Sabine Ebert-Forbes says:

    Hi Leah, thank you for putting into words what many of us feel and think. Personally, I
    feel a mix of anger, disbelief and sadness at the treatment you and others have received.
    You are an inspiration to us all.

  • Greg Douglas says:

    Disgraceful treatment of you Leah and other Jewish Socialists
    What has particularly upset me during these struggles is the lack of protest and support from the residual party membership. In my own case when I presented a motion in my branch which was ruled non competent by district officials, the members reactions in the main were to accept the rules as had been laid down and not to support me, even when I argued on democratic principles.
    It appears that too many members want to use the LP to campaign on perceived ‘local’ issues and are not prepared to participate in national arguments of Socialist principles. I conclude that unfortunately party members do not have a sound understanding of what socialist principles are. There is a great need for public education,both within and outside the party.
    Solidarity with Leah,Naomi,Graham,Jacky and all those stalwart comrades being victimised!

  • ian duncan Kemp says:

    absolutely disgraceful what has the Labour party become under Starmer-Evans regime. It is not the LP that I or any descent person could possibly support.. I left last yr as I could no longer be part of this Labour party. I am more disgusted and ashamed every day with what has happened. I support you Leah and all others who have been treated by a Labour party in this way.. When are the descent members going to wake up and challenge the nonsense that is going on ??

  • John Nesbitt says:

    A very good respose, Leah. Hardly surprising that they evicted you, you are hardly the sort the Bliar Party wants, especially in a position of influence, don’t you think?. These Bliarites are intent on destroying any opposition in our country, sowing hate and division everywhere,in an attempt to destroy our Democracy.
    Cicero described them well: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

  • Diane Nichol says:

    The Labour party has become the anti-Jew party – is that not antisemetic ?

  • Mary Davies says:

    A powerful letter.

    Starmer has vandalised the Labour Party.

  • Judith Kelman says:

    I honestly don’t think we have a Labour Party anymore. I don’t know what it is now. Something not very nice at all. Fantastic letter though Leah. All my best wishes to you.

  • Emmy says:

    Leah Levane’s exclusion from Conference was the tipping point for me. My direct debit instruction mysteriously disappeared from my bank account that day.

  • Steve Morris says:

    I stand with you Leah. It’s time those from whom our Party was stolen fight to get it back.

  • bob cannell says:

    I never thought I would see the day when a Labour leader was so duplicitous in almost everything he does. Like Boris, he says one thing and does the opposite. So sorry you have been treated like this. We support you. We agree with your statements in your letter. This is now a racist, anti-semitic party. Institutionally anti-semitic in generalising ‘The Jew’ and not recognising that Jews like any other group, are diverse in opinions and individual human beings. Anti-zionism (opposition to illegal settlements and opposition to apartheid laws) is NOT anti-semitism. But it is now party policy to agree with this racist policy.

  • Doug says:

    This is a policy set by another part of the Jewish Community, Danny Finklestein on Politics Today doesn’t think Temporary Embarrassment is going fast enough
    Might be time to start getting your retaliation in first

  • Graeme Atkinson says:

    Very justifiably angry and very moving, Leah. Starmer and his right-wing stooges don’t give a tuppenny damn about socialism or the working class.

    Their utter dereliction of political duty and their desertion of the working has even allowed filth like de Pfeffel Johnson to masquerade as defenders of working people.

    The situation we now find ourselves in beggars belief and people like you, Leah, and comrades like Graham Bash, Jo Bird, John Dunn and Roger Silverman to name but few are absolutely vital to the struggle to defeat the right-wing and turn the situation round.

  • Eric Brooker says:

    The ultimate irony.

  • Alan Stanton says:

    Though I’ve never met Leah, I wish I had. And that applies to many other supporters of JVL. They seem similar in many ways to the finest members and friends I know from years in my local Labour Parties.

    But plainly there must far more happening here than targeting a few hundred members. Something behind the curtain of the rulebook; and beneath bureaubabble paragraphs of official letters and emails.

    Did Keir Starmer ever meet and speak to Leading JVL members? If not; why not? Is he afraid of catching dissent from the sandwiches at such a meeting? Or afraid that JVL is such a dangerous and persuasive bunch of people that he might change his mind?

    Or perhaps he fears some informer will take photos or make an audio of such a meeting? Accusing him of sharing a plate of biscuits with these evil ones?

    Or maybe his aim is wider? To dispense with Party volunteers? Who for years delivered leaflets, held meetings, fundraised and selected candidates? Is this utterly old-fashioned? No longer needed on the online journey the Party must take? “Going forward” into a world where experts craft messaging and policies. Dumping all bottom-up socialist notions as just so much dusty attic rubbish. A new dawn of a new electoral world where Macron-like figures can be slotted together to win elections in a few months?

    If Keir Starmer can’t tell the truth about why he and his close allies lack loyalty to so many socialist members who’ve been loyal to the Party, perhaps some other Party insiders can say.

    After all, it can’t just be jealousy? That JVL has a far better website with livelier writing and more readers?

  • James Simpson says:

    Anyone who joins the Labour party and expects it to be socialist or even vaguely leftist must be in ignorance of its entire history. It has never been the party of labour, but one of accommodating labour’s needs with those of capital. As such, the workers’ needs will always come a distant second. Like Mr Corbyn, who seems never to have understood this and has become a figure of contempt by those in power in the party he foolishly clings to, Jewish socialists are wasting their time and energy if they expect more than Keir Starmer is prepared to offer them. Labour is the party which began the privatisation of the NHS, which delighted in cutting taxes for the wealthy (being intensely relaxed about a few becoming obscenely wealthy) and in making others rich at our expense by enthusiastically accelerating the Private Finance Initiative – for which our grandchildren will still be paying. Leave and don’t look back.

  • John says:

    The very allegation of antisemitism against Left Wing Jews is clear evidence that the Labour Party is now the enemy of progress. It is Tweedledee to the Tory’s Tweedledum. The country and the world would be better off if it disappeared and we go rid of the two party system. Starmer is simply appalling.

  • Kuhnberg says:

    Those who carry out these absurd expulsions on behalf of an authoritarian leader who won his position with lies should remember how the leaders and enablers of past witch-hunts, in Salem in 1692/3 and in 1950s America, have been judged and are now remembered in history.

  • Liz Shephard says:

    Brilliant response from Leah. Realising just how badly people are being treated takes a toll of anger – but fighting back is the only way to treat these malicious impostors.

  • Doug says:

    Has anyone NOT cancelled their d/d

  • Pam L says:

    Fantastic letter, Leah. I wish you strength!

  • Martin Woodford says:

    This person, from what she writes here, seems very much the right kind of Jew, in fact, the right kind of human being.

    Thank you so much, Leah Levane, for helping us to understand your thoughts and feelings.

  • David Edwards says:

    The throwing of good Socialists on the bonfire of supposed anti Semitism started on Corbyn and Mac Donnell’s watch but if they had been stronger this mass expulsion crap wouldn’t have happened now.

  • Al Barz says:

    My heart goes out to you Leah, from one who is neither Jewish nor ever a member of the Labour Party.
    Ever since Jeremy Corbyn gave millions of us hope, it has been clear that his reputation of working to reduce antisemitism everywhere was to be ignored by a corrupt narrative that places Zionism above Jewishness, capitalism above socialism, and might above right.
    I hope you find some degree of solace in being right, as the exponential growth of injustice continues in that rotting administration.

  • Gerry Bender says:

    I resigned my 45 + years membership of the LP in January 2021.
    I no longer believe that the party is inclusive or socialist let alone Democratic.
    I was prompted to resign and withdraw my financial contributions due to the treatment of valued ex members such as yourself.
    Additionally, the current power given to Local Officials to over rule the determination of local membership and local parties to promote worth while causes.
    I totally empathise with you and the other membership of JVL and the other proscribed organisations .
    Gerry Bender

  • Katie James says:

    It is truly shocking what is happening to good Labour councillors and party members who support Palestine. Not just what but how their expulsion us handled with no right to appeal.
    I am furious too for these good anti racist people, supporting a country / Israel that is taking over another country via its “settlements”.
    Starmer is a huge disappointment and should know better being a Human Rights lawyer…shame on him.
    My thoughts go out to Leah and others affected too. Hopefully they can join together and continue their good work in support of those victims of Isreal’s aggressive takeover of another country’s land.

  • Neil G says:

    As Ken Loach pointed out following his expulsion from the Party: Starmer is not interested in “democracy” or “making the Party a safe place..”. He is concerned soley about power and protecting the status quo.

  • Alan Stanton says:

    A small P.S. in response to Neil G above, about a “Safe Place”.

    Could you, Neil,or anyone else, please recommend an author who has recently published a helpful recent article or book (or made a video?) on “Safe Spaces”.
    Hopefully in a balanced way and from different angles. I’d like to read and learn more about the issues raised.
    I’ve come across a few examples where it’s used very loosely to silence dissent, by someone who seems to mean: a group where people disagreed with them.

  • pamela blakelock says:

    The Labour Party is a contradictory beast comprising workers fighting to strengthen trade unions against the needs of capital and the Liberal/Fabian philosophy of acceptance of the British Empire and now the US hegemon. Corbyn as an anti-imperialist but a reformist one, was still too dangerous for the UK/USA alliance to bear and he had to be put down. As others have noted, his desire to keep the Labour Party together led to peace/compromise with the Right of the party, ie Tom Watson et al and therefore he threw Livingstone, Wadsworth, Jackie W Chris Williamson etc to the wolves. Therefore he could not fight the Israel lobby which was his undoing and the successful purge of the left. Leah is a brave victim in this Orwellian purge where black is white and anti racists are labelled racists. I joined to support Corbyn and then JVL as a Jewish voice which has more weight to condemn Zionism, but we are being silenced. We have to find find new ways to keep our voices heard.

  • Joe W says:

    Totally agree with all that has been said and especially sharing the admiration for you, Leah, for the brave fight you and others have put up. For the past couple of years I’ve viewed with increasingly alarm what’s been going on and I’ve said to my friends, that I think, slowly but surely, we are going to be finding out for ourselves what it’s like to be a Palestinian. Of course, our houses are not being bull-dozed, our children are not being shot or arrested and tortured, our environment is not being systematically ruined by crazed racist settlers and our land is not being stolen. But our human and political rights, our hope and our spirit is being crushed and we are being denied any public space. The media is colluding in this too.
    In my area, the purge of councillors and non-selection of able people by the Labour Party is not just confined to pro-Palestinian and socialist candidates but anyone who might, just might, dissent, say, because of previous activism on green issues.
    All this is happening to what end? That’s the question. The Establishment are securing all the levers of power and battening down the hatches. Why?

  • Carol Taylor-Spedding says:

    Eloquently said Leah. Kier Starmer and David Evans are trying to destroy the Labour party and with it, any hope of a better life for the many in this country and justice for Palestinians. However, the international tide is turning and I believe the present leadership will soon be left high and dry. I know you will continue your good work and thank you for all you have done up to this point.

  • Roland Glover says:

    Brave words, strongly spoken. Many of us stand with the JVL in their committed stance against antizionism and oppression of any sort.

  • Philip Bradley says:

    Wonderful letter Leah. I still remain a LP member but have declared myself on strike in terms of activity. Nevertheless resignation is never far from my mind and I only remain in because of some decent people in the local Party. One day I do hope you will be able to rejoin Leah but my guess is your skills, determination and socialist principles will be used in other forums and organisations.

  • Brenda Slessor says:

    Good for you Leah. I feel like leaving but I know I should stay and try to help the LP get back on track campaigning for a fair transition to a sustainable future and for the revival of the NHS instead of sniping in parliament and getting rid of our best campaigners. I am sure you have plenty of ways of being active and I am sure you will be back in the Party before long. (I hope you want to!)

  • Julie Wright says:

    Another hard working councillor treated like shit starmer your an utter disgrace

  • Lynda says:

    Your letter moved me deeply. I too was suspended for so called anti semitism when I was a Palestinian activist. Question is where next

  • Huw says:

    Didn’t realise that it was this bad.
    Yours in solidarity.
    An utter disgrace
    Justice 4 Leah.
    Stop the witchhunt

  • Ian Patrick Beddowes says:

    The Labour Party has now become thoroughly racist and pro-apartheid. Starmer seems to be trying to outdo Blair as an utter reactionary. My disgust is total.

  • Mark says:

    Starmer is like a cuckoo in the nest.

  • Jay Kramer says:

    Solidarity Leah 🌹🌹🌹

  • Julie Pearn says:

    The management committee of Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine sends solidarity to Leah Levane, pro-Palestinian Jewish socialist activist now expelled from the Labour Party. Leah represents the third generation of a family which has given decades of devoted and elected service to the party, campaigning above all for peace and against racism and fascism. Leah’s expulsion through an opaque process and against natural justice is a stain on the party.

  • James Hall says:

    Correction: Starmer is not ‘a human rights lawyer’ and never has been. He is an ambitious self-seeker who once represented a few parties in human rights cases in order to further his career – there is a difference.

  • steve mitchell says:

    Like many others I ended my membership after the Whip was withdrawn from JC. I first joined the Party in 1956 as a Young Socialist. It seems Starmer is trying to resurrect New Labour taking advice from Mandelson ,Blunkett and Alan Milburn who appeared on Newsnight last week urging Labours use of the private health sector. There have been four global catastrophes. After WW1 and the banking crash the world pursued entirely the wrong policies for recovery. Only in 1945 were the right policies adopted. The Attlee government changed this country for the better. It emancipated the working class. The world is in a very similar situation to that after WW2. Orwell wrote in 1941 that on order to win the War the country needed socialism.. The population needed something to give them hope if they were to bear the privations of war. He was right. The country needs the same policies which gave us the best three decades ever experienced by working people . Those who say they look forward to a moderate Labour Government are actually saying they don’t want real change. Thousands joined the Labour Party when Corbyn became leader because they wanted change. They were not Far Left or Trotskyists. They were ordinary folk who wanted someone to give them hope. There is no point in electing a middle of the road Labour government. Starmer and his right wing cohort have never been Democratic Socialists nor will they ever be. They seek power without purpose.

  • Emma says:

    It seems Mr.Starmer is not behaving democratically, these expulsions are shameful,Leah should not have been treated in this way,its so worrying and frustrating that labour hasn’t got a suitable leader in power at this crucial time when we need someone of integrity at the labour helm who knows how to lead and is fair minded and democratic in their actions.perhaps members need to demonstrate to demand another leadership election.

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