Labour MPs supporting the new Code of Conduct

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H/t Skwawkbox for this story:

EL4C (Ealing Labour for Corbyn), one of the best known Labour campaign groups, has published an open letter to the MPs in its borough and is asking those who agree with its message to share it on their social media and tag their MP to make them and the public aware of their opinion.


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  • Alan Maddison says:

    I welcome this letter, and express my thanks to those who wrote it.

    Even the author of the initial IHRA working definition, Kenneth Stern, says his definition should be modified. He said it was never designed for use by institutions, ( so needs adaption anyway) and has been used to unfairly silence legitimate criticism of Israeli policies concerning Palestine.

    The cross-party Home Affairs Select Committee, in their 2016 report into antisemitism, also recommended that the IHRA definition examples could not be used without qualification because of their potential effect on free speech. None of the Labour MP critics of the NEC code made any complaint that this HASC report would be treating the Jewish community with contempt. In fact three of them ( Chuka Umunna, Keir Starmer and Anna Turley) were members of the HASC at the time!!!

    There is no evidence that antisemitism is more prevalent among Labour members than those of other parties, so why such focus on Labour? I think we all know the answer, and it undermines the genuine fight against antisemitism as the extreme right grows across Europe and the USA.

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