Labour activists for justice – a further update

Diane Neslen

This is the first of a series of interviews issued by Labour Activists for Justice (LA4J) – others will be posted over the next few days/weeks.

Diana Neslen, aged 81 is an Orthodox Jew and is a delegate to Ilford South CLP.

She is one of the group Labour Activists 4 Justice, LA4J— her account can be read in our previous update.

In this video – follow the link below – she explains her reasons for joining in this legal action against the Labour Party.  She gives the background to her story, and why she and other members have been forced to use the law to try and get justice in the Labour Party.

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Comments (14)

  • Timothy MCCORD says:

    You deserve everybody’s full support and certainly have mine – I was happy to contribute and sincerely hope this action is successful.

  • Mathew Teale says:

    Jewish comrades seem to be disproportionately targetted by Labour’s unfair and disfunctional disciplinary system which makes the Labour Party an unsafe space for Jewish socialists.
    I have donated to LA4J as court action seems to be the only way to defend Labour Party democracy.

  • Mary Davies says:

    A marvellous woman.

  • David Stretton says:

    This sums up all that is wrong with Labour at the current time. If Starmer, Adonis, Evans and all can’t see that perhaps it is they that need to join another party.

    Solidarity with all our Jewish comrades.

  • Linda P says:

    You certainly have my full support, this kind of injustice needs to be challenged in the courts.

  • Jamal El Kheir says:

    A brave Jewish woman challenging the lie that the British Jewish community are a single voice who all hate Corbyn!
    You deserve the support of all members, if they believe in democracy.
    Happy to have contributed to your fight for justice.

  • DJ says:

    Solidarity Diana!

  • Sally Field says:

    3 times a day Orthodox Jews pray for the return to Jerusalem by those living in the diaspora.
    The connection between Orthodox Judaism and the land of Israel predates modern Zionism by thousands of years and I find it interesting that a so called Orthodox Jew would be anti Zionist.
    I find this lady’s views are incoherent only because she professes to be Orthodox unless she is a member of a fundamentalist group.

  • Joyce Waring says:

    Sorry but I do not believe that Ms Neslen is an Orthodox Jew!
    Orthodox Jews are inherently Zionist even if some sects don’t believe in political Zionism. They pray for Zion 3 times a day, they mourn the destruction of the Temple, they celebrate festivals that are mentioned in the bible and pray for the coming of the messiah who will lead them to The Promised Land.
    Perhaps ms Neslen is being opportunistic by claiming to be Orthodox so as to make her opposition to Zionism more acceptable

  • Ronnie First ( Perth ) says:

    I wonder if Ms Neslen could inform us which Orthodox community she belongs to because I have doubts that she is a practicing Orthodox Jew !

  • Jock Orkin says:

    I must assume from your attitude towards Israel that you are Ultra Orthodox ,possibly Satmar or Neturei Karta.Would your position change if the Mashiach arrived and led all Jews back to the Promised Land ?
    I bid you a Good Shabbes and a belated Gut Yontiff for Tu bi Shevat
    from Melbourne ,Australia

  • Diana Neslen says:

    It seems that a number of people find it difficult to believe that I am a member of an orthodox synagogue. For the record, I have been a member of an orthodox synagogue for all my adult life. Most orthodox Jewish synagogue members do not conform to the 613 mitzvot, but that does not exclude them from membership. And while the belief system incorporates a spiritual longing for zion, there is nothing in the belief that demands fealty to a political ideology and in my view making submission to Zionism a condition of Orthodox belief is nothing short of blasphemy

  • Professor Monty Jochelson says:

    Your cri de couer reminds me of Peter Beinart in his book The Crisis of Zionism.He is an Orthodox Jew who is disenchanted by the policies if the various right wing Israeli governments.As the psalmist says Chazak ve. Ematz [be strong and of good courage – ed]

  • Ruth Patemkin says:

    “making submission to Zionism a condition of Orthodox belief is nothing short of blasphemy”

    Sorry Diane your comment which I quote above is nothing short of ignorance of Judaism!
    I wish you many hours of meaningful study of Judaism with special reference to the connection of Judaism with the land of Israel as a spiritual and religious undertaking which predates political Zionism by centuries.
    (I was very upset to see how you pushed away your little dog from you in what seemed to be an insensitive act.)

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