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See Why JVL is supporting legal action against the Labour Party for a general statement and overall summary of the issues at stake.

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John Davies (age 67) is a former chair of St Michael’s branch, Liverpool Riverside CLP, one of the largest branches in the country. A member since 2015, he has participated in antiracist and antifascist movements all his life and served on the Liverpool Riverside CLP Executive during Louise Ellman’s tenure as MP. He is accused of 7 instances of hostility or prejudice based on race or religion. The instances are mostly re-posts of material posted by others, including a former Israeli minister and a Palestinian doctor, and the charges are based on definitions of antisemitism in a version of an antisemitism code of conduct that the Labour Party will not publish. Mr Davies denies all the charges.

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  • John McLaughlin says:

    John Davies is a socialist, and is not antisemitic. This will be down to Starmer and his none socialist mob. The Labour party must get rid of Starmer.

  • DJ says:

    Solidarity John!

  • Ian Kemp says:

    Starmer is focusing on the wrong problem. As leader he has been a failure. vindictive taking his orders from Blairites anti socialists creating division, not harmony. In league with likes Hodge Streeting Mann Berger Smeeth Blair Mandelson . He is splitting the party just like Kinnock. That got him nowhere. John like many others is a very good Member of LP. Good luck to him.
    It is beginning to lock that a new party has to started . Some sort of PR would help this to happen. It will take a long time . I may take at least two elections. The oldies like me have to die out. The young are so much more progressive like my daughter. They are internationalist, do not read the right wing press are very aware. There is hope.
    The way things are with the Labour party under Starmer focusing as he is on the so called red wall and focus groups that are not reliable as they are also influenced by MSM. Political illiteracy dominated the UK I fear.

  • Linda says:

    Starmer’s now under attack from ALL SIDES – including the mainstream media – which is a sea change from the recent past.

    Are the public being readied for a leadership challenge from some favoured right-winger? If so, whom?

  • Emma says:

    Thankyou for sharing your experience and I hope you succeed in your case for justice.
    I cannot support a party and it’s leadership that are behaving in such a manner.
    Don’t give up in your pursuit of justice.

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