JVL submits further complaint to the EHRC

JVL Introduction

A story about JVL’s new letter of complaint to the EHRC has appeared on Skwawkbox and we repost it below.

This letter makes explicit  that “the Party is disproportionately targeting and disciplining Jewish members that question the Party’s interpretation of antisemitism, as compared with non-Jewish members.

JVL believes that on latest figures five times more Jewish than non-Jewish Party members have faced complaints of antisemitism.

The Action Plan, JVL argues, failed to consider or reflect the views of ‘Jewish stakeholders’ widely and Party policy “would appear to be having the opposite effect to that which was intended; namely the exacerbation as opposed to elimination of the mistreatment of Jewish members by the Party”.

This article was originally published by Skwawkbox on Fri 1 Oct 2021. Read the original here.

Exlusive: JVL tells EHRC Labour’s abuse of Jews worse – and you’re not responding appropriately

New submission via Bindmans outlines more neo-Labour discrimination – and calls on EHRC to engage as new complaint, not discussion of old one


Lawyers acting for Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) have made a further submission to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), accusing Keir Starmer’s Labour of escalating its abuse of Jews in the party – and the EHRC of sidelining their complaint by treating it as commentary on the EHRC’s previous investigation.

In fact, as JVL has made clear from the outset, its submission is a new complaint calling for a new investigation into the behaviour of a party machine that has not just ignored left-wing Jews but specifically targeted them in its purge of left-wing members – resulting in a level of persecution more than 200 times higher for JVL officers than for non-Jewish party members and 33 times higher for rank-and-file members of JVL.

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  • Nick Elvidge says:

    Excellent let’s see Mr forensic in the dock for promoting anti-semitism as well as the Rights racism vs Muslims and black people well done! Lets get the Forde report done!

  • Terry Messenger says:

    In today’s Labour Party, Jewish people are only allowed to have one opinion on Israel/Palestine. If they differ from the line, they are persecuted. What on earth is the Labour Party doing persecuting the persecuted? We’re supposed to be on the side of the persecuted. A management of the malevolent has taken over.

  • Caroline Raine says:

    Excellent submisssion. The EHRC seems to have adopted a position of permanently barring these complaints, no matter that they are new. This further adds to the feeling we are being ignored and discriminated against.

  • John Bowley says:

    Thank you again, Jewish Voice for Labour colleagues and comrades, for determinedly battling persecution. It is sickening that the nasty Labour Party establishment (the same as made so much of a repeated big lie about its own socialist party members) is itself being antisemitic in its illegal purges.

  • Roy Dunnett. says:

    I fully support your approach to this issue. I find it difficult to fully understand their reasoning, put bluntly what have you done wrong as an organisation?

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