JVL says: vote for the full JC9

The Momentum call to drop Pete Willsman is cowardly and shameful and stupid. Willsman is no antisemite. Not voting for Pete gives the right an NEC place on a plate and risks letting in an anti-Corbyn majority. Vote the full #JC9 including Willsman And Lansman. Don’t commit political hari kiri

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  • Adrian Stern says:

    I voted for him!

  • Tony Graham says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Danny Nicol says:

    Momentum are left-liberals not socialists and this is a prelude to a general surrender to the Labour Right, either Syriza-style in government or (quite probably given this slate sell-out) beforehand.

  • Mary Tapissier says:

    I agree totally with your comments.
    I have already voted for the JC9 including Peter.

  • Michael Westcombe says:

    I voted for him. Solidarity.

  • rob gardiner says:

    I have already voted for Peter Willsman and stand by that decision full heartedly. Part of this fake furore is to prevent Jeremy gaining a sympathetic majority on the N.E.C. And questions need to be asked about who made this recording within a confidential meeting. Does this action not offend basis principles and did not the culprit transgress rules and regulations?

  • Teresa Steele says:

    I voted all 9, there is an end goal, to have an even footing in the political arena.

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