JVL Comments Policy – a reminder


We have always had a comments policy and most people respect it. We generally approve anything that is trying to contribute to constructive discussion and debate.

So we bin all comments that are simply hostile, abusive, of the yah-boo-sucks variety. Or simply trying to score points.

The number of comments has also been increasing – a welcome sign that people turn to us as a site where reasoned discussion can be found.

Unfortunately, the length of some comments is also spiralling – quite often now they are longer than the articles they are commenting on!

So please remind yourselves of our Comments Policy (see below) before posting. If you believe your comments add something significant to the debate and they can’t be cut, you can always try submitting them as proposals for postings on the site in their own right.

Please keep your comments coming – short, succinct and to the point!


JVL Comments Policy

All comments are moderated.

We welcome substantive comments on our postings, including ones that contest their content and raise reasoned criticisms.

We reject those that are simple dismissals without argument, make personal attacks, contain abusive language, or ethnic, racist or religious slurs or tropes or cause gratuitous offence.

We urge you to make your observations on topic, in a respectful, thoughtful and factual way. Keep them to a reasonable length. We will rarely approve comments of more than 300 words and prefer them shorter.

We reserve the right to edit or reject comments without further explanation.

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