Just Jews – latest video with Jo Bird

Just Jews has released the fourth of its short, original videos of Jews drawn from different backgrounds and beliefs

This one portrays Jo Bird, a Labour councillor for Bromborough and New Ferry in the Wirral:

“I’ve been made very welcome in the Labour Party. I feel at home here.”



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  • Ros Clayton says:

    Hi Jo
    So glad all sorted and you were reinstated. Talk about storm in a teacup. I thought it quite a clever play on words, but clearly some others did not. Ah well.
    Yours for Socialism and the EU, Ros

  • TM says:

    It’s so great to have you in the LP, Jo. Thanks for the video message.
    It gives heart.

  • Jan P says:

    Well done Jo Bird. What a horrible experience but you have stood firm and not let the deliberate and false accusations deter you. We stand with you.

  • Rafi says:

    Jo Bird made a very unfortunate comment by manipulating the famous words of Pastor Niemoller for her expedient ends.
    I cannot take her views seriously!
    ( I am a proud member of the Labour Party and yearn for the day of Utopia)

    • Mike Cushman says:

      Niemoller’s words are a resource for each of us to use to alert people of the dangers of ignoring threats to oppressed minorities. They are not preserved in amber to be observed as an artefact of a past time but to help us with the present.

      Jo Bird’s usage was not manipulation but carrying on Niemoller’s work.

  • Sean Thompson says:

    Sorry Mike I disagree with you.
    Jo’s comment was not in my opinion educational nor illuminating
    ( am I allowed to disagree ? )

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