Just Jews: broadening the debate

JVL Introduction

Just Jews, a small production house, funded by voluntary contributions, has launched.

It describes itself in this way:

We want to broaden the debate about Jewishness in 2019 to include all voices from the diverse Jewish community. Just Jews is our attempt to do that through an exciting accessible format which will give the general public pause to think, activists a resource and broadcasters access to alternative points of view.

We are hosting short and original videos of Jews drawn from different backgrounds and beliefs. We shall include old and young, different sexualities, the observant and the secular.

Each video is approximately 90 seconds to 2 minutes long. It presents the interviewee’s own authentic words and opinions. We shall be adding more videos on a regular basis.

It has uploaded its first short video of Geoffrey Alderman.

Please share the tweet (or video in your own tweet) https://twitter.com/JustJewsUK/status/1136936125795377152

Just Jews is present on Twitter and Facebook as well as this web-site.

We encourage all progressive people to watch, share and join in our extended conversation.

You can contact us at [email protected]

You can also share the Facebook page www.facebook.com/justjews/