Just Jews: broadening the debate, launches another video with Alexei Sayle

The latest video from Just Jews – original videos of Jews drawn from different backgrounds and beliefs – with Alexei Sayle on how he loves being Jewish, and that there is nothing more establishment than hatred of Jeremy Corbyn.

Alexei Sayle

Comedian Alexei Sayle on how he loves being Jewish, and that there is nothing more establishment than hatred of Jeremy Corbyn.

Posted by Just Jews on Thursday, 19 September 2019

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  • TM says:

    Lovely. It warms me that Jeremy has friends like this.

  • Margaret Spector says:

    How can anyone claim that Jeremy Corbyn is racist. This slander is only to brainwash people if repeated enough. Fear of what he will do to the Corporations , the corrupt if he gets electEd. They will no longer be ale to squeeze the MANY. I say #JC4PM so that we can start helping the MANY and rid this Society of injustice.

  • tinka gordon says:

    Powerful. I came from a similar background, we were always routing for the oppressed, that’s what I understood my Jewishness to be.

  • RH says:

    What strikes me is that before the Israel-Right Lobby started weaponising antisemitism, the statement that Alexei Sayle (pick any other character) was Jewish would mainly have been met by a response such as : “So?”

    That’s the damage they’ve done.

  • dek says:

    I love being Jewish too
    Particularly the space to argue through very different opinions while remaining friends.
    I am with most of Jeremy’s policies. Particularly being prepared to spend taxes and borrowing to provide an infrastructure that give much more equal opportunities for all. That includes disenfranchised north who voted for BREXIT. I support taxing rich individuals and multinational companies to pay for this.
    BUT all this is at risk unless we REMAIN in EU. Without EU ability to tax multnationals and our own rich and to support workers rights and fight climate change is nigh impossible.
    I don’t hate Corbyn, but I do hate his INCOMPETENCE in dealing with difficult issues.
    He is great as an honest protester but DIRE as a leader. He seems to be led by people who’s only interest is factionalism, specifically Lansman and his cronies.
    Sadly Jeremy is the worst enemy of his own best policies.
    if Labour can’t support remain I will not support them. my marginal has already lost an excellent candidate and usffer under Tory council cutsbecause Jeremy can’t produce a sensible policy on anti-semitism. i.e 1. pro-palestian rights is not anit-semitism 2. anyone accused of anti-semitism or racism or other breaches of Labour princi0les is entitled to immediate investigation wit legal represntation
    Please Alecaei get your fireind jeremhy to defend remain


    Well said Alexei
    I like the Lenin joke!

  • Shaun Hague says:

    I’ve always loved this man and I love this video.

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