Jews Supporting Labour on 12th December

We urge all our fellow citizens, Jewish and non-Jewish, to vote Labour on 12th December

We are Jewish voters who view the general election as one of the most critical in our country’s recent history. Austerity inflicted by the Tory government, with Liberal Democrat support for the first five years, has resulted in huge cuts to vital public services, 14.3 million people, including 4.1 million children, living in poverty with many forced into destitution and 130,000 excess deaths. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has said that the Tories’ modest proposals for additional spending will leave the effects of austerity “baked in”.

The only alternative is a Labour government, committed to reversing the effects of austerity, increasing public spending to the level of our European partners, and an ambitious Green Industrial Revolution to combat the climate emergency.

Labour has acknowledged that it should have been more rigorous in dealing with antisemitism within the party and must develop an effective strategy to allay the fears of many in our community. All parties need to have clear procedures for eliminating racism of all kinds and it alarms us that the Tory leader is himself a purveyor of racist language, followed recently by a tripling of Islamophobic attacks.

We are extremely concerned too by recent antisemitic attacks, but recognise that all minorities will be safest when the wider community feels secure. This cannot happen when the government pursues divisive policies, completely at odds with the Jewish tradition of social justice and likely to fuel the rise of the far right.

We urge all our fellow citizens, Jewish and non-Jewish, who wish to see a fairer and more cohesive society, to vote Labour on 12 December.


If you are a Jewish voter in the UK, and wish to support this statement, please send your name and telephone number (so we can check you are a real person) to [email protected]

Supported by:

Dr Anthony Isaacs
Henry Stewart
Sir Geoffrey Bindman
Susie Orbach
Michael Rosen
Tai Shani
Gillian Slovo
Professor Avi Shlaim
Professor Tony Kushner
Professor Francesca Klug
Professor Andrew Samuels
Professor Adam Sutcliffe
Adrian Litvinoff
Dr Agnes Kory
Dr Alexandra Stein
Alice Gray
Alison Harris
Amanda Sebestyen
Andrew Feinstein
Angie Mindel
Ann Booth
Ann Jungman
Anna Gluckstein
Dr Anna Isaacs
Professor Anna Pollert
Professor Annabelle Sreberny
Antony Lerman
Anya Stern
Barbara Rosenbaum
Barrie Levine
Bernard Davies
Carolyn Gelenter
Charlotte Prager Williams
Chris Mohr
Professor Cora Kaplan
David Duchin
Professor David Epstein
Professor David Mond
David Rosenberg
Professor Debbie Epstein
Diana Neslen
Donny Gluckstein
Dorothy Macedo
Eli Pinchasoff
Elisabeth Fishman McDonald
Professor Elizabeth Dore
Esther Saraga
Professor Frances Stewart
Dr Galia Kollectiv
Dr Heather Mendick
Professor Henry Maitles
Ines Newman
Jack Kushner
Jamie Stern-Weiner
Professor Jane Caplan
Jenny Manson
Jeremy Green
Dr Jeremy Isaacs
Jess Harris
Jessica McDonald
Joanne Rosenthal
Joelle Gartner
John Goodman
John Lipetz
John Rose
Professor Jonathan Rosenhead
Judith de Witt
Judith Ward
Judy Lever
Julia Bard
Karin Schamroth
Kathy Panama
Katy Marks
Professor Ken Singer
Keren Abse
Professor Kitty Stewart
Laura Dubinsky
Leah Levane
Libby Lawson
Lyndall Stein
Professor Lynne Segal
Manou Shama-Levy
Marsha Sanders
Martin Udwin
Merav Pinchasoff
Mike Cushman
Mike Newman
Mike Simons
Miri Weingarten
Miriam David
Miriam Schamroth
Miriam Scharf
Miriam Stewart
Dr Nadia Valman
Naomi Wayne
Nathan Abrams
Nicholas Weaver
Dr Nick Isaacs
Nina Lyndon
Professor Nira Yuval-Davis
Dr Paul Stern
Petra Fried
Dr Pil Kollectiv
Professor Rachel Garfield
Rebecca McDonald
Richard Kuper
Rob Ferguson
Ruth Schamroth
Ruth Stern
Sabby Sagall
Sally Davies
Dr Sarah Wynick
Shula Chiat
Simon Liebesny
Simon Mohun
Simon Shaw
Sol Picciotto
Sonja Linden
Steve Tiller
Sue Bard
Susan Egert
Professor Susan Himmelweit
Theresa Stewart
Tom Kay
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Tony Booth
Trisha Ziff
Uriel Orlow
Dr Valerie Lipman
Wendy Weinstock
Yvonne Singer

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