Jews Against Boris

Jews Against Boris is one of the new Jewish groupings to emerge recently. Here we reproduce their Facebook statement and a leaflet explaining their position.

“A vote for the Conservative party is a vote for a far-right that poses an existential threat to all minorities, including us.”

We are Jews Against Boris and this is why we are organising our community this election:

1) Boris Johnson is embracing nationalism and normalising the far-right in his efforts to keep hold of power. This is a crisis which threatens all of us, and which we must do everything in our power to stop.

2) Our safety can only come about through solidarity. We will only defeat antisemitism when we work hand-in-hand to defeat Islamophobia, xenophobia and all other racism at the same time.

3) Attempts to make antisemitism a partisan issue in this election, using the real fears of British Jews to garner political support, are both cynical and dangerous. We refuse to be pitted against other minorities, as we know that an attack on one is an attack on all.

4) We share our community’s pain around antisemitism in Labour, and recognise that it will take hard work to heal our relationship with the left, but we reject the idea that this healing requires us to turn away from our political values.

5) This is a once-in-a-generation election which will determine the future of our country. It is our last opportunity to prevent a climate catastrophe, stop a disastrous Brexit and avert the erosion of our democracy. Jews simply cannot sit this out.

In order to transform our society into one where everyone is valued and safe, we must unite with all minorities threatened by the direction Boris Johnson is taking our country, and send the message that none of us can be used, threatened, or dismissed.

That is why we will be travelling to Boris Johnson’s seat to campaign for Ali Milani, the young, working class, Muslim immigrant standing against him, a candidate who has been on a personal journey to become a staunch ally in the struggle against antisemitism. We are going to be loudly and proudly Jewish as we support him, against the Tory threat and for a progressive British society in which all people can thrive.

We hope you will join us.

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  • Sue Glanville says:

    Such a relief to see your work. I’m not Jewish but som of my best and oldest friends are and I am distressed by their distress at the horrible misuse of anti-semitism as an issue in the current poilitcal situation. B Johnson is a contemptible hate-monger.

  • Samantha Bentley says:

    Thank you for publishing this and the other wonderful articles regarding Jewish support for Jeremy Corbyn. As a pro-Corbyn Labour Party member I have been falsely accused of anti-Semitism by certain right wing social media factions, I have many Jewish friends and resented being labelled thus enormously. I did complain to the social media platform where this happened but no action was ever taken against those who defamed me or the many others who have been wrongly accused. Carry on with your most excellent articles please. Regards and thank you

  • Mason says:

    I’m so glad that your community see what’s happening in the UK . This battle is for all of us to fight and vote out the torys in our communities. Over the last 9 years brought the worse Austerity on every community in the UK. Trying to use hate to attack us in their cruel words from David Cameron calling people scroungers. Then it dont matter when Boris used this type of language against other cultures , single mothers , working fathers this is there way breed with attitudes towards the working class etc
    They dont like any of us or care about any of us . They in.politics to fill there own off shore accounts and to do this they sell the soul to the highest bidder . It’s just the impact it as on each and everyone of us in society to stop now before it too late .

  • Michele poole says:


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