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Talk of chutzpah! Jonathan Arkush, head of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, who called in 2015 for a Tony government as better for the Jewish community and welcomed Trump’s election, now says: “If Jeremy Corbyn goes to their event, how can we take his stated commitment to be an ally against anti-Semitism seriously?” In other words, if you talk to Jews we (the Board) don’t like you’re encouraging antisemitism…

Our Statement On Our Seder

Facebook, 3rd April 2018

While we remain opposed to the monarchy, we were delighted that the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn accepted our invitation to join the Jewdas community Seder. Jeremy was a 10/10 guest and provided delicious maror from his allotment.

In 1812 the British Government designated Jewdas to be the sole representative body for British Jews. We fulfil our role of being the voice for Anglo-Jewry by writing funny tweets, holding great parties and passing on the memes which we receive from God, via Geoffrey Cohen.

Sadly our God-given right to be the sole spokespeople for Anglo-Jewry is not respected by many heretical organisations which are known as ‘The Jewish Establishment’.
One such organisation is the dangerous fringe group which calls itself ‘The Bored of Deputies’. They continue to insist that their outdated and niche views represent all Jews.

We have been campaigning against antisemitism on the Left and the Right for many years. Like, way before it was popular. We have run anti-antisemitism workshops in such far-flung corners as Marseille and Bloomsbury, opposed neo-Nazi demos in Stamford Hill and Golders Green, produced and distributed information on how to criticise Israel WITHOUT being antisemitic, demonstrated against leftantisemite Gilad Atzmon, and most importantly mercilessly took the piss out of Ken Livingstone. You could call us trend setters.

We are not happy with the Jewish Establishment, but we remain deeply involved in many synagogues and communal organisations (although this is mostly for the free food). We are unhappy with the pervasive antisemitism that still remains on the Left but continue to remain very much involved because we are committed to a better world and a better Left, and believe that the only way to tackle antisemitism is to keep fighting for our rights in the diaspora.

We are thrilled to be getting so much attention that Stephen Pollard was forced to admit we are a legitimate part of the Jewish community.

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  • spagnolism says:

    Nice little Freudian slip at the top of the page.

    Arkush called for a “Tony Government”. But as Blair was no longer leader of the Labour Party, he supported the Tories instead!

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