Jenny Formby on antisemitism, racism more generally, and on Palestine

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A section of Jenny Formby’s conference speech on Monday 24 September, setting out Labour’s broad orientation for the future with regard to antisemitism, racism more generally, Palestine and political education and training on these questions.

We await further developments with anticipation and intend to make our input into any discussions around these crucial issues.

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  • Jenny skates over the crucial question. Can Labour Party members decry that Israel is a racist endeavour without fearing expulsion?
    She did not mention the adoption of the full IHRA on 4th Sept with the four examples- and how this pollutes any definition of “anti-Semitism”. To ignore this fundemental element of the apartheid that exists in Israel is to cave in to the shrieks from the JLM and the Freinds of Israel, who themselves have no right to be affiliated to the Party. These agencies promote a state founded on discrimination against non-Jews.
    Please note, I do not argue that Israel has no right to exist; but if it is to be recognised as anything but a racist state, it needs to honour UN resolutions for refugee’s rights to return, compensation, dismantling of over 50 racist laws, etc.
    Also no mention of Jenny’s recent action. In a chilling foretelling of how freedom of speech in Labour is to be acted upon, Jennie has written to all Facebook admins for pages with “Labour” or “Corbyn” in their titles asking them to inform her of any posts that might be deemed “anti-Semitic”.
    The action calls to mind Bentham’s Panopticon : although it is physically impossible for the single watchman to observe all the inmates’ cells at once, the fact that the inmates cannot know when they are being watched means that they are motivated to act as though they are being watched at all times. Thus, they are effectively compelled to regulate their own behaviour.
    The fact that Labour’s definition of anti-Semitism now includes those describing Israel as a racist endeavour means those FB Admins feel duty-bound to include postings from Labour members that express horror at Israels’ apartheid.
    For a new person in the job, I fear I myself will come before Jenny shortly, for my CLP have reported me to her for my “death-wish” petition. More at

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