“It just hit home so hard because that’s the deep rooted fear that all of us have”

MP Zarah Sultana Breaks Down Talking About Sarah Everard, Violence Against Women & Police Crime Bill

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  • Dr Rodney Watts says:

    A very moving interview, and full of downright sense and wisdom for the future of our society. Whilst Zarah is a young MP, she demonstrates qualities that make Keir Starmer look like an amateur in areas that matter to most people. There is also such a contrast between Zarah and Priti Patel- the kind of difference that should mark out Labour from this immoral Tory government. Coventry South is blessed to have an MP who can show competence, compassion, empathy and integrity.

  • Roland Laycock says:

    Zarah is one of only a few Labour MP’s that you could trust today, with a heart of gold

  • David Lowry says:

    I think Zarah Sultana has a huge future in politics. She used her maiden speech in the bearpit of the House of Commons, not just an anodyne pawn of praise to her constituency( though she did positively mention Coventry), but a full on attack on the immorality of capitalism, and why Socialists need to change it, to help the downtrodden and dispossessed👏👏👏🌻

  • Doug says:

    This case is ongoing and until the facts are established we cant learn anything from it
    It is also an extremely rare case
    99.9 % of men are decent and would not hesitate to defend a women being attacked
    For those affected go to the Suzy Lamplugh Trust website and learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones

  • Amanda Sebestyen says:

    Doug, the feminist position is that there is a continuum from constant unwanted contact and personal comments which unnerve and humiliate women daily… Stranger rape and murder may be rare but it is certainly not only 0.1% of men who insist on smiley compliance and get angry when women don’t behave they way they want them to. To say nothing of the impunity of police officers when they commit other kinds of assault. Please don’t say ‘not all men’ because it’s like saying ‘all lives matter’ and shows deafness to the voices of the oppressed. The advice of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust is like ‘the conversation’ Black parents have to have with their children, adjusted to a society where being guilty of walking outside when Black or working alone when Female is seen as some kind of foolhardy risk-taking. JVL is committed to free conversation and educating each other so I’m sure there are many points on which I need that education, but you are upsettingly wrong on this one.

  • Doug says:

    I’m old enough to remember when the feminist movement considered all men to be bastards, now apparently we’re all rapists
    I’m also from the the first generation where men were allowed to be more hands on with their bairns, top tip keep your nails short
    Violence is by far a male on male issue, so I’m happy to discuss what it takes to make this society we all live in less violent

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