Is there a problem of antisemitism on the left?

David Rosenberg in conversation with Richard Kuper

Barnet Momentum, 17 April 2018


David Rosenberg was born in London in 1958. His grandparents came to the East End as Jewish immigrants from the Tsarist Russian Empire in the 1900s. At first they lived just off Cable Street, then later on Princelet Street and Hanbury Street just off Brick Lane. David divides his working time between adult education teaching, training teachers, working on educational and cultural projects, writing, giving talks and guiding people on radical history walks. For more info see the East End Walks website

David Rosenberg was in conversation with Richard Kuper of Jewish Voice for Labour.

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  • muriel seltman says:

    There is a problem of antisemitism on the Left and I think there are reasons for this.
    1.The Left has an instinct for protecting the underdog and whoever appears to be the underdog gets their (our) support. In the case of the Israel -Palestine situation, Israel is far from appearing to be the underdog.( We know that it is not as simple as that, however.)
    The above applies to the present situation with regard to Israel -Palestine.
    2. When antisemitism was a national phenomenon, it suited the establishments in each country when the Jews in the ruling class (and a small proportion of Jews were and are in the ruling class) were targetted and could be accused of being the cause of all the problems experienced.All the non-establishment majority of Jews suffered as a result. Today, there is globalisation, and Israel can be targetted in an analogous way.
    Sorry this is so brief. It has to be short or it would be an essay!


    Palistine in all it’s forms will be a problem to Israel. Because Israel always see’s it as a problem and not a salution.
    USA Stoking the fires is not helping for a salution of the problems. From Winston Churchill to May&Trump and the extream right wing of Israel, the power shift to shoot first. Has lost Israel a lot of friends. Is that prejudist and antisemitism?

    No I don’t think it is. Israel has forgotten it’s help from the past. News Globalisation leaves israel with less places to hide the live shooting at protesters.

  • This is an excellent overview of the issue and a very useful resource. Thanks to David, Richard and JVL for posting it here.

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